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Best Medicine for cure of Flu

For a lot of us who have ever been through the flu or even have family members who do, we are all familiar with the term flu medicine. We may not have heard the term often, but we have surely heard it at least once when our loved ones or ourselves get sick. It is generally the medication that is prescribed by our doctor that is used for flu medicine. There are many types of flu medicines that are available to us depending on what type of symptoms we are experiencing.

For instance there is the cough suppressant that can be obtained through a prescription from your doctor. This type of medicine is best for those who have an acute or severe cold which has not gone away after two days. This will prevent the person from experiencing a full-blown cold but will also help in the alleviation of the current congestion which the sufferer is experiencing. The cough suppressant works by lessening the inflammation of the mucous membrane thus giving relief to the person.

Another form of medicine that can be obtained for our colds and congestion is the saline nasal spray, which contains the same active ingredient as the cough suppressant but this time it contains a high concentration of water. This water dilutes the thick mucous, which is formed during a cold and helps ease the congestion. This is one of the best flu medicine for those who are suffering with high blood pressure as it helps increase the blood flow in the body thus lowering the high blood pressure levels. This medicine is also very useful for people who are suffering from a stuffy nose(Nazla Zukam ka ilaj) and are feeling congested.

If you have children in the house who have fever, the best flu medicine that you can give them is the genexa flu fix. This is a nasal spray that contains almost half a million ceps and is used to treat mild to moderate fever. Those who are suffering with the common cold should not worry about the fact that they might get the flu as this medicine is effective enough to deal with the common cold symptoms.

The best flu medicine that is available in the market today for treating cold and the common colds is the genexa fluid. This type of fluid contains an effective mix of active ingredients that has been carefully filtered. These active ingredients include arnica, menthol, hyssop, and calendula. All these ingredients give good mucus relief and help in decongesting the air passageways especially when the mucus gets stuck inside the throat.

The next question that most of us would ask is what should I know about it? Well, the answer to that question is that you should know what is in it and then use it properly. If you are going to buy vicks for example, you should not use it without checking what is in it and if you are using an inhaler for example, you should use it under medical supervision. This is one of the best medicines that you can buy because it contains an effective mix of effective active ingredients. In addition to that, it is also very easy to use as all you have to do is to spray a small amount into your lungs and hold it there for a few seconds. Once you have done that, you can go ahead and use the medication as directed by the doctor for influenza or flu.

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