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Best Peshawari Chappal To Find In The Country

Peshawar is a well-known city of Pakistan famous for its gentle people, breathtakingly amazing scenes

Peshawar is a well-known city of Pakistan famous for its gentle people, breathtakingly amazing scenes, and, most importantly, footwear. And this is the only region that holds the credit of originating Peshawari chappal that has managed to gain worldwide fame today.

Peshawari chappal, also known as Kheri shoes, is one of the most stylish, comfortable, and visually appealing chappals you can wear in hot weather. The best part about it is that these chappals are available in various colors, designs, patterns, and prices in Pakistan.

Some people like to embrace grace with these chappals, while others wear them because of the comfortability it provides to the wearer. No matter what reason you possess these chappals, one factor remains common in all purchases: finding the best Peshawari chappal of the locality.

So, keep on reading if you are also an individual who is searching for the best Peshawari chappal/ Kheri shoes for themselves and their family and friends. This article is the ultimate guide that will help you make the most accurate decision of your life. So, without any more discussion, let us jump into the content. Please have a look.

A Guide To Finding The Best Peshawari Chappal In Karachi

Give Priority To Quality

You must have heard the famous saying: all glitters are not gold. The same goes for the Peshawari chappal. Quality should be the top priority when thinking of purchasing a Peshawari chappal. You see, a poorly sewed chappal or a Kheri shoe made out of shallow quality stuff can harm you in many ways. It not only destroys your body but also aids in disturbing your overall balance.

Hence be extra careful while making an online purchase as you are restricted to touching the object physically in this case.

Feel Comfortable

Comfortability is the next factor one should consider while purchasing the product, and your Kheri shoe should feel immediately comfortable from the first wear. Also, it should heel cup your foot to alleviate pain beneath the heel area.

Make Sure That It Is The Perfect Fit.

Perfect Fits are necessary for all aspects of life. And the case gets even more crucial when talking about shoes. The chances of injuries increase if your Peshawari chappal is not designed for your daily activities or ill-fits your feet. For instance, it can make a significant impact on your walking/ running style.

The movement of your feet during each step affects how the rest of your body flows. When you wear the right sized shoe, you step correctly, and your heels make contact with flooring first. The same is why it becomes necessary to shop for shoes of the correct size.

Reflects Your Personality

Shoes are the primary thing upon which the other person judges your personality. Hence, choosing the pair that reflects your unique aesthetic sense is imperative. For instance, you can select a single-colored Kheri or an un-patterned Peshawari chappal for a decent look.

Or you can go for funky colors and unique patterned shoes to achieve that stylish look. The choice is always yours, so make sure to choose wisely.

From Where To Purchase

There are countless options you can find on the internet for this purpose. Numerous people sell these shoes from amazon to local stores like Daraz and from Facebook stores to Instagram pages. However, one should and must purchase these from a renowned brand Micato shoes for all the following reasons.

Available In A Wide Variety Of Colors And Designs

The foremost thing that helps grab instant attraction and embrace one’s personality is unique shoes. At Micato Shoes, you will find countless shapes, sizes, and colors.

In addition to the simple single-colored Kheri shoes, Micato Shoes also obtains a good range of unique footwear pieces such as White and black hair on Kheri and dual-colored chappals.

Arches Support

Another remarkable aspect of Kheri shoes manufactured by Micato Shoes is their arch support. Arch support is a technology that treats pain in the foot and some other problems related to functions of the lower leg.

High-Quality Material

We have already talked much about the quality in the earlier article. Hence, you find beautiful shoes made out of high-quality material at the firm and will last you for decades. So, what you get is beauty with quality.


Another reason to choose the site for purchase is its goodwill in the market. It’s amazing that Micato Shoes has managed to gain such an immense amount of popularity in the online shoe market within a shorter span. The main reason for success lies somewhere between the diversity of products and the high-quality service.

Fast And Easy Delivery

No one of us would want to wait for days and weeks to receive our new pair of shoes. Rights? So if you are also an individual desperate like me, then Micato Shoes is no less than a blessing for you. With its efficient service, the firm manages to deliver your order within the promised span.

Responsive Customer Support

The firm’s customer support is responsive enough to support you in any case of confusion round the clock. All you have to do is, send a message, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tips For Buying The New Pair

Now that you know all the essential information about shoes and know the site to find the best Peshawari chappal in Karachi, we present to you some tips you can consider for an efficient purchase. Let’s have a glance at it,

Foot Length

It is crucial to measure your foot length while making an online purchase. Knowing how long your feet are in centimeters helps you find the perfect match for yourself in the manufacturer’s size chart.

Half Sizes

Some unfortunate people on the planet earth have half-sized feet. If you are one of these, consider choosing the Peshawari Chapple that features a half-size chart.


The season is one crucial aspect that one must consider while buying a pair of new Peshawari chappals. You see, the feet often get swollen in the summer season and get a bit larger than usual. Hence, don’t ever rely on your previous measurements. We suggest measuring your foot every time before making a purchase.

On The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, shoes are an essential part of every life. However, the arrival of new technology has transformed this need into a fashion aspect. The same is why different varieties of shoes have evolved.

Kheri shoes, also known as the Peshawari chappal, are one famous shoe type within Pakistan. There is a wide variety of them available in the market. Nevertheless, the white and black hair on Kheri stands out of the competition for a wide variety of reasons. These shoes are perfect to be worn in summers because of their shoes and comfort.

However, one must shop the pair from a renowned brand like Micato Shoes. Micatoshoes is an online shoe brand that promises to deliver visually appealing and high-quality Peshawari chappal within the shortest time frame. Hence, check out the brand at least once, and we assure you that you will never regret this decision.

Visit our website for more information best Peshawari chappal store in Pakistan.

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