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Best Physics Books for JEE: How to choose the best one?

Books for JEE

Every student aiming to become an engineer wants to get admission to IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). IITs are one of the most esteemed colleges across the globe, imparting quality education. But the road to IIT is not easy to travel. You have to crack one of the toughest exams called JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). 

The exam is divided into two parts: the first one is JEE Main, and the second is JEE Advanced. The Main is conducted twice a year (January and April) by the National Testing Agency, and the Advanced is conducted once on a rotational basis by one of the seven IITs. 

The exam is tough to crack and even tougher when you don’t have the best books for JEE Main preparation. It consists of three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 

Out of the three, physics is the most difficult subject that students have to prepare best for achieving good marks in JEE. To get hold of the concepts and formulas, you must buy the best books for JEE recommended by toppers. 

The right books will cover the vast syllabus and help students cover every concept necessary to crack the exam. These are the topics that students of class 11 and 12 have to prepare for JEE Main:

Physics and measurement Current electricity
Rotational motion Communication systems
Thermodynamics Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
Kinematics Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
Work, energy and power Optics
Properties of solids and liquids Electromagnetic waves
Gravitation Atoms and nuclei
Laws of motion Electrostatics
Oscillations and waves Dual nature of matter and radiation
Electronic devices Experimental skills
Kinetic theory of gases

The best physics books for JEE

S. No Name of the book Author
1. Concepts Of Physics For JEE Vol-I (Mechanics-A) G.C. Agrawal

Anurag Misra

2. Concepts Of Physics For JEE Vol-II (Mechanics-B) G.C. Agrawal

Anurag Misra

3. Concepts Of Physics For JEE Vol-Ill (Wave, Heat & Thermodynamics) G.C. Agrawal

Anurag Misra

4. Concepts Of Physics For JEE Vol-IV (Electricity & Magnetism) G.C. Agrawal

Anurag Misra

5. Concepts Of Physics For JEE Vol-V (Optics & Modern Physics) G.C. Agrawal

Anurag Misra

6. Check Your Physics For JEE Sharma. Moonat
7. GRB Kota Question Bank Physics For JEE (Part-I and II) Girish Gaur
8. GRB Objective Physics (1st & 2nd Year) For JEE Dr. Pramod Agarwal
9. GRB Perfect Physics For JEE (Main) (1st & 2nd) Dr. Pramod Agarwal
10. Physics For JEE Vol.-I & II G. C. Agrawal


Now you know what the best books for physics are and the syllabus you need to cover, here are a few tips you can follow to prepare up for your best potential.

  • The syllabus of IIT-JEE is quite vast. Therefore, it’s imperative that you begin your preparation from class 11th. Try not to skip or miss classes to get a hold of all the essential concepts and basics. Be attentive, create a feasible study plan, follow it, and clear all your doubts on the same day with your physics teacher.
  • With the best books for JEE Main, concrete all concepts in your mind.  Then start with chapters having more weightage to secure a high score in the exam.
  • After all the basics and concepts are clear to you, revise all the important topics to grasp them.
  • While revising, take a small notebook or notepad and start writing all the important formulas chapter-wise. Do it from day one to avoid missing any concept that can impact your ranking in the exam. 
  • Don’t forget to practice mock tests. This will help you understand the exam pattern and what type of questions you have to solve. Additionally, you get limited time to solve all the problems. By practicing previous years’ question papers, you can pace up your problem-solving skills.
  • As the exam approaches, many students burden themselves with a rigorous study plan and don’t take care of their health. This thing also negatively impacts their performance in the exam. Therefore, it is critical that you keep your calm during the exam season and focus on revising and practicing mock tests to secure a higher score.

These are some of the tips you can follow to crack the toughest entrance exam and secure a seat in one of the eminent colleges in India. Gr Bathla Books always helps to prepare your JEE Exam.

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