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Best Places For A Weekend Tour West Bengal With Bengal Tour Plans

West Bengal, a state that rests on the eastern bank of India, is a long coastline with enormous natural beauty. There are numerous dramatic landscapes for Weekend Tour West Bengal, from the northern Himalayas to the southern shores of Kolkata, and a glut of old-world charm. Its picturesque vistas and the beautiful mansions that dotted the sky make it a must-visit for photography enthusiasts. Places such as Darjeeling offer an array of attractions. So Going for a Weekend Tour of West Bengal with your family is a very enjoyable affair. But before hitting the road, you need to plan out your trip according to the activities you have planned out. The first thing that you have to plan is how much you have to carry with you. So, this article will help you in planning your visit according to your travel needs. It will also let you know about the products that can be carried during your visits. You can now plan an enjoyable Weekend Tour of West Bengal with confidence from Kolkata.

Importance Of Weekend Tour West Bengal:

With the rich culture, awesome landscapes, luxury heritage hotels peppered with historical monuments and artifacts, one can be sure this state has plenty to offer. West Bengal’s enchanting cities are known for their ancient cultures and traditions, besides providing culture tours galore. Wherever you go in West Bengal, you can be sure of an excellent weekend break, an educational tour, or a family holiday. Weekend Tour West Bengal is a delicate affair. The state is brimming with unique sights and sounds. It’s the perfect place to indulge in some simple pleasures in life. Here you can feast on Bengal’s famous sweets, see the beautiful sunrise over the Bay of Bengal, relax by the Subodh Banerjee Lake, listen to fairy tales in Shantiniketan, visit the birthplace of Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore, or simply admire one of India’s most beautiful Botanical Gardens at Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose.

Why Should I Opt For Weekend Tour West Bengal?

West Bengal is truly a mosaic of imprints. And West Bengal is home to several destinations that are bound to mesmerize the Indian traveler. Beginning with Kolkata, this land offers a kaleidoscope of wonders in its patchwork of varied destinations. For years, the city has been the icon of India’s style and elegance, but what you have not seen, are the fantastic weekend destinations that lie near it. . Besides this old icon, West Bengal is home to many iconic landmarks equally famous for their heritage and architectural grandeur. Book your Weekend Tour West Bengal today with Bengal Tour Plans today!

Weekend Tour West Bengal

There are several options outside for a short break or a trip to the Weekend Destination From Kolkata. West Bengal is known for its natural beauty and its many charms. There is also a lot to do, from shopping to watching movies to exploring bars and dancing clubs. The state has an array of options open to the traveler, making the journey enjoyable and memorable. From Kolkata, taking a local train to visit nearby destinations is fun. Sometimes you are not in the mood to take the car for an outing. So this is another way to visit places close to your area. For example, take the Bandel-Katwa Local or Bandel Intercity train from Howrah or Sealdah station. It’s a good one-hour journey. So take in the scenery. Also, if you are using Holiday Checker, try plugging in places like Canning, Madhumati, or Purulia Junction for interesting results.

Have A Look At The Weekend Destination From Kolkata

Kolkata is the city that never sleeps, but it takes on the mantle of being the city that never stops at certain points of the year. There is numerous trip to Weekend Destination From Kolkata of interest outside that the tourism department actively promotes and other trade bodies that want to increase visitors and promote their area. Some of these destinations even go beyond Bengal and offer a rich cultural experience to their visitors. Yet others invite you to delve into history and antiquity and offer you a pristine touristy trekking destination for trekking lovers. Here are some nearest weekend destination lists below:

  • Galudih
  • Purulia
  • Bankiput
  • Ghatshila
  • Kuldiha
  • Giridih
  • Gadiara
  • Garpanchkot
  • Garchumuk

It might be difficult to plan the perfect Weekend Destination From Kolkata, especially when you’re in search of fun things to do near Kolkata. These are some helpful Weekend Destination suggestions that would ensure the hair-raising driving experience would turn out to be amazing.

What Should You Carry During The Trip To Weekend Destination From Kolkata?

No matter if you’re simply planning a picnic in and around Kolkata or planning for a road trip to the next town, take your tour guide for this journey. With the list of things to carry during your trip to Weekend Destination From Kolkata, you can now travel confidently and well-equipped. If you are traveling by road, apart from your usual medications and first-aid kit, you should carry some additional essential items with you to enjoy your time the way you want it. For instance, painkillers or bandages may be required in cases of accidents or falls, so pack them along. A small portable charger comes in handy when your cell phone gets discharged without a power source nearby. Similarly, a toothbrush can take good care of good oral hygiene. As a bonus, you could also carry some fruit packs and some medicines which you would require on the way. Also, make sure you have a water flask to keep yourself hydrated, as it can get extremely humid on the way. So, make every effort to carry every crucial thing with you before going for a road trip to the Weekend Destination From Kolkata. Good luck with your weekend getaways from Kolkata!

Top 25 Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata:

This bucket list is prepared with the objective of providing you with an amazing variety of Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata. The list has been prepared to provide the best Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata regarding affordability, popularity, and accessibility. A lot of research work has gone behind this list so that each destination added to the bucket list looks attractive enough to visit at least once in a lifetime.

  • Roopark Village

Distance from Kolkata: 20 km, travel by train

  • Sunderbans

Distance from Kolkata: 109 km, travel by train

  • Henry’s Island

Distance from Kolkata: 130 km, travel by train

  • Bakkhali

Distance from Kolkata: 132 km, travel by train

  • Mayapur

Distance from Kolkata: 132 km, travel by train

  • Junput

Distance from Kolkata: 145 km, travel by train

  • Bishnupur

Distance from Kolkata: 151 km, travel by train

  • Shantiniketan

Distance from Kolkata: 160 km, travel by train

  • Tajpur

Distance from Kolkata: 170 km, travel by train

  • Mandarmani

Distance from Kolkata: 170 km, travel by train

  • Shankarpur

Distance from Kolkata: 185 km, travel by train

  • Talasari

Distance from Kolkata: 191 km, travel by train

  • Digha

Distance from Kolkata: 195 km, travel by train

  • Chandipur

Distance from Kolkata: 265 km, travel by train

  • Puri

Distance from Kolkata: 499 km, travel by train

  • Mongpong

Distance from Kolkata: 584 km, travel by train

  • Kurseong

Distance from Kolkata: 592 km, travel by train

  • Kalimpong

Distance from Kolkata: 620 km, travel by train

  • Lepchajagat

Distance from Kolkata: 635 km, travel by train

  • Jaldhaka

Distance from Kolkata: 645 km, travel by train

  • Lava

Distance from Kolkata: 650 km, travel by train

  • Lolegaon

Distance from Kolkata: 650 km, travel by train

  • Samsing

Distance from Kolkata: 655 km, travel by train

  • Jaldapara

Distance from Kolkata: 670 km, travel by train

  • Rishyap 

Distance from Kolkata: 721 km, travel by train

Precautions You Should Prepare Before Journey To The Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata?

A trip to Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, you need to make sure that you are well-prepared for all emergencies. Even if you are going on an off-road trip to Gadiara or any other place within or beyond Kolkata, it wouldn’t be a smart decision just to rent a vehicle. You can’t enjoy your travel if you are not healthy. So, you will need to keep things like medicines and first aid kits.

You will also need to make sure that you don’t get stranded. Hence, having portable chargers is extremely important. However, don’t buy just any portable charger; buy the best one available in the market to get excellent service.

Therefore, we recommend that you keep one of the items mentioned above with you; each of them would serve its purpose well and enjoy your trip to Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata. If you plan for your road trips from Kolkata, you need to get some essential travel tools. Setting off for adventures and expeditions is a great way to spend your time and even write some write-ups and stories to share with others.

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