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Best Real Estate Investment of 2021

Real Estate

With certain levels of improvements in the real estate industry over the past few years, people have now started to consider investing in real estate or property. This is mainly because investment in properties guarantees definite profits both in-short and long run. Pakistanis are now interested in knowing the best real estate projects, so that they could also become a part of them by investing in them. 

Best Real Estate Investment:

One of the best real estate investments of 2021 is Rudn Enclave Housing Society. This is located in the most densely populated province of Pakistan, i.e. Punjab. The city of Rawalpindi is home to this upcoming mega housing scheme which seems to offer amazing benefits and facilities; both to the residents and investors. 

Rudn Enclave Housing Society has the potential to become the leading choice of investors in near future. This is because of several reasons.

In a country like Pakistan, searching for an upgraded lifestyle has always been a hassle for a lot of people. With the modernizing world, people now have increased demands and are very particular about their houses and lifestyle. Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is one such mega project that aims at solving this problem of people. It not only provides a secured safe living space, but it also associates itself with excellence and class. The builders and developers of this housing scheme (RMRSCO pvt Limited) plan to provide luxurious living style. It aims to make Rudn Enclave an identity that people will carry with themselves. 

From an investors’ point of view, Rudn Enclave has a lot to offer too. Investors are mainly concerned with increasing their return in just a few years. Undoubtedly Rudn Enclave is the best choice for potential investors. This place is stretched over an area of around 3000 Kanals. It plans to provide international infrastructure facilities. All these factors ensure that the value of this project will increase in just a few years. People investing in it will see monetary benefits themselves in a short period.

Builders and Developers:

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is being developed and designed by RMRSCO (pvt) limited. This group of builders and developers have a known reputation of providing great value in return of investment. This time with Rudn Enclave, they promise to present the city with a modernized Housing Society. The official sponsor of this mega project is NesPak (pvt) limited.

Geographical Importance of the location:

Rudn Enclave is being constructed in one of the leading cities of Punjab- Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi is known for its beauty and greenery. The city has gained important recognition in terms of the housing schemes it has come up with.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is located at the main Adyala Road. This particular location is considered the prime location as it is in the center of the city and can be accessed through multiple routes. Adyala Road is witnessing significant infrastructure development and population growth, due to 20+ fully developed residential schemes in the locality. Long-time ago, Adyala Road Rawalpindi was an under-developed area of the city with few housing societies. Gradually, residential projects have developed and families are settled within, including mid-income to the elite class. All these factors related to geographic importance increase the value of Rudn Enclave Housing Society even more.

Total Area and layout:

Rudn Enclave covers an area of around 3000 kanals. With such huge space, lots and lots of commercial and residential plots are part of the plan. As for the layout of the housing society, RMRSCO (pvt) limited has unique and innovative ideas. They plan on introducing executive blocks within the society. Different areas will be reserved for different kinds of plots. For instance, all commercial plots will be part of one area, in order to differentiate between residential and commercial activities.

Prominent features and facilities:

While searching for the best housing society, every person tends to look at the facilities they are being offered. The builders and developers of Rudn Enclave Housing Society have not only planned modern infrastructure, but various international level facilities are a part of plan too. These amenities aim at providing ease and comfortability for the future residents, to make their lifestyle luxurious and comfortable at the same time.

  • Provision of uninterrupted civil utilities. 24 hours water, electricity and gas supply
  • Top notch security systems, with high security on each of the entrance gates, to eradicate the chances of unease within the society.
  • Huge shopping centers to facilitate the residents.
  • Mosques
  • Huge parking areas that can easily encounter around 240 cars
  • Playgrounds for children, so that they can carry out their outdoor activities without any hassle. 
  • High end restaurants for fine dining within the society.

Construction Work:

Construction work on site is progressing smoothly. Around 25% of the work has been completed. Rest of the construction work is also expected to complete soon. The finalized project has the potential to attract a lot of investors and residents. Therefore, it is likely to become Rawalpindi’s best real estate investment of 2021. Bookings are open. You can book plots of your own choice in any of the executive blocks you prefer. To provide further ease for the investors, several installment plans have also been introduced. You can avail this opportunity and move a step closer to your luxurious lifestyle. 

Legal Status:

As far as the legal status is concerned, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is processing the NOC of the Rudn Enclave. The official NOC is not issued right now, but it is expected soon.

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