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Best Roof Preservation Maintenance Charlotte

What Happens During a Roof Preservation

Asphalt is the most commonly used type of shingle in the United States, but contrary to what you might think, asphalt shingles are not made entirely of asphalt. While they both contain asphalt material, there are two common types of shingles: organic and fiberglass.Best roof preservation maintenance charlotte .

How asphalt shingles age and what that does to your roof.

The asphalt material in roof shingles supplies waterproofing and maintains the strength of the shingles. Since asphalt is derived from petroleum, it contains oils that dry out as the shingles age.

Don’t replace your roof, preserve it!

Using their decades of industry knowledge and experience, the best roof preservation maintenance charlotte .This procedure can be performed on over 95% of older roofs, extending service life by up to 15 years. Our roof preservation process


Our highly trained contractors can spot problems that many homeowners overlook. During our free roof inspection one of our contractors will closely examine the roof structure including the condition of the siding, gutters, soffit and fascia.


Our roof preservation professional ensures that your roof is watertight by repairing or replacing damaged and missing shingles, painting and sealing existing flashings and installing new rubber gaskets and grommet screws.

Why it’s Important to Maintain Your Roof

It’s above you every day. But you rarely even think about it: your roof.

Your roof provides you with defense against wind, rain, snow, hail and heat. Every day your roof is exposed to weather hazards and other elements, all of which contribute to its damage and deterioration.

Why is roof maintenance important? Let’s look at some of the reasons below:

Maintenance increases the lifespan of your roof.

Your roof is constantly being exposed to all kinds of conditions, so it is very important that you provide your roof with House maintenance to avoid major damages.

This maintenance also lengthens the life of your roof. Roof maintenance can also mean the difference between a repair and a replacement when there is a problem, minimizing future or unexpected costs.

Your warranty doesn’t completely protect you.

A warranty can give you a false sense of security, but it’s important to remember that just because your roof came with a warranty doesn’t mean that it will be repaired or replaced with no questions asked.

Your roof is part of your house’s curb appeal house maintenance.

You want your house to look good both inside and out, but people often forget their roof because they take it for granted. It’s above their heads, so it isn’t something they think about.

Your roof could be hiding something.

Homeowners often don’t realize that there is damage to their roof until it begins to leak, and by then the problem is often much larger than it appears. Water can infiltrate your attic and damage insulation, wood framing and structural steel even before mold appears or ceilings and walls start leaking house maintenance.


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