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Best Sandals of 2021 in Pakistan

Reefland is one of Pakistan’s growing retail chain of footwear and accessories. It offers various kinds of shoes and accessories for men and women alike.  Reefland derives its name from the inspirations of nature itself: a simple yet different, charming while being one of the most unexplored areas of the Earth, the ocean. By blending the similarities and compositions of the ocean and dry land, Reefland chose a snail as its brand ambassador.

Reefland’s History

Much like the diversity of the snail being a land and sea creature, Reefland too offers multiple varieties of products to satiate consumers of all types with all kinds of footwear usage and needs. Reefland mainly divides its product portfolio into those products specifically catered to males and those that are specifically fulfilling the needs of women in the Pakistani society. These include, but are not limited to, slippers, flipflops, heels, formals, moccasins eastern wear like khussas and Peshawari along with many more.

Reefland Sandals 


One specific shoe category that Reefland specializes in are that of sandals. Sandals are a very old and very trendy style of summer shoes which have an openwork upper or straps attaching the sole to the foot. They come in so many shades and designs that a consumer can not run out of options for them.

Sandals are an easy to wear and extremely stylish footwear which work great for the summer season. They leave your toes open and free while strapping your entire foot to the sole of the shoe. They have so many different styles and variations of stitching those brands like Reefland never run out of ideas to keep innovating and creating new styles and designs and trends of sandals.

Reefland Summer Sandals Collection 2021

Reefland’s Summer 2021 collection of Sandals include about 70 unique items for both men and women. There are so many different ways that Reefland has used to create the perfect summer sandal to cater to all kinds of people’s individual fashion sense and taste.

Men Sandals Summer Collection 2021

men sandals collection

In the men’s sandals collection, you get a whole range of shades of browns and blacks and some blues as well. They come in a lot of different styles for example; with the thumb covered or without it and with different straps or buckles to easily slip it on or take it off.

The style varies greatly and there is an incredible collection of options available for each individual. Reefland caters to a varied range of styles so that all kinds of background styles and outfit options can be complimented through their sandal shoe variety.

Women Sandals Summer Collection 2021


The same is the case for their women sandals collection. The Reefland women sandal collection has a huge color palette and offers so many varieties that the ladies can go gaga over it. From heels to flats to strap-ons to buckles and casual wears to formal-looking, Reefland has got them all for you!

Reefland understands that every person has a unique taste and we try our best to offer every option available to cater to as many styles as possible so that you can remain forever fashionable.

To browse through our catalog and see what’s new this summer, surf through our website and view for yourself the promised style, comfort, fashion and variety that the Reefland brand offers. In order to stay connected with us, follow us on our social media handles like Facebook and Instagram to remain up-to-date about our latest trends and upcoming sales and promotions. You can also sign up on our newsletter to keep getting notifications of what the brand is going to launch next and how it is catering to the consumers in the entire year.

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