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Best Shoes to Wear While Shopping

As Marylin Monroe said, “Happiness is not in money but in shopping”. Many people may agree with this quote but their feet might not. Shopping is a long, tiring and excruciating activity, no matter the fun and happiness you may feel. 

Your feet should be loved and taken care of, and hence, you should wear shoes which will take care of your feet and not bring them pain. The best thing is to keep in mind certain points when you are shopping for shoes like do not buy shoes in which you will have trouble walking, the shoes that are too tight, the shoes which you have tried on and are comfortable with. Never buy shoes without trying my friend. Regret is not a good emotion to have. 

Now let’s discuss the shoes that you should wear while going on a shopping spree, because surely you don’t want to return home early because you are in pain, now do you? 

  1. Sneakers: Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes to wear. They are also trendy, cool, hipster, sporty and chic. They are the most versatile pair of shoes and can be worn with any kind of outfit. Pair it with jeans, pants, chinos, cropped pants, skirts, dresses literally anything and you are golden. They are comfortable, stylish and perfect for long days. The leather shoes especially are a good look for a day out.  
  2. Loafers: Loafers are a luxurious pair of shoes. They make you look at someone who is up for a day in but also ready for a night of rowdy fun and noise on the town. They are comfortable for long days of walking just like a shopping spree. Loafers are classy with a hint of modernity. They are often known as vintage shoes. They are available in many colours and designs. We have suede loafers, leather loafers, and so on. They also come with various accessories like beads, prints, lace, tassels etc giving them an exotic look.
  3. Sandals or leather sandals: Whenever someone thinks of sandals especially in relation to women, sparkly high-heeled shoes come to mind. We here though are talking about leather sandals, which are comfortable, down to earth and very simple looking yet classy and modern. They come both in flats and heels and give you an opportunity to look dapper. This also presents you as level headed and can help you with your shopping seriously.
  4. Leather chappals: Chappals are something of an ‘ugly’ word according to some people but chappals can be quite interesting and sexy looking especially leather chappals. They are available in multiple designs, styles and colours with accessories attached. Leather chappals and jute chappals which earlier used to be looked down upon, today has become a symbol of intellect, intelligence, class and luxury. I honestly am unaware of how this change happened but leather chappals have today become a staple and are extremely comfortable to wear. 
  5. Trainers: You can wear sports trainers directly if you don’t mind a little extra comfort and care more about your feet than what anyone else has to say They might not match the whole colour and theme of your outfit but will be quite comfortable to wear and you wouldn’t have to deal with pain, stretched nerves, etc after going home. They are not anti-fashion or something. They look really good especially if paired with jeans. It’s time to mix and match. 
  6. Boots: If you are in a place with cold-weather then you can even wear a pair of boots. They are one type of leather shoes that look so well and keep your feet warm during winters. They are comfortable, sturdy and quaint. They are available in multiple colours and design and now prints as well. Animal prints were quite popular during the early 2000’s. Boots are chic and classy. 

We hope you realise how many options you have in comfortable shoes to wear to your shopping spree. It is very important to take care of yourself. Self-care is the most important even more important than looking good. Honestly, if you take care of yourself you would automatically look good. You see it’s a vicious cycle of self-care. Well, jokes aside hope you have a great day!

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