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Best Small Business Ideas To Start In 2022

small Business Ideas

For many budding entrepreneurs, owning an online business that guarantees financial security and stability is a pipe dream. We’ve compiled this list of best online small business ideas to assist you in getting started with your own internet business and obtaining the flexibility and freedom that it entails. None of these internet business concepts necessitate a physical storefront, and some only necessitate a service rather than a tangible product.

small business ideas

Best small business ideas

With the internet’s and technology’s exponential growth, there is an online business notion for everyone, regardless of expertise or prior work experience. Starting a business online is one of the quickest, simplest, and least expensive ways to get started, especially since all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.
Working from home is becoming more common in corporate cultures all over the world, inspiring entrepreneurs to take control of their careers and launch their own businesses.

eBay Selling Service/Trading Business

I’m obsessed with model trains, therefore I’m always on the lookout for used stuff on eBay. I frequently purchase from eBay sellers who run their own businesses.

These eBay sellers photograph the things, create eBay listings, and coordinate packing and delivery. They may charge a commission or a flat fee to sellers. They have no inventory and no risk if products don’t sell because they only pay the vendor when a deal is made. As a result, it’s a great, low-risk way to make money.

To get started selling on eBay, start by listing some of your own unwanted items. Then add relatives, friends, and friends of friends to the mix. Start promoting your service using digital marketing to broaden your reach even more. You can promote your business through video marketing. You can use simple ai video generators for making high quality videos and once videos have been created you can give them voice over using text speech software.

Trading, or buying and selling products, is a whole other eBay company. The idea is to build a niche, learn how to price things, and then acquire cheap and sell at a reasonable market price.

It may take some time to truly master a trading business. So, when you’re first starting out, be careful not to overpay or invest in things that don’t sell well. However, you may make a lot of money on eBay by swapping stuff. One of my friend’s sons, for example, made enough money exchanging stuff on eBay while in high school to pay for his full college tuition at Bentley College — and this is a four-year private college with a hefty tuition!

small business ideas

Custom T-Shirt Business

Is it possible to make a decent living selling personalised T-shirts? Yes, you certainly can! After graduation, a friend of mine, Jeff Jacober, launched a custom T-shirt business. He was able to achieve annual revenues of $20 million. Then, when he was 40, he sold the company and gained enough money to buy a sailing vessel and spend a year cruising around the Caribbean, buy an aeroplane, and invest in numerous new business endeavours.

Custom T-shirts are ideal for selling online, but they can also be sold locally. Even if you want to focus on your local market, you may want to save money on a storefront and try running your business from home at first. Local companies, social groups, and sports teams could all be approached. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your town’s entire kids soccer league could be sold?

In only a few minutes, you can learn how to print T-shirts. I know because I used to print T-shirts for my softball team, The Dark Horses, while I was in college. If you’re feeling very lazy, you may even outsource the actual T-shirt printing and concentrate solely on sales and customer support. However, I urge that you spend some time learning how to print them yourself.

You could, of course, sell your own designs instead of doing bespoke T-shirts. This is a riskier strategy, but the rewards are enormous! I met the Jacobs brothers, Bert and John, who founded the Life Is Good T-shirt company with $78 and 48 T-shirts.

They had a hard time selling their T-shirts on college campuses at first. To save money, they lived in their vehicle. They eventually settled on the moniker “Life Is Good” and have since grown their business to over $100 million in annual sales.

Tutoring Service

You have what it takes to be a tutor if you can add two plus two and get four most of the time, or if you can read “See Spot run!” at least for first graders! You can even tutor at higher levels if your skills are more advanced. You may even hire someone to handle all of your tutoring for you!

Tutoring can be done practically anyplace. You can tutor via video via the internet, such as on Zoom. You have the option of going to your clients’ houses or having them come to yours. You can also meet in a library or a coffee shop.

The demand is enormous. My children and I engaged tutors to help them boost their college entrance exam scores. We hired a tutor to home school kids one year when they felt they weren’t learning much at school. The tutor was an MIT college student who had never tutored before but was fantastic regardless.

Tutoring is another another example of a relatively simple business to start. However, you may expand it as much as you desire by employing more tutors and increasing your marketing efforts. For instance, I sold a career magazine company I founded to Kaplan Inc. With over 12,000 employees and over 1 million students, Kaplan has become a global leader in tutoring.

You will be more successful in your business if you first study about business and then carefully plan it. Consider factors like who you want to target as students, what courses to provide, how to determine price, and how to build a business plan. You’ll also need to brush up on some of the fundamentals of online marketing.

Craft Business

Do you want to be able to express your creativity while still earning money? What about starting a craft business?

My Great Aunt Betty used to make and sell a variety of unique craft products. She sold them both directly to a few businesses and through a tiny shop on her land. I recall mom taking some ornately adorned wicker pocketbooks she’d created to sell at Bonwit Teller, Boston’s once-famous women’s boutique.

With the growth of the Internet, the possibilities for selling your crafts appear to be unlimited. It’s simple to sell your own goods on websites like But, if you’re serious about turning this into a business, you’ll need to establish your own web presence. I’d recommend starting with a website. After that, you may add an email list. Take into account social media as well.

You can also sell your handmade things in person. Begin by selling at local art and craft shows. You can also approach retail establishments on your own. Alternatively, once you’ve put together a decent product line, you could wish to hire a sales rep agency that specialises in the gift industry.

On a commission basis, a sales rep firm will sell your products to retailers on your behalf, usually for 15% of the wholesale price. I was able to market my books into the gift sector with the help of sales rep businesses. These companies can be found at major gift exhibitions or by contacting them online.

Landscaping Business

This is yet another excellent business to start small, even part-time, and then scale up at your leisure.

You can begin with a simple lawn-mowing service. You’ll only need a used lawn mower and a grass catcher. You don’t need a beautiful vehicle or trailer to get the job done. My landscaper’s lawn mower is stored in the trunk of his car.

You can quickly expand this business by adding clients and services. Leaf collection, yard clean-up, edging, weeding, snowplowing, and fertiliser application are all common add-on services. Flower, bush, and small tree planting would be the next level of services you might provide. Landscape architecture/design, which involves designing and building attractive landscapes for high-end houses and businesses, is the highest degree of service.

Cutting small lawns can earn you a lot of money! Even if you merely mow a few lawns yourself, you’ll certainly earn more per hour than many people who work in professional employment. When you add a few basic services to the mix, your earnings can soon pile up. For example, I paid $13,785 to my landscaping firm for only one home last year. They cut the grass, cleaned up the yard, and shovelled the snow, but they didn’t do anything special; I hired other people to apply fertiliser and water the plants.

So, how can you get started with a landscaping business and find customers? Naturally, you begin with a business plan. Then give marketing a lot of thought. I recommend that you employ both internet and conventional marketing strategies.

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