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Best Spanish Shows To Binge-watch For The Weekend

Spending your time binge-watching your favorite show brings a surreal feeling in every sense. But what to do when you’re done with your favorite show and can’t find something else? Well, we’ve got you sorted for that!

We’re bringing a list of top-rated Spanish shows that you can binge-watch this weekend. But for that to work out best, you need to get your hands on the best internet that would provide an endless streaming experience.

We recommend you check out Windstream internet Español. A compelling thing about it is that you’ll find Spanish customer representatives too that will assist you in finding the best internet plan for your streaming needs.

Now that we’ve sorted you out for internet services, it’s time to check this amazing list of Spanish shows to watch this weekend:

Alguien Tiene Que Morir (Somebody Has to Die)

Bringing you a mysterious drama, Alguien Tiene Que Morir features a story of a family in 1950s Spain. When the son, Gabino returns home after a decade, his parents reveal that he’s being engaged to a girl.

However, with every passing minute, the characters reveal who they really are; a taboo. It’s a 3 episode thriller mystery that you can binge-watch this weekend and enjoy an exciting Spanish cast doing its best.


The Carranza family is quite famous amongst the fans of Empire, Succession, and other such seasons. And why not? The family does carry a history that can inspire anyone into indulging to know more about it.

Anyways, the show is covering Ana, a member of the Carranza family, who has recently returned to Mexico and she means business. However, she has to go through a path of family betrayal and blackmail as her brothers fight her for the throne. It’s a must-watch Spanish series that you should have on your list.

Alta Mar (High Seas)

If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie, then this is the show for you. Packing luxurious entertainment, the show revolves around passengers that are headed to Brazil. However, sudden mysterious events start occurring until only 2 sisters are left on the boat for weeks.

Mystery, suspense, and thriller punches are what this show is promising and you’re surely going to love to have this one on your list for this weekend.

Who Killed Sara

Perhaps there’s not much that one would explain about the show since it’s quite evident from the title. But for the audience, it’s about Alex who has been framed for the murder of her sister and then imprisoned for it.

However, after her release, Alex goes on a revenge spree against the Lazcano family that brought her into the situation in the first place. Perhaps too much mystery and thriller have already been added; therefore, it’s time to add this murder suspense to your list for this weekend.

Oscuro Deseo (Dark Desire)

If you have watched You and 365 Days, then you’ll probably be fascinated by the show. The show revolves around a couple, amongst whom, the wife indulges in an affair with someone else. However, little did she know that her husband’s love is more like an obsession.

When it comes to that, you can surely expect something intense coming out from the cast. It’s an absolute catch when it comes to hot entertainment and amazing plot twists. So much to tell, but you have to add it to your list and binge-watch it on weekend.

White Lines

Another gem from La Casa de Papel’s creator Alex Pina, this show is a bilingual series comprising 10 episodes on Ibiza’s exotic sets. An old case is being explored to find out the killer of Axel Collins, a DJ, who was quite famous for his services in one of Ibiza’s clubs in the 90s.

His sister, Zoe Collins, is now on the mission to find the killer and make sure that her brother is avenged. We know it’s another thriller, murder-mystery for this weekend but still, it’s going to be worth the watch and you would want it on your list for sure.

Vis a Vis (Locked Up)

Ah! Good old love! Makes you do things you don’t want to. But what can one do because it makes you blind! Same is the story of this series which centers on a woman in jail after being caught for the crimes she committed for her boss in love.

However, it focuses on her interaction with other inmates she meets. The cast is super amazing and one would surely want to watch it. It was also added to Netflix’s list, which led it to become an international hit.


When a spoiled rich girl falls into a love triangle in a private school, things will definitely go sideways. However, there’s enough mystery for you apart from some exotic scenes. The story is quite appealing as it attracted more than 20 million fans from around the world.

In addition to that, it quickly became Netflix’s favorite teen cast drama (we might already know the reason behind it). So, if you’re having a space in your watch list, then make sure to add this one and binge-watch it.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you go! Although these aren’t much, still, we’ve covered some great Spanish shows for you to binge-watch this weekend. Just make sure that you have everything set for yourself; from a stable internet connection to a comfy bed and snacks by your side. Do that, and you’ll enjoy your weekend with these amazing titles for sure!

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