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Best Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioner

To escape from the summer heat, many decide to buy an air conditioner. It cools and filters the air, and cleans it from harmful impurities. With it, you can not suffer from stuffiness, but enjoy the coolness and comfortable microclimate.

In order for the air conditioner to serve faithfully for many years, it must be properly looked after, since the incorrect operation can lead to an early breakdown. It is necessary to ensure proper maintenance service. You can call home AC maintenance. Usually, air conditioner maintenance service includes: cleaning filters and heat exchangers, prevent freon leakage, prepare the device for the change of season. The quality and duration of its work directly depend on how to comply with these rules and what kind of AC service you trust.

We will tell you how to properly care for the air conditioner. What difficulties can arise and how to solve them, and most importantly, how to do it at home.

Clean the filter of the indoor unit.

The indoor unit filter is a special mesh under the front panel of the air conditioner through which air is sucked in. It is needed so that the device does not become clogged and dust does not get into it. Gradually, dust accumulates on the grid and begins to interfere with the operation of the evaporator. The air in the room cools worse, and unpleasant odors and noises appear. In addition, the temperature regime is violated. This can lead to more serious problems – ice buildup on the evaporator and damage to the air conditioner.

Therefore, the filters must be washed periodically. The frequency depends on the room in which the air conditioner is installed, how much dust and dirt is in the air.

It is not difficult to do this. It is necessary to open the cover of the air conditioner and pull out the filters. How to properly disconnect the part, read the instructions for the specific model. After that, you need to rinse the filter with a stream of water, but it is better to soak it for 5-10 minutes in a soapy solution, and then dry it thoroughly and attach it back.

If the filter is not cleaned regularly, a large layer of dirt will form, which can only be removed with a strong chemical cleaner.

Clean the heat exchanger.

Periodically it is necessary to clean the heat exchanger of the air conditioner. It is located under the cover or under the filters of the device. If you do not clean it on a regular basis, this is fraught with the same problems as when the filter is clogged.

To clean the radiator, you need to open and remove the front grille of the air conditioner, remove the filters, and clean the heat exchanger fins with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Be careful not to damage the device or cut yourself on sharp edges. You can also purchase special disinfectant solutions and sprays that you need to spray on the radiator, leave for a few minutes and remove residue. Do not use aggressive solvents or detergents.

It is better to clean the heat exchanger at least once a year for its proper operation.

Take care of the outdoor unit.

In addition to all the activities for the indoor unit, you need to take care of cleaning the external one. Air conditioner manufacturers recommended maintenance at least once a year, but it is more expedient to clean the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit twice: in spring, before active use, and in early summer, after the period of poplar fluff.

When cleaning, remove the grille, vacuum the internal parts to remove all dust, and wipe them with a damp cloth.

If you can’t clean the device yourself, it’s better to call specialists who can climb with the help of a tower and carefully do all the work.

In summer, the level of dust, dirt and insects in the air increases, the outdoor unit may become clogged, so it should be cleaned as it gets dirty

Use the auto-clean feature.

Many modern air conditioners have additional options, among which there is also auto-cleaning. It occurs due to the movement of air flowing through the system idle. If a touch sensor is built into the device, it will independently evaluate the composition of the air and start auto-cleaning when necessary.

This option is extremely useful for keeping the device clean. However, the filters should still be washed periodically, as simply blowing with air is not enough. It is better to combine the existing automatic cleaning with manual cleaning.

Prepare for the summer.

Every spring, it is necessary to check the operation of the device in all modes, as well as clean the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit. To do this, you can contact the service center.

So the air conditioner will work even longer.

Adapt to winter.

Most air conditioners are not designed to work in winter, because they do not have an all-season unit and can only work up to 0°C. This is due to the freezing of the drainage system and the difficult operation of the compressor in cold conditions.

If you use the air conditioner in winter, it can reduce its service life, damage the drain tube that removes excess moisture and cause leaks and failures.

If desired, you can adapt the air conditioner to winter conditions. To do this, it is necessary to install devices for heating the crankcase of the compressor and the external part of the drainage system, if it is brought outside. It is also recommended to install an outdoor unit fan motor speed control device to maintain the required condensing pressure. The installation of a low-temperature outdoor unit kit can be ordered immediately upon purchase of the air conditioner. This addition will allow the device to work all year round.

Conditioner care instructions.

  • To avoid malfunctions of the air conditioner, it is necessary to regularly remove and clean the air filters. It is better to entrust the first cleaning to specialists. As well as follow the order of work in order to carry it out on your own in the future.
  • It is necessary to periodically clean the heat exchanger with a vacuum cleaner and a special brush. When cleaning, it is better to use products intended for this, which can be purchased at a specialized store. For difficult dirt, you can use a steam cleaner.
  • It is necessary to clean the outdoor unit at least twice a year. Before the main period of summer operation and as it gets dirty. To do this, it is better to contact the specialists at the service center.
  • To pay less attention to the care of the air conditioner, you can purchase a model with an auto-cleaning function. However, for complete care, it is also necessary to clean the elements of the device manually.
  • It is necessary to monitor possible freon leaks, which will be indicated by an indicator or characteristic signs. Regular refueling of freon should be done once a year.
  • Before the start of the summer season, you need to check the correct operation of the air conditioner in all modes, as well as perform preventive cleaning. In case of any detected malfunctions, you should immediately contact the specialists.
  • If the air conditioner is not suitable for operation in winter. It must be turned off after a temperature of 0 ° C in order to avoid malfunctions. Or the air conditioner must be equipped with special low-temperature kit devices.

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