Best Way to Keep Termite Away from Your Home?

Following are the steps that you can follow to keep termite away from your house

If you find the accumulation of piles of dust near your furniture, bed, sofa, etc., it is due to termite. Now, you need to be a little careful. Home Services Hence, you need to take a few steps in order to prevent the termites from destroying your expensive furniture, sofa, etc.

  • Placing the items under Sunlight: Termites can’t survive when exposed to sunlight. They even die due to the excessive heat of the sunlight. This step helps to kill the termites in the summer very easily. The items that you find are being damaged by the termites, keep them in the sunlight for at least three days continuously. By doing so, the termites will not only be killed but re-infestation can also be prevented. After exposing all the items to sunlight, dust them off and then bring them back into the home. You can also use termite spray before placing them inside the house.
  • Prevent from getting Moisture: All the pests including termites are attracted to moisture. If you are able to prevent the excess moisture in your house, you can get rid of termites. You can buy a dehumidifier if you have a humid environment in your home. The air conditioner must be switched on during the day in order to remove the excess moisture from inside the house and maintain a cool temperature.
  • Fix all the leaks: Termites are drawn towards decayed roofs and walls that have moisture. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the leaks and decays in your house. You need to fix them up by sealing all the leakages. Do not forget to keep an eye over all the places where termites are found especially in the basement and corners that are left unnoticed.
  • Use Borate: Borax powder can be helpful in killing termites as well as doing laundry. There are two ways in which it can be used. Firstly, you can sprinkle the borax powder in the areas that are affected. Secondly, it can be mixed with water and used as a spray in the most-infested areas. Moreover, it can also be used before priming and painting wood. After spraying it on your doors, furniture, etc Home Services, let it dry and then you can prime and paint it. This will keep the termites at bay for decades.
  • Distance between Soil and Wood: As per experts, a distance of a minimum of eighteen-inch must be maintained between soil and wood if you have a garden at your home. It prevents the termites from entering your house and furniture. There is an alternative to maintain a distance between soil and wood in your home through the use of stones, cement, etc. that can act as a physical barrier.
  • Try Vinegar: Vinegar is a very useful material to kill termites besides being helpful in cleaning the kitchen, shower, etc. What you need to do is mix half a cup of vinegar with two lemons juice and use it as a spray liquid. As soon as you spray the mixture in the affected areas, the acidic substance of the mixture will kill the termites. But you need to spray on a regular basis until you see the termites disappear completely.
  • Cardboard: Termites are attracted to water. Take a piece of cardboard and spray water all over it. Keep it at a particular spot and you will see all the termites appear on it for a feast. When it is done, take the cardboard out of your house and burn it. You can try this method as and when necessary.
  • Orange Oil: Orange oil contains d-limonene in a significant amount, which kills the termites. It can be sprayed on the termites directly and the areas where they are found the most. If you spray it regularly, it will prevent termites from residing at your Home Services.

However, if you have suffered enough and the situation is not in control, you should call a pest control service provider. There are many service providers who offer high-quality pest control services. If you are suffering from the attack of cockroaches, you can also look for service providers who offer termite pest control.

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