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Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka

Isn’t it amazing how amazing it feels to see a wild animal in its natural habitat? There is an adrenaline surge through your body on a safari trip. Karnataka is the place to visit if you are a wildlife enthusiast. If nature lover looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience visit wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. This state is a wildlife lover’s heaven, with unique fauna, mesmerizing scenery, and beautiful woods. Karnataka has a lot of wildlife reserves, as you probably already know. 

As you go on new activities on your next holiday, bring yourself closer to rich biodiversity and nature. Where are you going? To Karnataka’s wildlife sanctuaries! We’ve curated a list of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. This will help you arrange a fantastic weekend vacation in the outdoors. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

List of Karnataka wildlife sanctuaries would be incomplete without including the Brahmagiri wildlife reserve. Trust us when we say that. The location is famed for its stunning scenic views. And is known after the towering Brahmagiri pea. You can’t miss a visit to this paradise, which is surrounded by deep valleys, cardamom and coffee farms. Any coffee lovers should not miss this. Gushing rivers, and evergreen forests are just amazing. Animals such as elephants, gaurs, tigers, Nilgiri langurs, king cobras can be found here. It is also home to around 240 different bird species. A piece of advice from us? Take your time exploring the region’s hiking trails to get the most out of your stay. Book taxi service in Mangalore for traveling to this beautiful wildlife sanctuary. For getting in touch contact below. 

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Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary 

There’s no way we’ll be able to avoid seeing the famous Cauvery Wildlife. This Karnataka wildlife sanctuary is home to tigers, spotted deer, common langur, and many more. Leopards, four-horned antelope, and wild boars, is a must-see for everyone. The environs are graced by the green-billed malkoha and the white-browed bulbul also found here. So if you’re a bird lover, this spot will delight you. But don’t limit yourself to bird watching! To experience this natural wonderland, book a safari ride. Book taxi service in Bangalore for travelling to this wildlife sanctuary.

Name: Bharat Taxi

Address: Anandha Apartments, A/1, 2nd main Rd, KSRTC Layout, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

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Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary 

You must visit the nature and natural beauty of Dandeli Animals Sanctuary while visiting Karnataka and going through its wildlife. After all, it is one of Karnataka’s major wildlife sanctuaries. Scenic valleys, landscapes, rivers, hills, and deciduous forests make up the sanctuary’s 866 square kilometers. So, what kind of fauna do you think you’ll see here? Sloth bear spotted, and mouse deer, , tiger, gaur, civet cat, bison, and gigantic flying squirrel are among the many creatures found here. So take a safari ride in the region to satiate your passion for animal discovery to the fullest.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

A haven for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts! Bhadra Species Sanctuary is well-known for its diverse wildlife and natural beauty. Let’s pretend this place is teeming with tigers! Keep a watch out for the Malabar giant squirrel, orangutan, king cobra, and Indian rock python, among other animals. Treat yourself to exhilarating adventure activities if that isn’t enough for you. Jeep safaris, rock climbing, river Bhadra water sports, and trekking are just a few of the exciting activities available. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll agree that Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Karnataka’s top wildlife sanctuaries.

Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary 

The two adjectives to characterize this one are “unexplored” and “untouched.” The Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a broad range of wildlife and exciting environments. It has everything to entice the wildlife enthusiast in you, as it is one of Karnataka’s most well-known wildlife sanctuaries. Animals such as the tiger, leopard, chital, slender loris, wild pig, and black panther can be found here. So hop in a vehicle and go through Mookambika Animals Sanctuary in quest of abundant wildlife and biodiversity. 

Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary 

Why should you visit the Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary? Because the Bhimgad wild sanctuary in Karnataka, is tucked in the Western Ghats. And is also unrivaled in terms of wildlife density and natural beauty. Barapede Caves, the only breeding location of Wroughton’s free-tailed bat, is located within this sanctuary. Aside from that, you might see tigers, gaurs, sloth bears, sambar, leopards, spotted deer, and a variety of bird species. As if this place didn’t already have enough to offer, it also features some glistening rivers and rushing streams to add to its allure. Is it possible to get any better?

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary 

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is one of Karnataka’s most prominent wildlife sanctuaries. This Bear Sanctuary was developed specifically for Indian sloth bears. For all the right reasons, no less! Bears can be seen coming down from the hills, or you can catch them eating jaggery from the staff. The sanctuary, however, is more than just a vast population of sloth bears. There can also be seen as jackals, leopards, hyenas, monitor lizards, quails, and mongooses. Star tortoises (tortoises with star marks on their shells) are also a special attraction. It is also home to around 27 butterfly species and 90 different bird species. You still don’t believe us? Take a look at the numbers for yourself. We’re confident it’ll be a blast!

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary 

This exquisite bird sanctuary is a World Heritage Site as well as being gorgeous. The region’s natural splendor is beyond your imagination, with lush woods and semi-green vegetation covering over 70% of the area. It is home to various birds, including endangered species such as the Grey-breasted laughing thrush, orange flycatcher, and Nilgiri flycatcher. What else is there to say? Indian wild dogs, brown palm civets, mouse deer, and Asian elephants are among the animals that live here.

Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

The diversity of wildlife found in the Talakaveri wildlife reserve is quite astounding. Explore wildlife sanctuary for  Elephants, tigers, leopards, wild dogs, Nilgiri martens, and brown palm civets and more. Tropical evergreen trees dominate this 105 square kilometer area, making it even purer. To put it another way, pay a visit to this refuge!

Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary 

Last but surely not least on our list! Sharavathi Valley Sanctuary is a significant contender for the title of the most incredible wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka, with an abundance of species and stunning natural beauty to see. All we can say is that the incredible animals will pique your interest. Here, the lion-tailed macaque, spotted deer, wild pig, sambar, otter, tiger, leopard, and flying squirrel.

A wildlife tour in Karnataka is likely to be one of the most rewarding travel experiences of your life. In today’s world you have very less opportunity to connect with nature and explore. Karnataka offers you exactly what you want. Helps you discover more about life and various nature of its existence. 

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