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Predictions greatly increase the chances of passing a bet at the bookmaker. You can learn to make them yourself, but it requires attentiveness, concentration and time. Many players, especially beginners, have no desire to engage in analytics, considering it a waste of time. And in vain. Experienced bettors use expert predictions as additional information, comparing their opinion with someone else’s.

Today there are a lot of ready-made predictions on the Internet, but there are few quality and accurate ones, unfortunately. The best option is to use predictions posted on the sites of bookmakers or special information resources such as Scores24. Here you can find tennis predictions . They are indispensable for various types of betting, including betting on penalties.

What you need to know about penalty betting

This type of betting is commonly referred to as the small market in soccer betting. It is often difficult to conduct pre-match analytics to achieve a result in these types of betting. If you approach this issue responsibly and seriously, it is possible to earn a steady income by betting on penalties. Today, many bookmakers strive to offer the maximum number of bets with good odds. Betting on the penalty kicks are also often offered on favorable terms.

After the introduction of the VAR system and changes in some of the rules, bettors began to consider such bets as promising. Before placing a bet, it is worth examining what the offices offer in this market. The bettor may be invited to predict:

  • whether there will be a penalty kick during the game;
  • whether the referee will award a kick from 11 meters and a red card will be shown;
  • whether a penalty kick will be awarded, which will not be scored;
  • whether a series of penalties will occur at the end of the game and who will win

Each of these types of bets has quite a few risks. The odds are high because it is very difficult to predict such events, but players should definitely be aware of important prerequisites:

  1. Whether there are fast and technical players in the club’s lineup that the opposing team’s defensive line will not be able to resist.
  2. The referee factor. If the referee likes to give frequent penalties, it increases the chances there will be penalties in the upcoming match.
  3. The statistics, which show a large number of assigned penalties with the participation of one of the opposing clubs.
  4. There will be a derby. These meetings are quite intense, so the probability is very high.
  5. The presence of the VAR system often increases the number of penalties awarded. The video assistant not only assigns them, but also cancels those incorrectly assigned by the referees.

Also bookmakers sometimes offer to bet on the lack of penalties. Here it is very important to study the statistics and not to choose championships where the referees are quite tough. The most suitable championships in terms of statistics are LaLiga and French Ligue 1, where penalties are most often awarded.

Statistical data is the basis of prediction

For analytical work it is not necessary to use the data of ten years ago. Statistics from recent seasons will be quite sufficient. It is important to understand which players fouled on their penalty area and when. You should not forget about referees. Some are stricter and quick to show the point, while others are more tolerant of players’ mistakes.

Thanks to the implemented video surveillance system, referees assign penalties much more often than before. The odds on betting sites have also changed lately: the values have decreased. Therefore, before you make a bet, it is always worth asking whether the VAR system is installed in the selected championship.

Betting of this type is of course quite risky, but if you opt for it, the bettor should approach the question as responsibly as possible and learn from his own mistakes. It is recommended to keep individual statistics and record the reasons for losing bets. Analysis of mistakes will help make a good lesson for the future and add experience to the player. And experience is the most valuable thing that can be.

This type of betting is not suitable for all players, even experienced bettors have sometimes difficulties to make such bets. After all, it is very problematic to predict in which of the meetings the actions of the player will lead to a violation of the rules in their own penalty area. Not only numbers, analytics and experience, but also intuition will help.

Experienced bettors recommend playing with extreme caution on such bets and placing small amounts, they should not exceed 1-2% of the total bankroll. Even an excellent work with statistics and a thorough, competent analysis can let anyone down. These points do not guarantee success. You should play carefully. Always control your emotions, carefully analyze and gain experience – these are the main rules of soccer betting.

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