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Bitter salt – properties, action, use, side effects


Bitter salt is magnesium sulfate. It is also called Epsom salt and English salt. It has many health properties that affect the condition of the whole body. Bitter salt regenerates, de-acidifies and detoxifies the body. What are the other properties of bitter salt?

1. History and characteristics of bitter salt

Bitter salt was discovered in England around the 17th century near the town of Epsom (hence its second name – Epsom salt ). Bitter salt resembles coarse salt. There is no smell.

Bitter salt is white, it dissolves well in water and, as its name suggests, has a bitter taste.

Bitter salt is magnesium sulfate . It’s an inorganic chemical that contains sulfur and copper. Bitter salt is used in cosmetics, in laboratory analysis, in industry and also in agriculture.

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The price of bitter salt is about usd 8 and 1 kg.

2. Beneficial properties of bitter salt for the body

Bitter salt very well affects the condition of our body. Has anti-fungal, anti-seborrhoeic and anti-acne properties.

Bitter salt also has anti-dandruff properties and prevents hair breakage .

Sulfur contained in bitter salt helps to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. Bitter salt is also used to treat arthritis and arthritis.

Magnesium contained in bitter salt allows us to relax and regenerate. It soothes the nervous system .

Bitter salt also affects the locomotor system because it works against pain in muscles and joints. Bitter salt is a component of constipation medications.

3. Various activities of bitter salt

The effects of bitter salt are very diverse. Bitter salt has antifungal and bactericidal properties. Due to the sulfur content, bitter salt is used to treat bad foot odor and ringworm.

Bitter salt also affects the faster metabolism. Has a laxative and detoxifying effect. Thanks to bitter salt, wounds, bruises and bruises heal faster.

Bitter salt can be found for use on tan and insect bites.

Bitter salt can also improve our mood because it has relaxing properties. Brine baths work best. Bitter salt is absorbed through the skin and stays in the body for up to 9 hours.

Such a relaxing treatment can help us calm down before sleeping. Our muscles are relaxed and regenerated.

4. Indications for use

Bitter salt can be used as:

  • a remedy for snails in the garden,
  • remedy for insects that appear on plants,
  • plant nutrient
  • fabric softener when washing.
  • body scrub
  • face scrub
  • grout and tile cleaner
  • hair mask (anti-dandruff, anti-greasy scalp; removes hair cosmetics residues)
  • remedy for tired and swollen feet
  • soothing acne lesions
  • oil for oily skin

5. Side effects and contraindications to the use of bitter salt

Side effects of bitter salt result from an overdose. These include diarrhea, bowel and stomach disorders.

Contraindications to the use of bitter salt are kidney disease and hypotension.

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