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Black Window Frames: The Interior Design Trend We’ve Waited For

Black Window Frames: The Interior Design Trend We’ve Waited For

Did you know that black is predicted to be one of the most popular colors in 2022? So far the trend reports are hitting the nail on the head, with black accents dominating interiors and home design.

Do you want to incorporate some dark tones of black into your home’s design? If so, black window frames are an ideal way to bring this trend into your space.

Besides being right on trend, black windows are also a classic architectural element, meaning they won’t go out of style in the next six minutes. Window installation isn’t cheap, which means you need to think long-term before hopping on a trend when choosing window styles.

Continue reading to find out why black window frames are the interior design trend we’ve all been waiting for.

Black Window Frames Create Bold Accent Points

One of the reasons why black windows are such an impactful design element is that they create bold accent points.

If you skew minimalistic in your interior design, black can be the best window frame color to opt for. Black windows punctuate a room, creating focal points.

This can be an epically valuable design element if you want to highlight your windows. If you have light-colored walls, black window frames will attract attention to your windows, drawing your eye to them and the view outside.

Black Windows Don’t Need Drapes

Another advantage of black window frames is that they don’t need a lot of drapery to dress them up.

If you’re trying to decide between black or white interior windows, think about your drape preferences. Do you like a lot of heavy drapes? If so, you can still utilize black window frames to further highlight and dramatize your windows.

But, if you prefer more simple window dressings, such as a few sheer curtains or a bamboo blind here and there, then black windows can help give some grounding and visual strength to the space.

Black Windows Tie In With Other Modern Design Elements and Styles

Although black window frames are actually a very classic choice, they pair exceptionally well with contemporary design elements and styles.

For instance, if you love modern farmhouse, a black window will usually fit far better than a white window frame.

Or maybe you’re trying to achieve a wabi-sabi aesthetic? If so, the choice between white vs black windows is pretty clear cut. Black windows will harp back to ancient interior design, while still achieving a modern feel and pairing well with dark rustic decor elements such as black vessels.

They Also Don’t Show the Dirt

On a practical note, black window frames also don’t show the dirt as easily as a white window frame. While we all want to keep our spaces clean, a white window frame can start looking grubby long before spring cleaning day.

If this last advantage to black window frames has thrown the vote, but you’re worried about the cost, you can head to to get an idea of what installing black window frames costs.

Black Window Frames Are Back Baby

Black window frames have long been used in industrial and commercial architecture. Now they are dominating the interior design scene, pairing perfectly with the black accents we are seeing everywhere, from faucets to front doorknobs.

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