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Bharat Taxi – India’s largest taxi service provider

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Bharat Taxi, an online cab booking service provider dedicated to providing customers with reliable and premium Intercity and Local taxi services. In terms of geographic reach, we have risen to become India’s largest chauffeur-driven taxi company over the last decade, a position we have held since inception.

One road trip at a time, I’m discovering India.

A road trip across India is, in our opinion, one of the most exciting ways to see the country’s length and breadth. There’s always something interesting to look at, investigate, and experience. Because we enjoy road travel so much, we’ve worked hard to ensure that you have a positive experience as well. We wanted more of you to take a road trip with us, and we wanted more of you to enjoy the same pleasures of travel that we do. So why not sit back and relax in one of our chauffeur-driven cabs on your next vacation instead of driving? We consider that the time you spend on vacation should be entirely dedicated to you and your interests. As a result, we are now present in all major cities across India, ready to assist you in your travels wherever your heart desires.

When traveling, book an outstation cab. We appreciate that you are free to stop and take in the fresh air, learn about different cultures, and sample the local cuisine. We understand that these wholesome experiences make traveling more enjoyable and enrich our lives. Therefore, we look forward to the surprises that await us on road trips.

There is no such thing as a city that is too big or too small. We are well aware that travelers and wanderers like us can be everywhere. You live close to Khajuraho, you live close to Aleppey, you live close to Alibag, and you live close to Tranquebar. We were hoping you could go to every one of them. So, every weekend, pack your belongings and head out to see everything that your surroundings have to offer.

Booking – Bharat Taxi

When it comes to making your holiday plans easier, you can book a cab through our website with ease, or call us at 969000999 if you’d like to discuss your itinerary with one of our representatives in greater detail. Whenever you book an outstation cab with us, we’ll send you a travel kit as well as advice on how to plan your journey. Aside from that, we have a convenient cab booking app that will further simplify booking a trip with us. Our educated drivers will take you on a voyage through some of the most memorable experiences India has to offer. From the time you make a reservation with us to the time you return home, we’ll make sure you have a fantastic road trip experience with us.

No matter where you’re going, we’ve got a cab waiting for you.

Do you think about a weekend getaway? Our cab services will assist you in exploring the best destinations, visiting all of the must-see attractions, and sampling the best local cuisine available. Have you recently arrived at an airport or railway station that is close to your final destination? It’s not a problem! You can take advantage of our airport taxi service, as well as our transit pick-up service, to get you to your final destination. We’ll get you to your destination while also taking you to some of the most exciting sights along the route. 

Are you scheduleing a trip back to your hometown for a family reunion? You can now take advantage of our newly introduced one-way cab services. You can be dropped off at your destination by paying the only one-way fare no matter where you live. Have you decided to take a personal day and spend the entire day exploring your hometown? We can set up for you to visit the best places to eat and drink, as well as some of the city’s majestic monuments, greenest parks, and oldest temples, with our local taxi packages. You’ll never have to be concerned about having a gap in your travel plans again. Are you a traveler who seeks out unusual destinations? Do you get on the road and see where things lead you? Our one-way drop service is available on several routes if you only want to be dropped off at a specific location and do not want to return.

Trust us when we say that Bharat Taxi is the starting point for any journey.

Taxi Service in Bangalore – Bharat Taxi

Outstation Cabs

You have the option of booking a round trip or using our one-way services. Bangalore is a conveniently located city with a plethora of tourist attractions in and around the city. Coorg, Ooty, Waynad, Mysore, and Chikamagalur are some of the most popular destinations. We at Bharat Taxi are able to provide some of the most affordable outstation cabs in Bangalore, with rates starting at Rs. 9 per kilometre travelled. Bharat Taxi also provides cab services from Bangalore to Chennai and from Bangalore to Pondicherry.

Local Cabs

There are numerous attractions to see in Bangalore, which is a thriving metropolis. You can hire a Bangalore taxi and enjoy a comfortable day of local sightseeing while saving money. Take in the sights and sounds! There are a category of packages available for your Bangalore local booking, including 4 hours/40 kilometres for half-day cabs, 8 hours/80 kilometres for full-day cabs, and 12 hours/120 kilometres for full-day cabs. Bharat Taxishould be your first choice if you want to hire a cab in Bangalore that is both affordable and of high quality. Best-in-class service at a reasonable price is what you can expect from Bharat Taxi.

Airport Taxi

Kempegowda International Airport (KIAL) is 35 Km from the city centre, located beyond the outskirts of Bangalore. Trip to and from the airport can be time-consuming and frustrating due to long lines and strict time constraints. You can simply book a Bangalore airport taxi to and from the airport if you want a hassle-free journey to or from the airport.

Taxi Service in Mumbai – Bharat Taxi

Outstation Cab

We provide both round-trip and one-way taxi service to and from Mumbai’s outstations. Mumbai is in a convenient location in relation to a number of other destinations. Among these are Mumbai to Pune taxis, Mumbai to Surat taxis, Lonavala, Goa, Mahabaleshwar, Shirdi, and Mumbai to Nasik taxis, among other places.

Local Cab

Mumbai is the most populous city in India. Commutes can be difficult because of long distances and a large number of people. Book a taxi in Mumbai and choose from a variety of packages, including 4 hours/40 kilometres, 8 hours/80 kilometres, and 12 hours/120 kilometres for taxi in Mumbai for the entire day. You can rest assured that Savaari offers the most reliable cab service in the city of Mumbai.

Airport Cab

The Mumbai International Airport is approximately 12 kilometres from the city centre. It is located in the suburbs of Andheri, in the city of Mumbai. Because of the long distance between the airport and the city, it is recommended that you take a cab. Savaari will pick you up or drop you off at the airport, making your commute hassle-free.

Book with Bharat Taxi now. You book from website or call us at 9696000999

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