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Boutique Hotels – Best Paris Accommodations

Boutique hotels are distinguished by their creative ambience, excellent service and personalized attention to detail. A boutique hotel can be a guesthouse or an independent bed and breakfast facility. They are frequented by celebrities and business travelers. They have become the new chic as they offer a combination of quality, value and personality.

In America, there are presently a number of boutique hotels. These luxury facilities offer comfortable accommodation for a range of guests, at competitive rates. In addition, they make outstanding value for money, especially for those travelling on a budget. However, a boutique hotel generally is not located in a metropolitan area and as such will be the choice of a traveller rather than a chain of hotels.

The term ’boutique hotel’ is often used to refer to guest houses. However, a boutique hotel can be any kind of establishment, even a restaurant. It is popular with celebrities, who like to stay in these accommodations as they are private, quiet and away from the madding crowds of hotel rooms. They offer privacy, elegance, comfort and all round value for money. These days, many people refer to such houses as ‘chic’ or ‘snobbish’. Some may wonder why such high standards are attached to them.

The answer is simple – they set a different standard and often deliver. Most tourists visiting a city or a country will go to a hotel to unwind, relax and enjoy the city or the country. Such hotels provide food, fresh water, laundry facilities and so on. A boutique hotel on the other hand caters to international guests who want to enjoy exceptional service and extraordinary facilities. They offer excellent cuisine, gourmet cuisines, personal services, en-suite bathrooms and much more.

These luxury accommodations also provide the guests with facilities like spa baths, saunas, indoor pools and much more. These are the two major factors that differentiate a boutique from a conventional hotel. Boutique hotels have a unique, chic and refined atmosphere. They are distinguished by a unique design style and interiors. They also offer a wide variety of rooms to choose from.

It is not easy to find such hotels. They are comparatively rare and hence, the price is relatively high as well. However, the price of a good boutique is definitely worth it, especially when you consider the quality that you get. The hotels with the best quality, which are available at affordable rates are definitely worth your while.

There are many reputed and renowned boutique hotels around the world. Some of the best ones include The Cornwall Hotel in Cornwall, England; The Courthouse in New York City, USA; The President in Washington D.C., USA and The Regent Palace in London, England. All these hotels are known for their great ambience and quality services. Many tourists visit these boutique hotels every year. One can easily get a great discount on hotel accommodations in a comfortable and elegant boutique hotel.

A boutique hotel offers all modern amenities in a trendy and refined environment. You get all the facilities you need in your room including cable television, telephone, home theatre system, DVD player and internet. In addition to all these, you can also get complimentary breakfast, snacks and bedding. The staffs and the hotel management are very cordial and courteous. Therefore, if you really want to experience a great stay in a boutique hotel then you must try to get a good deal from one of these hotels.

Most of these hotels offer excellent room service and you can call up the reception and ask for room instructions. These hotels also provide privacy, serenity, and quiet. You can also order any book or magazine that you like.

If you do not want to stay in a typical 5 star hotel, then you should try and get a good accommodation in a boutique hotel. As compared to other 5 star hotels, these hotels provide better quality and more luxury at a cheaper price. Hence if you are looking to enjoy some exotic experience during your trip to Paris, then a great boutique hotel is the ideal destination. Many travelers also prefer to stay in a boutique hotel because these hotels offer great value for money.

These hotels offer great personalized service to their guests and most of these hotels have 24-hour front desk staff to cater to the guest needs. They also offer some special packages to their guests such as car rental, travel insurance, spa treatment, and breakfast and dinner services. Hence it is advisable to book your hotel rooms early so as to avoid last minute rush.

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