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Start your student life business with the most successful business ideas

Are you looking for business ideas for students in India and want to start young?

Well, there is no age limit to start a business, except you should be 18+ and have all the legal identity proofs. According to the research, Google discovered that “how to start a business” has relatively higher searches than “how to find a job”. In fact, we can see more young entrepreneurs today because they have this creative mind that are changing simple ideas into unicorn startups with their innovation.

Most importantly, do not forget t register your business in all the excitement to start one. Go for company registration online as soon as you plan everything and have the initial investment.

Getting your business registered will give you access to various investors and schemes. Also, it will increase your business reliability.

So, when you look for business ideas for students in India, also search for how to register legally.

14 Business ideas for students in India

1- Network Marketing Business

It is one of the trendiest options making the youngsters into billionaires. Many companies are making good natural products, but people know very little about them.

So they adopt network marketing for this. For that purpose, they ask the youngster to join their marketing team and start their independent business by selling their products.

It helps the youngsters get commission on every sale. Also, the parent company rewards them with an immense bonus on reaching the target sales. And get to know how to build a business empire.

2- Library Business

What could be better than starting a business of books. People appreciate reading at every age. But often some towns and cities do not have that quiet place to read with a proper environment.

So, why not start a chain of libraries. It is a unique idea that probably no one had thought about yet. You can make a modern library that is AI-powered. Start with the metro cities and then expand all over.

3- Tour and Travels Business

You must be thinking that tours and travels are just a normal boring business. But what if you turn it into a brand. Use your creativity and come up with something customized.

It can be one of the best business ideas for students in India as they can explore together while earning money from it. So, if you are a travel enthusiast, you can probably ace this idea.

4- Event Planning Business

These days people prefer to enjoy every moment and leave the planning, organizing and arranging part to the event planners.

Everyone looks for a skilled and professional planner with a low budget to handle all their occasions. In fact, this business offers a good commission on every event and could help you build up a successful business in no time.

5- Tuition or Coaching Center

If you have good knowledge of a particular subject, you can open a small home-based coaching centre. It is one of the best business ideas for students in India.

You can focus on your studies and run a successful business while sharpening your knowledge too. You can give coaching in the evening because today many students take coaching for good marks.

6- Paid Research Assistant Business

You can start a business where you provide research assistants and earn a good commission from both parties. Many departments like biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, psychology, sociology research are done.

For this purpose, those who do research need a helper. So, you can help them recruit with a research assistant accordingly based on their skills.

In addition when going to start a business you also need CIN number and know the process for how to get CIN number of a company.

7- Candle Making Business

Candle making is an art, but it does not require much effort or investment.

Anyone can start a candle making business at a small scale while studying. However, to get the clients for this, you have to take your business online.

Make an aesthetic social media account and a website where people can place an order for the candles. Get creative and add shapes, colours and incense to the simple white candles.

8- Fitness or Yoga Studio Business

Today people pay a lot of attention to their fitness and being healthy. So, starting a fitness or yoga centre business can also be a good idea for students in India to make an income source.

But, make sure that you have enough knowledge on this before starting one, because misinformation or lack of it could lead to serious issues.

9- Handmade Jewellery Business

Gold and diamond jewellery are so out of fashion these days and artificial does not feel real. So, if you like to be creative, you can start a jewellery business of your own.

You can begin as a brand of a unique jewellery line made from unexpected things and looks elegant and modern.

10- Blogging Business

Blogging is one of the best online part-time jobs to earn money online, can earn good money for a long time and, most people start their online career through blogging, in this, you can earn a lot of money without investment.

11- Youtube Channel of your own brand

YouTube is the world’s top popular video-sharing website and, every day millions of people upload, share and download videos on this platform.

YouTube is a product of Google, which is for watching videos and, YouTube is a decent way to earn money online. If you have a business idea, you have a passion for making videos, you can earn good money from YouTube.

12- Affiliate Marketing Business

The meaning of affiliate marketing is that you can join a product company and sell the company’s product. You can earn good money by doing online advertising or selling.

You can earn good money through Affiliate Marketing in an easy way. Today many companies provide facilities of Affiliate Programming like Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal, etc.

You can do Affiliate Marketing. By promoting these company’s products on your website, you can earn a good commission every month.

This company provides you links to their products, can advertise them by sharing them on your blog or website, Facebook. etc.

Famous blogs make most of their income from this affiliate marketing. Because inside this you do not have to do much, create a good blog or website and share the link on it, the more products you sell, the more your commission

13- Business Coaching

Today many people on the internet want to start their online business on the internet and, they do not have any ideas, then they see any best online business ideas on the internet, if you have good business knowledge then you can also earn money online by opening an online business coaching.

In business coaching, you have to teach your customer how to start an online business and make it successful.

Many people in India earn money through online business coaching. You can also do this, just for this, you should have good business knowledge.

And you should have good communication skills and, you should have the skills to understand any topic well.

14- Web Design Business

If you are an expert in web design, you can earn good money through web designing.

There is a lot of demand for web design on the internet and, all the people doing online business on the internet need web design because today there are many websites every day.

To sum up, starting a business is easy if you start it with necessary steps and all the required documents.

For instance, applying for company registration in Mumbai can be very easy and the process is also same for starting a company in India.

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