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Business Phone System: A Comprehensive Guide!

Business Phone System: A Comprehensive Guide!

Do you want to quickly and profitably install telephones in your office from scratch? Or are you looking for a new PBX? Have you heard anything about IP telephony?

High-quality voice and data communication is one of the main components of business success. This refers to a complex concept that includes communication within departments, divisions, territorial units, as well as outside the company – with customers, partners, contractors. Realizing the importance of quality communication, companies strive to make IP telephony a part of the corporate system. Cloud communication services take place instead of traditional telephony. IP telephony or Internet telephony is a telephone connection that works over the Internet. No need to buy expensive equipment or lay a telephone cable. All you need is the Internet.

The telephone is currently the most popular communication medium. It helps to reduce the time interval required to resolve various issues and save money on travel to other cities and countries. Modern business is greatly simplified thanks to telephone conversations, which eliminate the need for lengthy written correspondence in a business style, travelling on business trips over long distances. In addition, the telephone provides the possibility of remote negotiations, presentation of essential issues and making inquiries.

The success of each company directly depends on the correctness of telephone conversations, because it is enough to make one call to create a general impression of the company. If this impression turns out to be negative, it will be impossible to rectify the situation. Therefore, it is important to know what constitutes competent business communication on the phone.

In this guide, we’ll discuss in detail about business phone systems!

Table of Content

What is a Business Phone System?
Features of Business Phone System
How to Connect IP Telephony?
Wrapping Up!

What is a Business Phone System?

A business phone system is a technology for transmitting a voice signal over wireless Internet channels. Unlike analogue and mobile communications, communication through the World Wide Web does not require the laying of telephone lines. Also, you do not need to buy equipment for a PBX. You can make calls from almost any communication device. At the same time, the subscriber can make and receive calls anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. The main advantage of IP-PBX over alternative communication methods is the cost of calls. Therefore, cloud service providers can offer subscribers much more favourable tariffs than traditional telephony service providers.

Features of Business Phone System

The functions of a business phone system are primarily aimed at solving business problems, including increasing sales, improving the efficiency of working with a client on the phone and reducing the cost of communication services.

Call Forwarding: Call forwarding to landline and mobile numbers allow you to stay in touch in any conditions and not miss a single call from clients.

IVR Voice Menu: A voice messaging system that allows customers to receive the necessary information and independently connect with the desired department or manager.

Callback: A button to order a callback on the website so that the manager himself calls back the interested client.
Call Recording: A function that allows you to save and listen to a telephone conversation to assess the quality of customer service.

Call Detail: Statistical information including a list of numbers, call date and time, duration and cost of calls.
Voicemail: A service that automatically handles calls outside office hours, allowing customers to leave a voice message;
Conference Calls: The ability to hold meetings with several participants regardless of their location.

Using IP telephony, you can optimize business processes. Building a corporate IP network has already become a common practice, and this approach makes it possible to make communications inside and outside the company more effective. IP telephony at the enterprise opens up a lot of new possibilities – you can combine all company phones into a single numbering plan, including the numbers of the most remote branches and representative offices. You can conduct audio and video conferencing. You can organize the work of a full-fledged call centre.

How to Connect IP Telephony?

To manage calls and receive an unlimited number of them, it is important to connect a cloud PBX and a virtual multi channel number. The IP telephony provider handles the connection and configuration part of these services in one business day. All work is carried out remotely. In addition, do not forget to connect your phone or any other device that allows you to make and receive calls.

Dedicated IP Phone: This is an ordinary telephone set that requires Internet access. To do this, you need to connect the cable directly to the phone or connect it to a computer, Wi-Fi router or IP gateway.
IP Gateway Phone: If the company uses existing telephones for calls, make sure each of them has a strong connection with an IP gateway. It converts the voice signal to digital, and a regular phone works like an IP phone.
PC or Smartphone with Softphone: To make calls from mobiles, laptop or computer, all you need to do is connect a softphone. You can install it on a PC with a Windows operating system, on mobile – on Android or iOS.

The company’s employees choose the equipment for IP telephony. They can use all types of equipment at the same time. It is important to consider that each phone and computer needs its own dedicated line.

Wrapping Up!

An IP phone converts your voice into a stream of sound files, which further transmits over the Internet. LAN cable connects the IP phones to one of the free LAN ports on the router. If everything handles correctly, the phone will work on a free IP address. Now it remains to activate the web interface in it and register the settings.

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For example, the business phone systems australia is available at all-inclusive prices. Thus, while choosing the business phone system, it is essential to buy it from reputable organizations like Avaya, Plantronics, and others. You will get everything under budget.




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