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Buy a Digital Tassbeeh Counter for a Better Brighter Mental Functioning

Digital Tasbeeh is an electronic apparatus used in Islamic rituals like reading of Quran or recitation of some holy verse. This counter measures the length of the beard by calculating the number of rotations or twists made to the threads. There are different ways to measure the length of the beard. In fact, there are hundreds of ways. Therefore, this counter is also called a digital tasbeeh. By using this instrument you will be able to know the exact measurement of the beard without counting or even thinking about it.

Digital Tasbeeh Counter helps to count your Adhkaar automatically in an easier way by just pressing the trigger whenever you recite or read a certain Zikr. It comes with a protective strap around your hand so you can easily wrap it around your wrist and use it with convenience. The countermeasures your beard by means of threads tied to the beard and by using a digital reading tool. It displays the beard length in two ways – digital clock-wise and digital anti-clockwise.

The main advantage of digital tasbeeh counter is that it helps people to keep their religious rituals in check without much hassle. People do not have to spend time in counting their beard every now and then as they get this device which comes handy in doing the rituals automatically. It is very important to note that this gadget does not need an internet connection.

functions of digital tasbeeh

The main functions of digital tasbeeh counter are – displaying the beard length, reading and writing of recite or dikrs. There is a reset button hidden inside which needs to be pressed in order to turn the counter on. Pressing the reset button will lock the counter with one more button. It means you cannot access it again until you press the red button again.

This kind of counter helps people maintain their fast and regular fasting according to their religion. It enables them to read their holy books, recite their mantras, and write down their mantras for a more convenient way of performing all of these rituals. If you are one of those people who fast regularly and like to keep your fast complete then you must always have this kind of a counter handy at home or office. This device also helps people to easily remember their mantras or prayers every time. It has a button located at the base of its bracket which needs to be pressed in order to turn it on. It works in an easy manner and simply presses the button every time you want to use it.


digital tasbeeh counter helps individuals to memorize

This digital tasbeeh counter helps individuals to memorize their numbers and sequences with ease and in a very simple and easy manner. The best thing about this particular model is that it has a hidden reset button that can be pressed once in order to turn it off. It also has a timer that can be customized according to the user’s needs. The timer helps individuals read their mantra at a stretch with great convenience.

The digital tasbih counter helps individuals to memorize their numbers faster by utilizing their brains. It helps them do a lot of things at a stretch with greater ease and also improves their mental agility and consciousness as well. If you want to know the secret behind this model then you should consult an expert regarding the same. However, if you think this model is just perfect for you then you need to find out the best place from where you can buy one such model online.

However, if you do not have the idea about the particular model then you should consult your friends and relatives who have already bought one for themselves. All this will take place only after you have made sure that the digital tasbeeh counter suits your needs and also enhances your lifestyle. You will be amazed to find out that most of the models available on the online shops are simply excellent. Thus, make use of this opportunity and buy your best friend a tasbeeh to boost his confidence and functionality in the long run.

Digital Tassbehhehra – Features and Advantages

Digital Tasbeeh counter helps you accurately count your Adhkaar with ease by just pressing the counted button whenever you recite or read a specific Zikr. It comes with a built-in strap around the little finger of your right hand to make it even more convenient. When a count is not correct, it counts automatically. The counter also shows you the number of words that are being read and the word that follows it is also being counted. This device is particularly useful for students who wish to memorize their numbers during their class.

Reading text messages while fasting is possible using a digital tasbeeh (tender or vowels), which means a hand-held unit that is similar to a phone. Most of these types of tasbeeh do not have internet access. You can use this only for Dhikr, and not for reading texts. Some people choose this because they use wireless broadband connections on their mobile phones and want to be able to read text messages without using internet facilities. A Dhikr counter without internet access is like a charm for travelers, who may be travelling abroad for a few days or for a few weeks.

buy a digital tasbeeh counter


If you are planning to buy a digital tasbeeh counter and Dhikr counter then you must be aware that there are a few things to consider when purchasing one. First, you should buy a counter that is easy to clean. Some of them come with a built-in cleaning unit which is very difficult to clean. They are generally made of plastic and offer only limited cleaning facility. A plastic tasbeeh counter with a cleaning option is always an excellent choice as they tend to be durable.

Secondly, you should choose a counter that offers accurate measurements. This will ensure that the digital display of the tasbeeh counter is in proper alignment. The most popular measuring techniques are the British and American ones. If you wish to measure your wine in a certain country that uses the metric system, then it is best to purchase a digital counter that is compatible. The measurement of wine can vary depending on the temperature of the country where it is produced.

many digital tasbeeh counters


There are many digital tasbeeh counters that have a reset button that offers two different methods of operation. The first method is where the reset button is located on the front and is easily accessible. You can simply push the button and it will reset the Dhikr to its factory default settings. The other method is where the reset button is located on the back and is not so easy to access. You have to pull out the inner tray that contains the Dhikr counter and push the reset button in order to set the counter back to its factory default setting.

digital tasbeeh

A good digital tasbeeh that is suitable for use with decanting wine also has a locking mechanism that keeps the counter secure. Most digital counters have a lever lock on the front so you don’t have to open the outer case. Once the wine decanter is inside, you can simply slide the lock lever inside and out of its slot. It is very simple and convenient and this feature ensures that your wine bottle remains safe even when you are not using the counter.  Several models available that are equipped with this security device.

There are other decanters that have a special glass stand attached. different models that have this additional feature and this feature can make the digital tasbeeh handy and more stable when it comes to handling hot liquids. The stand glass comes in several styles and sizes and is available in clear or color glass. The stand glass can also come with a built-in digital tasbeeh. Some models have an elegant look and this additional feature adds elegance to the decanter.

You will find digital tasbeeh available in many online stores at affordable prices. If you have decided to purchase one for your home decanter, there are several considerations that need to be kept in mind. When you choose a decanter made of crystal or glass, the choice of stand to match it is also very important. The decanter should be chosen based on the size and style of the stand and on your decor. This will ensure that your digital tasbeeh is always in place.

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