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Buy Suits As Per Body Shapes

Whenx one is choosing any dress, then choosing them according to their body shapes is the most important. Suits are something which can be considered to be a traditional Indian wear and there are many varieties when it comes to this.

One can always buy women suits online and when they look for variations, Anarkali is definitely one of them. And when it comes to Anarkali, one has to be sure about their body shapes before they choose a design from online sites. Otherwise, it may not complement fully the body.

When it comes to identify my body shape, there are 5 basic shapes that mostly one can see. One has to identify that which body shape among those one has and be confident about that before ordering an Anarkali online. Knowing the figure type here is a must.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If one has a slim waist and a heavy bottom then one needs to hide the heavy lower portion of the body. This they can easily do by showing the slimmer waistline. In that case, one needs to but a flared Anarkali suit which can hide the wider bottom and they have a fitted upper portion.

The Diamond Shape Body

This is another body shape where the waist portion is larger than the bust and the hips. In this type of body shape one has narrow shoulders and the breasts are not more than that of medium size. If this is what exactly one’s body shape looks like then one can choose an Anarkali where it is loaded with embellishments in the leg and bust area. Hence the waist area which is wider does not get much attention.

Rectangle and Skinny Body Shape

Here, in this type of body shape the hip and bust are almost of the same size. The body pattern here is absolutely straight and one has smaller breast size and narrow shoulders. In this case one can choose an Anarkali suit which is layered or which comes with a jacket on top of it. This can add some more volume to the figure which is not so curvy.

Pear Shaped Body

When the hips are larger than the busts then this is a pear body shape. Here, one can go for an Anarkali suit which is full of embellishments on the upper portion of it. This can draw more attention to the upper part of the body and take the focus away from the hips.

Hour Glass Body Shape

This is what one says to be a perfect body shape that most women desire for. The hips and the bust are of same size and one also has a prominent waist here. Here, one can go for Anarkali suits which have some top embellishments and they are perfect to draw attention to the bust area.

Apart from Anarkali, there are various women designer suits online available which one can check. Most of them can be worn for any occasion and family events as they look gorgeous.

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