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Buying a New bath with shower screen? Here’s What you Need to Look For

Buying a New bath with shower screen? Here’s What you Need to Look For

A bath with shower screen is an essential element of a modern bathroom. Bathtubs are in use for a long, and almost everyone is familiar with them. It is undoubtedly amongst the most popular and important bathroom utilities in the UK. Although showers have also become very popular in recent times, baths are preferred anticipated for different advantages. Like anything else, baths also have gone through various changes in terms of style, quality, and material over time. Therefore, what we see today is pretty much different from a hundred years ago. Today, we have more variety to choose from than ever before in history. From straight to shower baths and free-standing styles, you have so many options that it becomes difficult for a layman to decide the right option for their home

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about it so you can make an informed decision

Bath with shower screen

Why Bath with Shower Screen?

Before moving any further, we initially require discussing why bath with shower screen is important.

  • It’s no secret why you need a bathtub. But have you ever thought why not a shower since it also does the same to clean our body? The simple answer is that we prefer bath instead of a shower as it offers a more relaxing way to clean ourselves. We can sit in the bathtub sometime and make our bodies relax from stress. 
  • Research reveals that baths have many medical benefits that range from decreased stress levels to relief from body aches and even promoting easier breathing. 
  • In addition to medical benefits, these look beautiful and help in achieving the sort of look that we want to create in the bathroom. 
  • You can fix a glass screen to further enhance its look and utility. There is always the possibility of water splash-outs while bathing. It may even create a bigger problem with a shower bath. So, an easier solution to this problem is to install a shower screen with it.
  • Another benefit is the availability of various models and dimensions, so you can have multiple possibilities with the type of look you want to produce in the bathroom. You have several options to choose from simple acrylic straight baths to free-standing luxurious baths base on your needs and budget. 

Things to Look for While Buying bath with shower screen       

When you plan to buy bath with shower screen then there are certain things that you should keep in mind. The bath shower screen that suits your bathroom will depend heavily on the shape of your bath and the overall look you want to achieve in your space. 

Consider the Style of Bath

As discussed earlier, there are various varieties of baths offered in the market. Therefore, the earliest factor that you wish to consider is the panache that you intend for your bathroom. The styles include straight baths, shower baths which are further offered in different shapes similar to p and l alphabets, etc. In addition to that, there are various shapes of free-standing baths available as well. The straight baths are most popular due to their simple shape and reasonable costs. These can fit along the wall and can help in space-saving. The shower baths on the other hand, offer the dual functionality of using the showerhead on the wider side so you can take a shower as well. 

The free-standing baths are mainly suitable for bigger bathrooms where you can put them at any place. That’s why these usually cost more and consider as luxurious items. So, what’s the style you think is suitable for your bathroom? Consider the obtainable room and decide the one as per your choice. 

The Material of Bath with Shower Screen    

Another important factor to see while creating a purchase of bath with shower screen is the material. The modern baths are offered in various materials. Most of the time, you will find acrylic baths which are durable, lightweight, and economical. However, there are ceramics, and hard plastic baths are also available. If you are buying a straight bath or shower baths, then prefer acrylic baths as these will last longer, easier to fitting and costs less as well. Ceramics, on the other hand, is heavier and expensive. 

At the same time, hard plastic will not last long. In case you are going to buy a free-standing bath, then it will be a good idea to opt for a ceramics tub as it looks luxurious as compared to others. The shower screens are available in glass and plastic materials. The tempered safety glass shower screens are better in terms of durability and utility. 

Provide you with glass for your wet room, shower screens cubicle and bath screens in any color imaginable, glass shower screens are easy to clean and durable. Many finishes can be applied to our glass shower screens in Kent we can even provide curved and Frosted Glass shower screens.

We have a team of experienced fitters who are highly skilled and capable we are happy to take on everything from single glass shower screens in Kent through to larger commercial contracts.

As with all of our glass we can provide glass shower screens in Kent in any color, we will even color match you provide us with the color we will match it.

Because we can produce glass in all colors, this gives you the flexibility to choose what type of finish you desire enabling you to create your dream look.


Consider the Size and Space 

When you have decided on the bath panache and material, another important thing that you will require to explore for is its size and available space in your bathroom. Is it the first time you are going to install a bathtub? or it’s just a replacement? If it is the first time, then you may need new pipework for water and drainage as well. So, it may cost you more. If you have a small bathroom, then installing it along the wall and corners can be the best spot. The straight and shower baths need a wall along with them. 

However, for extra-large bathrooms, you can place a free-standing bath anywhere you want. You must, however, need to look for suitable sizes. The average straight bath in UK is usually 1700mm. There are larger and smaller versions are available too. You may decide about it depending on the available space and your budget. 

There is one simple solution. Invest in a bath shower screen. We’ve put together a guide for everything you need to know about bath shower screens, so you can kiss goodbye to moldy shower curtains and give your bathroom a cheeky upgrade.

Shop Bath with Shower Screen from Royal Bathrooms UK     

In this article, we have discussed important things to look for before buying bath with shower screen. It can be concluded that bathtubs are preferred due to their multifaced benefits over shower.  And you will need to think about their shape, material, size, and place of installation before making a purchase. At Royal Bathrooms, we have a complete range of bathtubs available at lower prices as compared to the market. You can visit our website for more details. 

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