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Buying from Alibaba to Amazon FBA

Alibaba to Amazon FBA

Alibaba and Amazon FBA are almost inextricably linked. If Amazon is the place to shop for consumers, Alibaba is the place to shop for retailers. 

For more than two decades, wholesale suppliers such as Alibaba have assisted Amazon FBA sellers in meeting the demands of their customers. 

What is the procedure for Alibaba into Amazon FBA work? Although buying directly from Alibaba as well as selling through Amazon might sound easy but there are a lot of tricks you should know to complete it effectively.

In this article, you’ll be able to learn about both models in detail, along with helpful techniques and tips you can employ for the FBA seller to ensure that your business’s cycle is safe and secure. It is also profitable.

Let’s start.

What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon is the biggest marketplace for shopping online. Amazon FBA is a product that is provided by Amazon that offers packaging, storage, and assistance with shipping for sellers to complete their orders.

As the most well-known online retailer with outlets across the globe, Amazon can store products in its warehouses across the globe and has dedicated staff members who find, select, and pack and ship items to customers’ addresses.

What FBA Means for Consumers

It is much easier to trust a platform than to trust a seller who is not known since the platform has examined the product’s conditions before delivering the items.

FBA is a type of assurance that Amazon has approved the product. However, the burden of proof remains with the seller that is listed against the products listed on Amazon’s website.

This seal of FBA provides Amazon customers the assurance that the product is secure to purchase and will be delivered on time without delay because Amazon itself handles these items.

In the image, The product is being sold through an independent retailer but is delivered via Amazon. This is an illustration for Amazon FBA.

What FBA Means for Sellers

In FBA sellers are required to ship their goods through Amazon fulfillment centers by Amazon’s guidelines. Amazon labels the items according to its standard operating procedures and then stores the products at its fulfillment centers.

Amazon also has a monthly storage charge for its sellers according to their usage of space, which is typically by cubic feet.

It also charges a fulfillment cost per unit that varies according to the items.

What Is Alibaba?

Alibaba is the biggest Chinese B2B marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers. Suppliers on Alibaba are generally comfortable selling their products through wholesale models.

This means they are selling their products in huge quantities. This is the reason why the products sold by Alibaba are sold with a minimum quantity of orders (MOQs).

This motivates customers with larger discounts. Although the discount per item might seem low it can have a significant impact on the total order value.

A retailer or reseller is already looking to purchase greater quantities.

It’s a win-win for both suppliers and buyers on Alibaba. The buyers can purchase products for sale at low prices, while suppliers succeed in selling their products.

There are a lot of Chinese vendors on Alibaba along with hosting companies from other nations.

The Connection Between Alibaba and Amazon FBA.

You must already be aware of the relationship with Alibaba as well as Amazon FBA. 

Sellers on FBA get their goods from Alibaba and sell them on Amazon.

Many of the sellers on Amazon do not offer their products. They get their items from one source and then sell the items on Amazon. This is why they are referred to as retailers.

In this scenario the vendors of Amazon FBA source products from Alibaba. There are two choices.

  • Purchase from Alibaba and then ship the items to Amazon.
  • For example, you can ask Alibaba suppliers to ship the goods direct to Amazon.

In both instances, the FBA sellers purchase the items through Alibaba in advance and then ship the items to Amazon warehouses before they receive the order for those items.

Also, the Amazon FBA is different from Amazon Dropshipping.

Things to Know Before Buying on Alibaba and Selling on Amazon

Before you embark on the thrilling process of purchasing at Alibaba and selling through Amazon FBA, there are certain things you must be aware of.

These are the things you must be aware of before purchasing on Alibaba in the form of FBA. We have outlined these points using questions to make them easier for you to understand.

Are purchases made from Alibaba Scam?

Alibaba is a collection of companies. It also owns other businesses that are reputed, such as AliExpress and 1688.

In 1999, as an exclusive wholesale platform, it has grown in popularity and trust from its customers.

Numerous businesses around the globe have profited from Alibaba because of its product high-quality and reasonable cost.

But are you able to trust everything you can find on Alibaba? While Alibaba is safe and legitimate, however, it is important to assess shopping.

Alibaba is a legally-registered business that is legal in China and has an ISIN. It is called Alibaba Group Holding Ltd on the stock market in the world.

Its website is protected by an SSL certificate. Your transactions are safe as long as you’re using Alibaba. Alibaba platform.

It also claims to safeguard your data. But do you have the confidence to believe in its products? You need to be aware of this.

The majority of the suppliers that are reputable on Alibaba are trustworthy and safe to purchase from. As we mentioned earlier you’ve added security and protection with Alibaba as a platform.

However, you must be extremely cautious when dealing with suppliers on Alibaba. These are the guidelines concerning the suppliers listed on Alibaba.

Alibaba provides its suppliers with three kinds.
  • Trade Assurance Suppliers
  • Verified Suppliers
  • <=1 hr Response Time Suppliers

If you are searching for an item on Alibaba there are many filters to the left of the screen. These filters include the product results. These filters also cover the types of suppliers that are available that are listed on Alibaba.

You can select the kind of supplier you would like your items to be purchased from.

If you’re looking for secure transactions You can choose Trade Assurance. Trade Assurance suppliers at Alibaba. These companies have proven to have an impressive performance during a specific period.

This is the reason Alibaba offers a guarantee to customers to protect them from these suppliers. Alibaba guarantees that customers will be protected for both the products and services they purchase from Alibaba.

The next step for suppliers is “Verified Suppliers”. These are suppliers who are verified in the context of the services and products that they offer on Alibaba.

You can also purchase through “<1 hr Response Time” suppliers on Alibaba however, you must be aware when dealing with these suppliers.

You can evaluate a provider by using these easy suggestions.

  • Contact them to find out whether they are the best FBA suppliers. FBA.
  • Ask about their experiences regarding Amazon FBA.
  • Request reviews and references.
  • Explore their history and stats on Alibaba displayed on the right part of the screen. This is the page for products of Alibaba.

What Types of Products Is Alibaba Good For?

Alibaba offers millions of items. From household items and industrial machinery, one can purchase anything on Alibaba.

Are all the products suitable to purchase from Alibaba? Let’s analyze.

There isn’t a perfect solution to the question. Alibaba is an excellent way to make decent profit margins since you can purchase products at a low cost and sell them at higher prices.

However, you must be aware of the quality of the products purchased from Alibaba. You can also purchase an iPhone through Alibaba but, as with all purchases, it is important to confirm the authenticity of the item.

To do that, you’ll need to find suppliers. If you be confident in a supplier, then you can also trust his product.

Here are the types of items that are generating high numbers of sales on Alibaba:
  • Electronic and mobile accessories
  • Personal care and beauty
  • Home Improvement
  • Survival and outdoor
  • Pet accessories
  • Clothing and clothing


Sellers cannot expect to succeed solely by importing wholesale the same products that competitors sell on Amazon. They should look for something one-of-a-kind that can be privately labeled and that fills a gap or a need that people want to buy.

Sellers will be able to drill down to an item (or multiple items) that makes sense to source via Alibaba after conducting extensive competitor and product analysis.

When planning to sell on Amazon after receiving an item from Alibaba, merchants can collaborate with their suppliers to ensure that it is packaged properly for Amazon, avoiding double work. If a product meets their sourcing criteria, sellers can determine if it is a good fit for their company.

For example, a specific seller may be looking for items that are light and easy to transport, that they know the market for, that fills a gap or a niche product need, and that can be sourced at a low cost and resold at a high profit.

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