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Buying Guide for Portable Dance Pole

Buying Guide for Portable Dance Pole

Once you start the pole dancing class, then you will have to buy a portable dance poleIt is quite tricky to purchase the pole, especially if you are a first-timer. A bunch of questions may arise in your mind. However, if you do not get the right pole, you cannot practice smoothly at home.

The immense options of pink dance poles create confusion. Thus, buyers do not purchase the right kind of portable bars. So a buying guide is fruitful. With the help of a buying guide, you can choose the ideal pole. Here is a list of some factors that a buyer can consider.

  • Kinds of the portable dance poles

The portable dance poles are divided into three major options. These are:

  • Freestanding pole including the strong base
  • A pole which keeps in place with the durable ceiling mount
  • A pole which stands in the place with the pressure

You will have to choose one pole among these options.

  • About the size of the pole

Poles are available in three diameters. These include 50mm, 40mm, and 45mm. If you are in a dilemma of size, then you can prefer the 45mm. The poles of 45mm are used in the pole dance competition. In addition, for the masses who have small grips, they can go for 40mm.

The reason for choosing the 40mm pole is that they can feel comfortable when gripping. If you are learning the more challenging moves, the 40mm pole is worthy. This is because it is easy to grip.

  • Type- Spinning or static?

The poles are available in two different types, such as spinning and static. A static pole is an ideal option for the beginner. These kinds of poles are fixed and do not rotate. On the other hand, the spinning poles have the feature of both rotating and fixed.

It means the spinning pole can act as the static pole. With the help of spinning poles, you can perform the advanced moves.

  • Finishing is essential 

Think about whether you have any allergy to any material. This is because some people have an allergy to chrome, while some have an allergy to brass. You can try the pole on both kinds of materials. After that, observe whether you have red rashes on your skin.

People who have dry skin can prefer the chrome material. On the other hand, those who have oily skin can opt for the brass option. Although chrome does not absorb the moisture, brass does.

In the end, these are the essential things that are helpful for you in buying the best fit2flaunt pole. Make sure that you purchase the pole as per your comfort.

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