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Cambridge city taxis

Cambridge Airport is one of our most popular destinations. Thousands of travellers travelling from or to Cambridge airport for a holiday transition or business travel use our Cambridge city taxis every year. Because of the number of drivers we’ve found within a quarter-hour of Airport transfers Cambridge, we might be aware of your urgent needs.

Booking your Cambridge city taxis

With our on-line reservation facility where affordable prices for all destinations in the UK can be found, you can pre-book your Cambridge cabs. Simply enter the small print of your Cambridge Airport transfers and choose a car. That will populate a quick quote based on your passenger number and baggage specifications. Proceed with the booking until you’re satisfied, and you’ll be able to see the fine print of your taxi booking right away. On your reservation day, when the time of your reservation is coming. You will watch your driver to give you tranquilly. We recognize that there isn’t a reservation online for everyone and certain people want to talk to someone better! If you want to speak to one of our staff. Call us at 442089253849. Everyone will gladly request your reservation and provide you with a confirmation e-mail.

Quality Chauffeur Services

Each of our drivers are licenced to the OPC and have been checked on their positions as chauffeurs through their medical and criminal history. Until working with us, we will be interviewed in detail and each driver will have to subscribe to the highest expectations our customers have known. Be confident, you are travelling in safe hands with Tikla vehicles, with almost 30 years of chauffeur service experience.

The Service you can expect

Customer care is at the heart of our business at Tikla car. You expect us to customize our service to meet your needs while reserving with us. These are the options that we have for your next Cambridge city taxis reservation:

Confirmations email – you’re going to get a complete booking confirmation. This not only provides the reservation information, but also a guide to your driver throughout the day. Thanks to your reservation, you are ready to see and be ready to call. Don’t think about distracting them – it’s always a ghost line that puts you in tune with your car. Your call will be made to the office if they’re with another passenger.

Complete meeting and greeting: our driver’s flight will track and get near. Airport parking on the arrival of your flights and meeting you on our designated air terminal meeting spot. Upon arrival, the name, phone number, car licenced numbers and a painting will provide you with a text message where they are expected. The benefit of the meeting and welcome service is just the parking fee imposed by Cambridge Airport Taxi.

Business travel and VIP transfers

Business travellers and VIP transfers are at the heart of our business. Any customer receives a high quality of service comparable. If you like to make sure your booking includes a certain kind of car. There are plenty of choices for you, including our Mercedes S-Class and Mercedes MPVs V-Class. Our fleet page gives you complete details for your selection. We also give a service to VIP visitors, in which the motor force will contact you to know your ETA.

Free parking – since all city taxi bookings in Cambridge have now increased to £7.00 for drop-off. For those passengers who do not want to pay this fee, we promise to leave or devour passengers free of charge at the Short stay Blue parking lot. Parking is only available for half an hour inside the Blue Zone, but if we pick you up at Stansted. We will wait for you from the arrivals hall and go to the Blue parking lot. As can be seen frequently in this picture from the Google Maps, the average time from the arrival hall to the parking lot Blue is 8 minutes.

Connecting flights

Many passengers are flying to a special airport using airport transfers to Cambridge. To pass you on to your airline, we have reasonable rates. Here are a few examples of our prices for airports. Efficient taxi service with almost no concerns. It is also the only solution when you are on time, and without more waiting time, at your destination.

When you book a taxi to cambridge you need a flight. To ensure a rapid departure to your destination, we suggest that you book our meeting and greeting service.

Flight Schedule Changes

Fluges are like infants – the planned time is never reached! That is why, if you book with us, we will always invite your flight info. We will search your flight for specifics of the arrival time right from the beginning of the day. You will be assured even either your flight is early, late or on schedule. When you arrive, we’re going to know you and meet you on time. Like a 60-90 minute flight, when you fly short-haul. It’s an honest idea to simply call or contact us.

Check for their customer service:

Important steps to address their customer support programmes should be taken. You have to expect immediate answers here. It doesn’t allow you to be in a lost mind state. Even if your taxi appear to have some trouble reserving online. Then, contacting the counselling providers would be the only way. If you can get the right and trusted taxi service out from it. You can expect to seek live help. So you have to be in a position to ensure that you are taking the right moves. You can find it easy for you on the only taxi service.

You will push the right one by making the right selection. High-performance of cambridge city taxis services run in particular by the taxi service. You must also make sure you have all the right input material. This is for their customers’ good. Often this allows in most ways to make the right decision. Taxi service with just efficiency and almost no worries. Therefore it will be the only option if you reached your destination on time and even without further waiting time.

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