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Camel Ride Dubai

UAE Tourist Attractions - camel Ride, Dune Bashing, Sand Boarding

Camel riding in Dubai is the best way to experience the true real charm of this part of the globe. Not only does it have the most amazing scenery and the best beaches, but it also has the most magnificent company of people. The city that never sleeps has a lot to offer to those who are in search of adventure, excitement and camaraderie.

How to ride on a Camel

Camel rides are a great way to discover this and much more. The Best camel Ride Dubai Packages will leave you with a wonderful experience. If you have not tried camel riding yet in Dubai, you should give it a try. camel riding in Dubai is a unique and memorable experience that you will never forget. There are many companies here offering camel riding in Dubai, but there are few that have the expertise and knowledge to offer you the best service.

The Best camel Ride Dubai Packages would include guides who know their way through the desert, the dune bazaars, and all the other adventure playgrounds. You will be taken around various terrains and will have a chance to go through some historical sites. The company will take you on some of the most popular tourist spots in Dubai, which include:The World, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Dune Bazaar, Dubai Festival City and Dubai Creek.

The guide will also take you through the city of Dubai, which includes: Al Boom, Dubai Creek, Dubai Mall, Satwa Hotel and Deira. This makes for an ultimate camel ride and adventure holiday. The guides can tell you about some of the most popular camel rides in the world. They will lead you to some of the most popular destinations such as Egypt, the Hoover Dam, Mount Everest, The Amazon, The Grand Canyon, The Sahara, and many others.

The Introduction

The experience of a camel ride through the desert on a golden sand can never be duplicated. You will see the dunes like you never before. The moment you reach the summit of the dunes the adrenaline rush and feeling will be indescribable. The guides will provide you with a safety briefing before the ride. The golden sand will feel good on your skin and your eyes will be totally refreshed. The safety briefing will not only include the tips and tricks for a safe and satisfying camel ride, but also the importance of the camel driver, the weather conditions, local laws, and the local language. The guide will inform you about the best ways to avoid any mishaps or accidents while on the camel.

This is very important especially if this is your first time going on a camel ride. The camel ride takes you through a desert area that has different terrains including dune bashing, sand boarding, rock climbing, hiking and walking in the sand. Each of these activities can be enjoyed individually or together as a group. Desert terrors are best experienced together with the other participants. This is because everyone knows that desert terrors can turn fatal very quickly if care is not taken during the adventure.

Things to Know

A common mistake is to try to handle the camel alone without first taking care of oneself. Dune Bashing is a sport that is more popular among adventure seekers. This adventure activity takes place in the dunes of the Al Dhabi region. Sand boarding is a popular tourist activity that tourists can participate in during their Dubai camel ride tour. Sand boarding involves persons climbing over the large sand dunes.

The person charges a fee for this activity. The charge depends on the difficulty of the climb. Rock climbing is a popular sport in the Al-Gabel Street district of Dubai. This sport involves climbing steep rocks in small wadi pools. This sport will definitely test your endurance and skills as you go up a rocky mountain. However, Dubai camel ride packages take everyone through the desert life.


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