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Camel Ride in Morning Desert Safari in Dubai 2021

If you are looking for an ultimate adventure on a sheer cliffside or surrounded by endless rugged deserts, then “Morning Desert Safari” is what you have been looking out for. It is truly a journey to remember. This tour offers you the most exhilarating rush of adrenaline while taking pleasure in a wide variety of activities. The incredible rush of air, a touch of nature, and a wild experience of sheer cliffs and rocky mountains will sweep you away in a state of complete bliss. Book your adventure holiday and get ready to have a blast on a magnificent ride across the unique desert landscapes.

The spectacular Arabian Desert of Dubai is famous for its Morning Desert Safari. The famous Sharjah dunes are located just beside the coast of Jumeirah. The natural beauty of the dunes attracts many outdoor lovers and honeymooners. The best time to visit Sharjah is between June to September. This is when the dunes open entirely, and the flowers start to bloom.

For your morning desert safari to live up to its name, you must try the Sharjah Gold Palm Golf and Spa Hotel. It is set in a beautiful location and is the home of world-famous golfer Tiger Woods. Sharjah Gold Palm has four indoor pools, an outdoor swimming pool, and a restaurant with a great dune view. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast each day. Guests can request soft drinks at the reception, but they are not allowed inside the hotel premises.

Another exciting experience in Dubai is Desert Adventure and Wildlife Park. This park is the only one in the city. Here, you can enjoy fun activities such as zip-lining, golfing, biking, hiking, and horse riding. The overnight facility allows you to stay overnight and then choose either a single day or two-day stay. Guests can also request evening amenities, but they are not permitted inside the hotel premises. This is an excellent place for families, especially kids.

The Sharjah Gold Palm Golf and Spa Hotel are the perfect places to have your morning desert safari in Dubai. Here, you can experience the true essence of Sharjah’s Arabic culture. The hotel features several facilities that allow you to experience Sharjah’s cultural heritage fully. The hotel offers several fun activities such as Arabian horses, a traditional folk dance, the chance to participate in an outdoor game of skill, and even an indoor golf course.

You can take a good look at the vast deserts of Sharjah during your morning desert safari tour in Dubai. The tour starts from the Al Hajar Mountains. It takes you through Al Gabel, Al Hajar, Al Satka, Al Ubaidah, Al Thulaikha, and Al Hajar to Al Zafar’s village. You will then head towards the Sharjah Gold Palm and experience the people’s ancient Arabic culture here. This will allow you to take pictures and learn about the history of the Sharjah community.

You can also take part in a camel safari in the early morning with some of the best camel tours and travel companies in Dubai. A typical camel safari trip takes you through the desert to the grazing lands of the Shekhawati tribesmen. You will pass Al Gabel and Al Hajar’s traditional villages and then move on towards the Al Zafar oasis. The journey takes you through the terrain of Satwa with water tanks and camps.

The Al Hajar Mountains are home to the highest peaks in the Arabian deserts, the Shekhawati tribesmen’s ancestral domains. The morning desert safari Dubai will take you into the Ghaglan Desert. The desert terrain of Al Hajar becomes interesting when you approach it from the Al Gabel River. From here, you can see the camel farming communities of Al Gabel. These are some of the best places to enjoy the early morning drive in Dubai with all the splendid sights that one would like to see. Suppose you want to experience a completely new and different desert safari in Dubai with an Arabian desert tour. In that case, you can check out and book the best Dubai desert safari.

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