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Camel Trekking Dubai

camel Trekking Dubai - Enjoy the Best camel Safari in the World

Camel trekking in Dubai

Camel trekking in Dubai can be done easily with so many wonderful destinations to visit. Dubai is an amazing place and in the desert it s also the best part to see. If you are a nature lover and you love to enjoy the adventure of trekking in the wild then it is time that you visited the Dubai Desert. Here you will find many wonderful places to see and do. This is one of the very exciting ways to travel through the desert. You can go on visit to Dubai to witness the beauty of the dune bashing.

The Dubai camel safari takes you on a journey on camels in the desert. You will be able to enjoy the desert land while seeing the beauty of nature at the same time. On your camel trekking Dubai you can visit various places which are known for their attraction. This includes the al-Gabel, the Wadi Rum, the Naïf Jeloud, the Karama, the Burhmand and the Madinat. Among these places the Naïf Jeloud is the place of beauty, which is known for being the place of holy worship by Islam. It is also known as the Cave of the Two Sunned Birds.

How to do Adventure in Desert

If you have never had a camel trekking Dubai safari then you must try it yourself. camel trekking in Dubai gives you an experience of life in the desert. This will leave you completely amazed. If you go on a camel ride in the desert, you will get an opportunity to see some rare species of birds. And you can also enjoy a walk along the river Gudaim. You can also make a camel trekking Dubai tour a family outing. And Also can take the kids with you on the trip and they will love the desert safari in Dubai.

You can have a comfortable journey on the Ruedeen route or on the highway that runs from Dammam to Satwa. After reaching Satwa you can have a delicious dinner on the desert plateau. If you plan to make camel trekking Dubai a family outing for your children then you can have a special day planned for the trip. The trip can be organized on a suitable day and the sightseeing can be started after lunch.

Some Other Activities in Camel Trekking Dubai

On the way you will pass through Al Hajar Mountains where you can have a cool desert lunch and then start trekking through the beautiful desert. When you reach the Al Hajar Mountains you will be able to find many holiday villas that are on offer. The adventurous camper can choose to camp out in one of the many camps or he can climb the sand dunes and go through the desert on camels.

On reaching Satwa you will find a large empty field where you can stay overnight. At the end of the day you will be able to set off with your camels towards Al Hajar Mountains. Camel trekking in Dubai will give you an opportunity to view the beautiful desert.

About Desert

The cool climate and the abundance of wildlife will fascinate you. The sight of endangered wildlife will fill you with excitement. On your camel trekking Dubai visit you will come across many desert reserves where you can see different species of camels and other desert animals like zebra, ibis, wildebeests etc. The Desert Safari Dubai gives you an opportunity to experience the real essence of desert.


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