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Can Junk Food Help Bodybuilders In Bulking? [The Ultimate Guide]

How many articles have you seen with a title like “Best Muscle-Building Food” or“5 of the Best Muscle-Building Foods For Bulking”

Broadly speaking You can find them everywhere! Interestingly enough, there are exactly the same foods in all of these articles.

 We need a change. It’s too boring!

It is true that these foods are great for gaining muscle or losing fat. The problem is that we have heard about these kinds of foods many times before!

From a young age, these foods have been ingrained in our minds as a way to get jacked or get shredded. This isn’t something we need to be told every week.

That’s here, we will discuss Can Junk Food Help Bodybuilders to pack on the muscle and get jacked!

We will present you with a few alternative foods that the majority of people will view as “junk foods”, but thinking in such a black and white manner is what hinders you from building lots of muscle.

Shock and horror indeed!

Can Junk Food Help Bodybuilders? It’s possible to Build Muscle with Junk Food. The best part is that these foods all taste great!

But Firstly, Do Bodybuilders Eat Junk Food for building muscle?

Can Junk Food Help Bodybuilders?

In order to gain weight and build muscle, you have to consume more calories than you burn This means you have to consume more energy than you burn every day.

Your daily calorie intake will provide you with this energy. The body doesn’t place a high priority on building muscle. It’s pretty content to remain the same.

We need to force it to grow muscle. Strength training is one of the ways we do this.

But You can ensure that you gain muscle by being in a calorie surplus for a sustained period of time.

In addition to giving your body nutrients to grow, eating in a calorie surplus keeps muscle build hormones such as testosterone at an optimal level.

In the weight room, you will have more energy and performance levels, which will allow you to lift heavy weights and grow.

5 Best Junk Food For Building Muscle

On this blog, we will tell you about 5 Fast Food For Bulking people will normally avoid.

However, they pack quite a punch when it comes to calorie count per serving. All can help you gain muscle and get ripped.

Just to mention before moving on to Can Junk Food Help Bodybuilders, we are firm believers in and proponents of the 80/20 rule by SJ Fitness.

In other words, 80% of your diet should consist of good, whole foods.

Taking this approach will ensure you are consuming adequate amounts of micronutrients. As well as aiding satiety levels, energy, and mood, it also helps with weight loss.

You can combine 20% of the foods you really enjoy with the remaining 80%. It is possible to reach your calorie targets through these types of foods, especially if you wish to gain muscle!

Therefore, we bring you the following list of 5 Junk Foods That Will Help You Gain Muscle And Get Ripped.

#1.Chocolate Milk

Post-workout drinks containing chocolate milk are becoming more and more popular.

Hydrolyzed whey with 10 grams of fast-acting BCAAs, who needs that? Simply pick up a carton of cheap chocolate milk and drink it up.

In addition to the great carb to protein ratio, hefty amounts of B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D are also present.

This chocolate beverage is cheap and tasty, which makes it the perfect recovery drink for us to get jacked up. How can you not love that?

#2. Bagels

The low-cost, low-calorie, high-fiber bagels are one of the Best Foods For Muscle Building that we rely on. If I am trying to add some muscle, these are some of the foods I throw in my trolley. The reason?

Well, They are clearly a winner for pure convenience and taste. They don’t require much preparation time.

All it takes is a few minutes in the toaster, some peanut butter, and you have yourself a dream meal. It is surprising how much protein is in bagels.

The average bagel contains about 13g of protein!

Make sure you put bagels on your shopping list right now if they are not on there already. They are the perfect muscle-building food if there ever was one.

#3. Pizza

There’s nothing better than a few slices of pizza on a Friday night! Right??

Furthermore, you can customize the toppings on your pizza to match your current training goals.

Are you trying to reduce your carb intake?

Choose a thin crust pizza. Want to reduce the fat in your pizza?

Perhaps ask for low-fat mozzarella instead. Interested in higher protein content for your pizza? Now, you can have all kinds of rich protein toppings on a pizza.

When you follow the 3 tips above with Pizza For Building Muscle you can probably have pizza more than once a week,

#4. Subway

Fast food doesn’t mean you can’t get big and healthy?

You can enjoy Subway as a great alternative if you are watching your food intake and calories. Not only are they alternatives, but some of their alternatives can greatly assist you in your muscle-building goals.

You can eat a bunch of calories while getting a lot of protein at the same time. Depending on your goals and calorie target, you can again adjust and customize this.

Although it is not a promotion for Subway, if you’re out and about and looking for muscle-building foods, Subway is a good choice.

#5. Burgers

Are you familiar with one of the most efficient and time-saving ways to consume more calories?

Increase the percentage of calories that you get from fat. Remember, The calorie content of fat is the highest of all macronutrients.

Of course, we are not talking about eating the whole tub of coconut oil. That would taste horrible and be stupid! There is no better way to eat calories than by eating a juicy burger.

The best part about burgers is that they provide you with a lot of calories as well as a decent amount of protein.

Finally coming to the end of this blog we have something more to guide us through our conclusion.

In Closing

The above is a list of five Bodybuilding Junk Food That Help You Gain Muscle.

One of the main things holding back from getting jacked was my obsession with eating “clean” all the time. Because of this mindset, it becomes extremely hard for some to consume enough calories to put on muscle and become strong.

To put it simply, It is under eating!

It completely slips from people’s’s minds that the number one priority is to be in a calorie surplus and to adjust the diet to ensure receiving enough calories to support muscle growth.

Due to your constant obsession with only eating “clean” foods, It can be difficult staying within your calorie targets…

It’s time to let go of the notion that all foods are bad or good. In some way or another, all foods help you reach your goal.

Muscle building and getting ripped are the goals here. For this, you need calories!

The proper consumption of foods like those listed above can help ensure the body receives enough calories to build muscle. Get your food now and stop reading!

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