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Cell phone parts & Phone lcd parts can be ordered online.

Cell phone parts & Phone lcd parts can be ordered online.

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  • And I personally do not then I think you’ll be completely happy with the camera abilities with the Moto G stylus. but let’s now take a look at some video samples.
  • hi everyone this is Kevin here coming at you with a test video from the Moto G stylus using the front-facing camera at 1080p at 30 frames per second.
  • so let me know what you think of the quality of the device it is kind of getting closer to the Sun going down.
  •  I think I still have about an hour just to kind of give you an idea of the time of day.
  • but yeah definitely know what you think of the quality overall and hopefully,
  • Do you think it’s good hi everyone this is Kevin here coming at you with a test video from the? 
  • Moto G stylus using the action cam so this is the wide-angle action cam on the device
  • so let me know what you think of the quality this is of course using the dedicated ultra-wide-angle camera.
  • but you can only use it for video and there is no close-up autofocus that’s for sure but not a problem
  • let me know what you think of the stabilization as well and the colors another thing. I want to mention it too.
  • just because I know some people will ask call quality with the  Cell phone parts is completely fine things worked? very well with Cricket Wireless for me so I had no problems with that so is the Moto G stylus worth buying what are the reasons to buy it and what are some reasons to avoid it first thing.

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 Cell phone parts & Phone lcd parts can be ordered online.
Cell phone parts & Phone LCD parts can be ordered online.
  • if you want a phone with a stylus that is affordable this is pretty much the best option out there. I did do a video comparing the Moto G stylus to the LG stylo 5. it’s hardly a comparison the G stylus is so much better than the stylo 5. and I’ll let that video explain all of that so the stylus is one reason to get.
  • this phone another reason to get this phone is that it does work with all four major US carriers whereas there are other unlocked phones that only work with GSM carriers so that compatibility is really cool another thing I like about the phone is the form factor it’s a very practical Cell phone repair parts and the way that it’s designed another thing. What I like about it is the performance the Qualcomm Snapdragon 6:65 is a beast it definitely it’s the job done I like that the processor gives us the ability to do things like record 4k video that’s really cool well. and you are gonna get very good battery life with this phone.

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I also like that we’re getting a lot of storage at 128 gigs and the camera quality with the device is very good as well. now as far as the things. I don’t like I do not like that we don’t get face to unlock. where is that feature Samsung phone parts come on all your competitors offer face unlock? why do you not offer that with this phone feature? I’m not a big fan of is the lack of having the ability to take ultra-wide-angle photos. we have an ultra-wide-angle camera on the device.

so why can’t we use it to take photos that are a feature that galaxy 851, for example, has that works extremely well?

so marula is kind of behind some of the competition by having an ultra-wide-angle camera on this device that only takes video?

but those are really the main downsides with the phone I suppose the lack of an AMOLED display is another downside.

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but overall I’m pretty happy with this display I don’t think it’s really gonna bother anyone out there in the real world.

so would I recommend the  Cell phone parts yes I would recommend it?  know what you’re getting into you be well aware of those downsides about the device before purchasing it? but if you’re aware of those downsides and they don’t bother you then I would say this phone is definitely a good choice to go with.

so I hope you enjoyed this review about the Moto G stylus. let me know what you think about the device in the comment section below.  then take a look at the link in the video description to see the most up-to-date pricing for the phone. but this is Kevin here this is the Moto G stylus and I will see you in the next video

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And it is an excellent phone for watching video content overall now this phone is awesome for Instagram so everything Scrolls very smoothly. 

you can zoom in nice and smoothly as well you can of course swipe over you can record stories so I’m recording a story right now with the Moto G stylus so a super loud mic with this phone.  and by the way,

I’m actually using the Samsung Galaxy a 51 to record this video.  so let me know what you think of the quality yeah basically this phone is really good for social media. 

you can go through your various stories and see what’s going on so you know to check out all your favorite influencers and your friends of course so it’s an excellent device for social media.

But let’s now get into the part that you’ve all been waiting for the photo and video quality so I’ve been very  Cell phone parts with the photo.  video quality from the device. 

now I will show you some video samples right after this. I’ll let you be the judge for that but overall.  I am satisfied with the quality but the device also offers some really interesting camera features so,

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for example, they have this feature where you can pick a certain color, and the other colors will be black.  and white so that’s kind of an artsy different type of feature.

they’re kind of cool another feature is you can have the device replace everything in the background with a solid color now I’ve done this before through Photoshop

And it takes me a while to do this kind of thing and the device will do it.

for you automatically which is really sweet close-up photos are really cool as well since like I mentioned before the device will automatically switch over to the macro camera.

so that’s really good too maybe the only situation where the  Cell phone parts do seem to struggle a little bit is with photos taken. 

at night now the phone does have a special night mode and I did try that out here and you can see this is a photo without the night mode. 

and this is a photo with the night mode I took one and then the other immediately after

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