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Challenges to study MBBS from China

Factors effecting studying MBBS from China

There are many factors affect while studying medicine abroad. These factors or you can say challenges can form a barrier to completing the graduation with ease. Indian students find it little bit difficult to study MBBS from China. So let’s what are these points which you have to remember before planning to go abroad for education. For more information Visit the Website.


Every year, a large number of medical student choose to study MBBS from countries like, Nepal, China, Russia, Georgia, UK, etc. And in these countries either people spoke English or their native language as a medium of communication. It is overwhelming for a lot of students especially for Indian students to shift from an Indian language. They will find it hard to understand the accent of the native students and professors while in the class.

The use of words and phrases may have different means and terms in different countries. So far students also have to pass the English proficiency test like TOEFL, IELTS, etc., before getting admission in the foreign universities, it is not each to match as they use to speak their speaking tone and style.

The Cultural

When students shift from their native land it hard for them to easily adjust with new lifestyle, habits, relationships and even food habits as is completely different from their home country. Most of western countries are very westernize in terms of dressing sense, their work schedule and their food and lifestyle. So, it’s quite bothering for the students to adjust and concentrate on studies. Usually if you have noticed peoples are very frank and friendly in nature and they love to do work enjoyment.

Financial barrier

Although it only cost anything between 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs for the medical course only. But their Living expenses, accommodation, other expenses, accessories required during studies, travelling cost and all are very expensive for an average class family. Not only this much you may require a laptop, smart phones and other utilities while studying in foreign land. In addition you have to safe a minimum amount in case of emergency.


It is one of the major factor which effects every student who want to study in abroad. It is common to all those who shift from their native land to another country for any purpose. And you will notice this a month after when you use to stay in that new region. At that point of time you will think about your past time that you have spent at home with your family and friends and indirectly it will make you nostalgic leading to homesickness. Sometimes just because of homesickness you may not achieve desirable results as you expected.

The way of Learning

In India learning through lecture is highly adopted in most of institutions. On the other hand, in foreign countries, they use to focus on practical and theoretical knowledge both. So it become harder for the students to grab concept easily, they face a lot of challenges regarding learning and teaching techniques.

Our Expectations regarding new institutions

However if we talk about Indian learning system so it is solely based up on theoretical studies and thus it is easy to get high grades for studious students. In contrary western education is based on both practical as well as theoretical so it’s become quite difficult for the students to get high grades and it led depression or discouragement. Moreover, speaking pattern and new environment also become a big factor to study smoothly in foreign countries.

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