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Check out Rental Home Decor Ideas!

Home Decor Ideas

Many people dream of having their own home, thinking about the characteristics of the place and even the decoration of each environment. But, while this dream is still not possible to be fulfilled, living in rent is a reality. Check out 6 rental home decor ideas!

The problem is that with all the clauses in the contract about the tenant’s duties, we are left behind on what can and cannot be done when it comes to revamping the look of the home, right?

With that in mind, here are 6 rental home decor tips. You’ll find that with a few simple suggestions and paying attention to detail, getting your own way is easier than you think. And best of all: without breaking any of the items that the owner imposes. Follow up!

1. Make the walls Different:

Most real estate contracts require a painting when it comes to an end, this means that when you enter the house, you receive it freshly painted, so you must deliver it in the same way. So don’t be afraid to give the walls a new face and modify them.

Invest in a different painting such as geometric walls, play with different shades of color between one environment and another, create a gradient, bet on a more organic pattern you like, or even invent a fun print. You will find that a simple coat of paint produces an amazing result!

An important caveat is that light colors are easier to cover later, while darker ones require several coats.

2. Use adhesive Hooks:

Decor isn’t complete if you don’t have some hanging art, is it? In addition to making the environments prettier, they can also convey emotions and make everything much more cozy and inviting. However, if you’re not allowed to drill through walls, don’t despair, use sticky hooks!

There are a multitude of them on the market, each with its characteristics and indications for each thing. That way, you can put that beautiful painting on the living room wall, display family photos, make a clothesline with postcards and other affectionate pieces or even have a composition of dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation. The atmosphere in the house is great! Gift for Home Decor

Just pay attention to the weight of the item to be hung and the maximum capacity of each hook, so you don’t run any risk of accidents.

3. Replace Fixtures:

Lighting is also a very important point in any space — and the decoration of a rented house could not be different. Instead of getting stuck with already installed lamps and light fixtures, change them to suit your personality and remember the layering rule as well.

This rule is to think of lighting as a waterfall. The first layer should be general lighting, which is usually the ceiling lamp. The second should be specific to some task like a floor lamp near a reading chair. The third should be one that highlights certain points of architecture or decoration, such as directional spots.

It is noteworthy that, to promote concentration and productivity, the ideal are white colored lamps, but if your intention is to create a relaxing room, yellow ones are indicated.

4. Build a mini Garden:

Bringing nature into the home is that kind of attitude that only generates benefits, you know? This is because plants purify the air, bring more energy to the space and also make it much more beautiful, providing a better quality of life and well-being.

To build a mini garden, you can have several species of plants and flowers planted in pots of different heights and in different positions. A good idea is to use brackets to hang some of them, using macrame. It’s a charm! Also invest in small statues, to add that extra touch and take everything to another level.

Just remember to evaluate your routine before buying any seedling out there, after all, each plant needs a frequency of watering and other specific care. Tips to detect pipe in wall

5. Have curtains and Rugs:

There’s nothing worse than arriving in a rented house and finding several defects in the floors or walls near the windows, is there? But while fixing these malfunctions is synonymous with reform, having curtains and rugs can help change this scenario.

Roll out rugs not only to make everything more comfortable, but also to cover up these little imperfections. The same goes for curtains, use them with length beyond the windows and also get rid of these flaws. You will feel much better and have a super stylish environment!

Don’t forget, however, to invest in non-slip mats, otherwise you or someone else could slip and get hurt.

6. Customize the Cabinets:

Does the house already have all the kitchen cabinets? Excellent! Do they have an ugly surface and don’t match your style at all? No problem either, do you know why? Because they can be easily customized!

Before you think you’ll have to make a decor that doesn’t match your style at all because of the cabinets, remember the adhesive vinyls. They are nothing more than a kind of “contact paper” of superior quality — and equally simple to apply. This way you can store your utensils with much more personality.

A tip is to apply them with a little foam and a small squeegee, this way you get a surface less prone to bubbles and a perfect finish.

All these ideas are temporary, cheap and very easy to implement. So, don’t stick to the same thing and have a home that looks more like a vacation camp. Remember that regardless of whether it is rented, this is the place you live and it needs to meet your needs and expectations.

We hope that now you are not afraid to look after the decoration of a rented house and feel much more at ease. If you liked it and still want other tips on how to make spaces even more beautiful, visit our page about decoration! We have products you will love!

Arrangement of Vases:

One idea is to arrange vases of different colors and models on a charming piece of furniture you have at home. To create a harmonious look, choose pieces of similar sizes, as in the photo. Plants can be of different species but have a similar shape.

Plants in the Bathroom:

To make the bathroom feel like a spa and bring more sense of well-being, bet on plants. Here, small pots with foliage were scattered on shelves and even over the toilet bowl.

Jungle in the Room:

The plants in the bedroom help to create an even more relaxing mood. In this proposal, they create a particular jungle, but without exaggeration. Larger pots on the floor, smaller ones on the desk and plants hanging from the walls and window make up the scene.

Green in the Home Office:

Including plants in the home office helps with concentration and reduces anxiety. In this environment, they are on all sides, from the floor, hanging from the ceiling and on supports.

Shelves with Vases:

If you have an empty wall lying around, how about installing some shelves? In this idea, the wooden sheets were installed in an unaligned way, creating an interesting visual effect. Afterwards, it’s just a matter of choosing the vases.

Urban jungle shelf:

One way to include plants in the decoration is to support the vases on the shelf. Enjoy and choose species that grow outstanding, so you create an interesting look in the environment. If you have a pet at home, as in this photo, be careful with the species that get shorter because some are harmful to animals.

Tea cart becomes a Gardener:

The tea cart is a versatile piece that can be used in various environments in the house. And you can also become a gardener, like this idea in the photo above. If the furniture is on wheels, it becomes even more practical because you can move it to a place with better lighting.

Nature in the Kitchen:

The kitchen can gain a more inviting atmosphere if you include some plants. In this environment, the idea of ​​creating a vegetable garden at home is also worthwhile, which, in addition to well-being, will ensure fresh spices always at hand.

Combine Several Species:

In this composition, the idea was to use several very different species in a corner of the house. From the floor to the highest part of the wall, plants of different shapes create a charming and relaxing space.

Green laboratory:

If you have a lot of space in your house, how about setting up a special corner for the plants? In this space, you can still devote yourself to gardening, maintaining the pots, creating new seedlings and other botanical experiments that you want to do.

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