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Christmas Gifts for Men 2020: 11 Essential Items Men Always Want To Receive

Giving gifts to men can be a bit more complicated than you think. Their wants are either too cheap or too expensive, too vague or too specific. Nothing in between. One time they only need a cheap, unbranded razor then the next thing you know is they’re asking for a PS5 console. Sometimes they want a simple white tee but sometimes they’d bug you for a specific design of a pair of Nike. 

If you’re still unsure what to give your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, or guy friend this Christmas, going for essentials is your best bet. Skip the expensive men’s designer clothes and jewelry or overpriced gadgets that depreciate every year. Check out their hobbies, interests, and daily routine, and think of the things they’d normally need. 

1. Timeless menswear

Whether your recipient is into fashion and style or not, giving him clothes is always a good idea. Does he have a signature style you can base from? If not, you can always go for timeless pieces of clothing that are suitable for his lifestyle. 

Stick to menswear in solid colors and minimal patterns. Pick neutral hues such as white, black, gray, khaki, tan, olive, and navy. Give him simple shirts, button-downs, polo shirts, jumpers or knit sweaters, denim jeans, leather racer jackets, blazers, or cardigans. 

Tip: if he’s not part of your household and you’re not sure about his size, the safest bet is to buy something refundable so you can easily replace the item should you get the wrong size. 

2. A new pair of shoes

I’ve never met a guy who doesn’t like shoes. Regardless of age and style preference, a new pair is guaranteed to make someone’s day. You just need to be familiar with his foot size, as well as the type of shoes he usually uses. When in doubt, give him classic sneakers, trainers, and loafers. 

3. Undergarments and socks 

If you’re not sure about your recipient’s fashion taste, you can give him something he’ll surely use: undergarments. White tees, tank tops, briefs, boxers, and socks — these are essential items men always use but rarely replace. 

4. Grooming kit + skincare

Give him a kit with everything he needs to look and feel good. The kit should have a high-quality electric razor, comb, pomade or wax, nourishing beard oil, and other beard grooming tools. Don’t forget skin care items, like face wash, moisturizing creams, and exfoliating scrubs. 

5. Sleek gadget accessories

While you can’t always afford a new phone, camera, or computer, you can make your tech-savvy recipient happy with sleek accessories for his gadgets. These include charging pads, wireless, Bluetooth accessories like mouse, speakers, keyboard, and earphones, personalized AirPods case, smartphone sanitizers, and sleek bags and cases. 

6. Pet essentials 

We can all agree – owning a pet can drain one’s bank account… but it’s worth it. If your recipient has a pet, he’ll appreciate anything that would benefit both his pets and his wallet. These include pet grooming essentials, litter boxes, and pet food. 

7. Plants and gardening tools

If you’re a plant dad, there’s no such thing as “I’ve got too many plants at home.” There’ll always be room for new ones. If your recipient is into gardening, you can give him new plants for his collection. It can be small potted ones, big indoor plants, dwarf trees, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. He’ll also love to receive gardening essentials, like soil and potting mixes, new pots and planters, and outdoor furniture. 

8. Coffee brewing kit 

So your recipient is a coffee lover and a homebrewer? He’ll definitely want to receive something that will make her coffee breaks easier and tastier. If he’s a busy dude, perhaps he’ll love to have a fully automatic espresso machine at home. If he’s a hobbyist, see if anything is lacking in his coffee-making arsenal (french press, Moka pot, high-quality coffee grinder, espresso machine, V60, Aeropress, etc). You can even give him a set if he’s just starting. When in doubt, just give him a fresh stock of high-quality coffee beans, syrups, and unique mugs. 

9. Storage units for his collections

If your recipient collects something, you can support his hobby while keeping his space tidy by giving him storage units. These include sleek and stylish racks and shelves for storing and displaying his stuff. 

10. Kitchen appliances he doesn’t have

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Make him extra happy this Christmas by giving him portable cooking appliances he’s always wanted. These include air fryers, waffle makers, high-quality pots and pans, and food processors. While they’re not the cheapest gift option, they’re extremely useful and practical. 

11. Everyday items with unusual and quirky designs 

If you’re running out of gift ideas, you can give him everyday items with unexpected designs that are related to his hobby or his humor. For example, you can give him a mug or tumbler but go for the ones that look like a camera lens or something with gaming-related patterns. Buy him boxer shorts that resemble superman’s crotch. Or punch up his all-neutral wardrobe with clothes with subtle cat patterns. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a savvy writer for Northern Menswear, an online streetwear fashion website for men, delivering clothing and footwear products from top UK brands. She loves sharing tips about fashion and lifestyle for trendy gents. 

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