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Classic Birthday Cakes with a Twist

In a year, there are a lot of birthdays that give you an opportunity to eat a cake. Due to the existence of online bakeries, many people prefer to make birthday cake delivery right at their doorstep. However, the happiness to bake a cake for your beloved one on his/her birthday is greater than every happiness in the world. In some families, there is a tradition of cutting two cakes, one from the bakery and one home-baked. Another tradition is to have utterly delicious cakes. Now, when you make online cake deliveries, you get those creamy and moist cakes in appealing designs. But, at home, you have to satiate yourself with plain cakes. Not any more, as we are sharing some tips on how to turn your basic cake into something more desirable with these title twists and turns. 


  1. Canned Cherries Cake: Bake a basic vanilla sponge cake as you do regularly in any shape. Round-cakes are quite popular, but it’s the square or heart-shape cakes that are something unique to the eyes. Now, how to turn it into a delicious one: 
  • Top the cake with canned cherries in red, green, and yellow colour. 
  • Take a paper strip and write Happy Birthday on it. Paste the trip on two toothpicks. 
  • Now, insert the toothpick into the cake. This DIY will serve as your cake topper. 
  • In the middle, have a sparkling birthday candle. 


  1. Cream and Gems Cake: For a child’s birthday, gems are the happy ingredient. Kids love to eat colourful gems; hence using them to decorate their cake is the sure way to guarantee sweet smiles on their faces. 
  • Bake 5-6 cake layers. 
  • Cut out a round hole from the centre of 2-3 cake layers. Use a round cutter or round utensil
  • First, place the uncut layer, spread the frosting and on top of it place the uncut layer. Spread the frosting over this as well. Repeat the process with other cut and uncut layers. 
  • Fill gems in the round hole you have created and close it with a cut layer. 
  • Coat the entire cake with whipped cream and top it with colourful gems. 
  • As your kid cuts the cake, the gems will flow out, giving him/her a fun-filled and sweet surprise. 


  1. Chocolate Cake: There is an undeniable love for chocolate cakes. On Birthdays, we wish to eat chocolate cake and no other flavour. The name itself is drooling, and you can make it an incessant drooling by baking it with this twist. 
  • Bake a moist and spongy chocolate cake.
  • Coat the top layer of chocolate cake with Hershey’s chocolate syrup or chocolate frosting.
  • Add one layer of finely crushed Oreos, and a few chunks of Kitkat chocolate, white chocolate, and other chocolate pieces. 
  • The end result would be heavenly! 


  1. Colourful Fruit Cake: Healthy cake that will get your digestive juices flowing. An ideal choice for the summer birthday party as it is the season of berries and melons. You can go with a cream or without cream for this cake. 
  • Make two-three layers of cake in different colours with fruit purees. You can use strawberry puree, orange puree, lemon puree, blueberry puree or any other fruit. 
  • Assemble the cake layers with cream frosting and also cover the entire cake with whipped cream. Use vanilla icing for the cake. 
  • Add slices of fruits on the top. You can use the same fruits you used to make puree for the layers. 
  • Arrange the fruits in a circular pattern or just cover the cake with it. 


  1. Coffee Mocha Cake: Coffee cakes are best to be served with evening tea or are perfect for the mocha lovers. Let them eat a cake in their favourite flavour and make their mornings and evening refreshing. 
  • Add a tablespoon of instant coffee powder in the batter for authentic taste and aroma
  • Let the cake cool down and dust coffee powder on top. 
  • You can also coat the top layer in coffee cream frosting and use walnuts to garnish the cake. 

Turn any classic cake into a delicious one by using these simple twists. You would need only a handful of ingredients for it. In case you are not satisfied with the result, you can always make online cake delivery in Surat.

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