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Common Air Conditioner Problems You Must Know About

If you have ac at home or are planning on getting one installed, there are a few important things that you must keep in mind. The first and most crucial being that you should always call a professional air conditioner installation company so that you can get your ac fixed and working perfectly.

However, a lot of people tend to forget that once the ac is fixed it is their responsibility that they maintain it properly. And for that, they must be aware of some of the common air conditioner problems that a lot of other users face. By doing so, they can try to avoid these problems in the long run as much as possible.

In case you want to learn what these problems are, check out the below-given points:

  • Refrigerant Leaks

One of the common air conditioner problems faced by many people is low refrigerant or refrigerant leaks. The refrigerant in your ac is meant to clear out the heat and humidity from the air inside the room where it is installed. If your refrigerant is leaking then it may not be able to perform its job very effectively and simply replacing the refrigerant is not the solution for this problem. In case of a refrigerant leak, do not try to repair it yourself and always call an expert technician for the same.

  • Uncleaned Condenser Coil

An AC’s condenser coil is on its outdoor unit whose function is to get rid of the heat from the inside air. Since it is outside, the condenser easily catches dirt and grime from the atmosphere, especially if you live in an urban area. The heavier the layer of dirt is, the tougher it gets for the ac unit to expel the heat. That is why any good electrical contractor in Oahu would suggest you to clean the condenser coil at least once a year.

  • Thermostat Problem

It might not be the biggest problem of all but sure can prove troublesome. Sometimes what happens is we forget to check the thermostat settings and the ac takes up the wrong instructions. The setting of your thermostat may not be correct because of either directly being exposed to the sun or the thermostat being broken. So whenever you are using your ac, keep this point in your mind too.

  • Warm Air Leaking In

For those of you who have a window ac, the problem of warm air leaking in or cold air leaking out may occur. To avoid this from happening, check the seals around the window. To be double-sure, you can reseal the window using weather stripping if you want. Although most of the new AC units available in the market come with insulation panels that keep the cool air in during the hot summers and out in winters.


The above-mentioned points are just a few of the main things that could deny 100 percent efficiency for your AC. Your job is to keep the ac maintained and prevent any sort of malfunction. But if you are looking for a professional ac repair service in Oahu, then you can reach out to Sun Electric & AC Services LLC.

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