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Common Mental Problems That Children Can Have

Mental health isn’t as simple and easy to understand as physical and physiological health. You might be able to diagnose why your child is burning up or having stomach pain.

Mental health isn’t as simple and easy to understand as physical and physiological health. You might be able to diagnose why your child is burning up or having stomach pain. But you might not be able to tell what kind of speech disorder or behavioural disorder is affecting them.

Regardless of whether or not you understand, the fact remains that you want your children healthy, mentally or otherwise. For this, you’ll go to any lengths, right? Although the answer is obviously yes, let’s just understand that you only need to consider going to the best psychologist in Dubai.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent mental disorders and learning disabilities that children can have:

Mental Disorders

Mental disorders or psychological problems such as anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, etc. are common among children.

Anxiety Disorder

The general feeling of anxiety is different from anxiety disorder due to its perpetuating and persisting nature. Feeling threatened, dread and incompetent while thinking of the future or present situations is common in patients of anxiety disorders. Children suffering from anxiety are reluctant to engage in social and group activities. They can experience difficulties in interacting with others while always remaining in self-doubt.


Depression is mostly misunderstood to be a phase that’ll pass. However, persisting and severe cases of depression or dysthymia (persistent depressive disorder), is something you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s a serious problem that can affect the overall life quality of an individual.

While there’s no definite cause to blame and no permanent cure to rely on, the treatment seems to be the only viable option. Consistent and regular sessions with trained therapists are essential in increasing the chances of the child feeling better enough to live a better life.  


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a prevailing condition that affects many children. The most common symptoms of ADHD include difficulty in focusing or concentrating on anything particular. Moreover, the child also exhibits symptoms of being hyperactive but due to the lack of focus, it’s difficult to accomplish and complete tasks and goals. Similarly, the disorder also causes children to have trouble controlling their impulses and instincts.

Like depression and anxiety, there is no single cause that can be blamed for ADHD. Behaviour therapy, medications, accommodations at schools are viable options for families who have trouble going through ADHD problems.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are the problems children face in the processing of information. These can range from speech therapy Dubai, reading difficulties, writing problems, etc. Some learning disabilities render affected individuals unable to understand directions and even simple math problems.

Some of the most common learning disabilities include:


Dyslexia is a disorder that makes it difficult for children to understand and process language. Persistent problems with comprehension of grammar and reading difficulties along with troubles with expression are symptoms of dyslexia.


Dyspraxia is a disorder that affects a child’s motor skills. Inability to tie shoelaces, walk without bumping into things, holding things still, etc. are common symptoms of dyspraxia. It can also cause intense sensitivity to light, touch, smell and taste in addition to eye movement problems.  


People with dysgraphia have trouble writing and spelling out the words they’re thinking of. Also accompanying this is the problem of not being able to jot down their thoughts. Having bad writing, spelling errors, etc. are symptoms of dysgraphia.


This is a condition that makes it difficult for children to count numbers or recognize them. With the passing of age, the disorder can take other forms and present problems with even the simplest of math problems. Not being able to answer simple math questions and memorizing multiplication tables are common symptoms.

While these are just some of the many disorders and disabilities children can have, unfortunately, there are many more. Regardless of what the problem is, it’s essential that they get immediate help. For that, you need to keep in touch with a psychologist. A troubled marriage or frequent fights at home is also a contributing factor behind a child’s behavioral issues. It also impacts their mental health. Getting the parents to go for couples therapy dubai could make all the difference in the change of environment.

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