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Comparison of ActiveCampaign vs Plezi

Are you looking for a marketing automation solution but don’t know where to turn given a large number of offers available on the market? In order to guide you towards the best choice, OnlineMediaTrend (OMT) has produced a comparison of two tools for you: ActiveCampaign vs Plezi.

ActiveCampaign is a Chicago-based company.  It combines marketing automation and CRM functionalities and is aimed at VSEs and SMEs.

Plezi is a 100% France made tool intended for start-ups and SMEs who want to easily and quickly administer their content and take their first steps in lead nurturing.

This comparison of these two marketing automation software is based on 4 main criteria: user experience, functionalities, integration of external tools and prices. Let’s go!

Interface optimization for UX

The UX aspect is more than ever a determining criterion for the users of a marketing automation tool: ergonomics, handling, design …

ActiveCampaign softwere does not require purely technical knowledge to be used. Your teams will have no difficulty in getting to grips with it. And will appreciate its extensive library which includes hundreds of predefined models. The only downside that could slow down non-English speakers: it is only available in English.

The Plezi offers regular updates that improve the functionality and speed of the tool. Plezi offers a clear and intuitive interface with a clean design and modern colours for a pleasant user experience. This provides many templates, whether for creating an email or creating a landing page. And also Plezi stands out for its ergonomics which makes everyday use easy and accessible to everyone.

The functionalities of marketing automation software

In order to find the tool that best suits your needs, OMT lists the different functionalities of ActiveCampaign and Plezi.

ActiveCampaign, the American-style CRM

On the ActiveCampaign side, there are many features such as:

  • the design of e-mails ultra facilitated by the action of drag and drop,
  • tracking of site information,
  • the tracking of contacts and their different actions,
  • the possibility of scoring and tags by contact,
  • several workflows dedicated to automation,
  • A/B testing to find out which is the most efficient solution,
  • a help centre to consult in the event of a problem,
  • several comprehensive reports and analyzes to assess the results of your campaigns,
  • a powerful integrated CRM tool,
  • design for a pleasant use of the tool on all devices,
  • sending marketing SMS,
  • personalization of audiences for better targeting.

In short, ActiveCampaign stands out with its two-in-one solution that offers both CRM and marketing automation functionality. Its development based on machine learning makes it a cutting-edge tool, in particular thanks to its messaging and chatbot. On the price side, if you have few contacts to manage then this softwere is available at handsome price. Otherwise, the budget can quickly skyrocket.

Plezi: a powerful and comprehensive tool

In terms of functionality, Plezi has nothing to envy its American competitor. This marketing automation software is more oriented towards the content aspect. It is, therefore, more suitable for companies focused on content marketing.

Among the main features of Plezi are:

  • the easier management of content,
  • e-mailing,
  • the creation and monitoring of smart campaigns,
  • dynamic and intelligent forms appreciated by Internet users,
  • the creation of landing pages,
  • the possibility of scoring and tags by contact,
  • the animation of social networks,
  • the creation of sponsored links,
  • CTA button for better conversion,
  • lead management,
  • the programming and send automated newsletters,
  • CRM integration,
  • of custom workflows,
  • precise monitoring of advertising campaigns,
  • analysis of data collected on your content, emails, channels, conversion, etc.

Plezi makes it easy to set up custom scenarios and workflows that are seemingly complex. Plezi’s goal? Make accessible to all the deployment of intelligent campaigns that offer interesting and configurable lead nurturing.

Plezi main assets? The automatic sending of relevant content to your prospects according to their profile and their expectations. Quick visualization of the performance of your campaigns, reactive support foolproof and available in one click, many tutorials, videos and advice of course.

Integration of marketing automation tools with external tools

Do you already use or plan to use additional tools to marketing automation software and want to know the possibilities of coupling with Active Campaign and Plezi? OMT answers you.

The possibilities of connected applications with ActiveCampaign

The ActiveCampaign software offers many possibilities for integrating different applications: e-commerce, social networks, database, analysis, payment, forms, etc.

We find the most used software  such as Shopify, Salesforce, WordPress, Zapier, Woocommerce, Pipedrive, JotForm or Unbounce.

Visit the ActiveCampaign website to discover all the free or paid applications you can use!

Applications available with Plezi

With Plezi, you also have a wide variety of applications to connect and sync for ease of use and optimal information gathering.

At the CRM level, you can use Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, C4C or even Pipedrive. With the two-way integration the information collected on your leads is synchronized on both sides.

Via Zapier, the Plezi tool can be connected with GoToWebinar, Slack, Sumo, Eventbrite, Google tools, Intercom and many more. Find the complete list of applications available on Plezi. co.

Prices: different formulas adapted to your needs

To meet your needs as closely as possible, the two software programs ActiveCampaign and Plezi offer several offers.

The formulas available at ActiveCampaign

Do you have less than 1,000 contacts to manage? You have the choice between 4 different formulas with more or less advanced functionalities: Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise. On the price side, packages are between 29$ to 279$ per month.

If you have between 1,000 and 5,000 contacts to manage, ActiveCampaign also offers 4 adapted packages, but at higher prices. Count between 99$ and 449$ each month.

Plezi formulas

At Plezi,, you have the choice between 3 levels of formulas:

  • The Stark starts from 299$ / month up to a limit of 1,000 contacts;
  • And Iron package is 499$ / month within the limit of 5,000 contacts;
  • Company, price on request for a tailor-made offer based on your needs.

In short: Comparison of ActiveCampaign VS Plezi


interface and manoeuvrability:

• Simple to handle, Template library only in English


• Emails, Site tracking, Scoring, Workflows, A/B Testing, Integrated CRM tool, Responsive design, SMS marketing, Tradition audiences


Includes campaigns that were sent to one or more listings, and automation emails sent to at least one contact do not include individual emails.


• The Price is $ 29 to $ 79 per month for 1,000 contacts. And  $ 99 to $ 499 per month fo 1,000 to 5,000 contacts


interface and manoeuvrability:

• UX updated regularly, Simplified handling, Library of email templates, landing page


• Marketing automation, Social media, Counting, Lead nurturing, Landing page creation, Call-to-action, Emailing, Workflow, Smart campaigns, Custom audiences, Tracking of website and blog visits


• Pre-configured and customizable reporting tool, Data export.


Stark: 299 $, Iron: 499 $, Enterprise: on request

OMT opinion on these two marketing automation software

Regarding ActiveCampaign, we especially value the dual use of the tool, both for the CRM part and for marketing automation. If you have few contacts, the prices turn out to be interesting which makes it suitable software for an SME which is just starting out in marketing automation. It is important to point out that this tool is not only available in the English version.

By the way, it definitely wins the award for the best intuitive user interface. Especially for the needs of SMBs and midcaps, Plezi is full of features and responsive technical support.

What we liked most: the smart campaign feature that allows your marketing teams to easily implement lead nurturing actions. Plezi’s price positioning makes this very comprehensive tool the best quality / price ratio on the current market.

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