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Complete Checklist for Beautifully Executed Eyelash Extensions

Irrespective of your profession, it is crucial to proofread your work before submitting it to the concerned authority or individual. This is when you can find mistakes and eradicate them. The same applies to lash artists. The job is not done when the classic lashes are in place. Every eyelash extensions professional must make it a point to spend additional time inspecting the tiniest details and assessing every aspect of the procedure. Some may take a few seconds while others may need in-depth evaluation. 

Never end a lash extension appointment by just brushing out the extensions with a pair of tweezers. Glancing through the inner and outer corner of the eye will not need more than a few minutes. But, assessing the bonding strength or clumps will require additional time, effort and a keen eye for detail. When you are practising to gain certification, the evaluator assesses you and gives suggestions and comments. This helps lash artists to critically evaluate their work. This helps when you independently start taking clients. You can sanction your work and learn from the mistakes.

In this blog we are sharing with you a checklist to obtain perfectly executed eyelash extensions.

Control patches – 

This is being mentioned right at the beginning of the checklist because if not cautious about it, it can have detrimental effects on your client. Hence, this is the one check that needs to be carried out throughout the lash extension appointment. Do not forget about this. Make it a point to set an alarm after every 20 minutes as a reminder to check the position of the eye pads. It is your job to make sure your client’s eyes are closed at all times and to control the patches.  This is one mistake whose consequences cannot be reversed as the client’s eyes will be exposed to the harmful fumes. Therefore, keep checking at regular intervals without fail. 

Eliminate any clumps – 

It is quite established that clumping is one of the most dangerous mistakes in eyelash extensions. Even the tiniest clump can cause pain and itching leading to inflammation of the follicle. A single clump can repel your client from the idea of getting lash extensions which we do not want. 

This guide will assist you in avoiding clumps and find one that perhaps you would not notice. 

  • It is better not to attach as many lash extensions as to wrap up your appointment without the final glance. Spare some extra time to do so. 
  • The average checking time for both eyes is approximately 8-10 minutes depending on the number of eyelash extensions used. Classic lashes with fewer extensions may take less time. But no less than 7 minutes. If it takes less time, you miss out on something. 
  • It is easy to spot larger clumps. The problem arises with 1-3 mm offshoots that get glued to the lash bed. The problem arises with 1-3 mm offshoots that get glued to the lash bed. Check out Paris Lash Academy to learn more.  These can be tricky to look for. You can start by looking not in the central portion of the eyelash, but between them by directing the lashes not only parallel to the eyelid but also upwards. With relatively smaller tolerance, clumping is next to impossible to find. 
  • As per the given data, 80% clumping is found between the rows. Now how do you check for this? The best way to do so is to insert the tweezer and start separating the top bottom and middle rows. This is to be done after the corner of the eyes is checked. 

If you follow these steps you will be at the top of your eyelash extension game.

The bonding power of the extensions – 

What is the one thing no client would appreciate? Coming back with a fallen eyelash extension within a week. Hence, checking all the lashes, every single one of them is very crucial. Once you have done this, you need not bother if your client is performing the aftercare religiously as you are certain there won’t be retention. Speaking of which, retention is a hot topic within the industry. The blame for this is pushed onto the glues used for lash extensions. The glue may or may not be the culprit. Several other reasons may cause the bonding to suffer.

The following may also contribute to retention – 

  • Starting the lash application without complete make-up removal.
  • Not using a lash primer
  • Incorrectly placed eye pads
  • Stale lash glue
  • Unsuitable environmental conditions (humidity)
  • Irregular or no aftercare

Besides checking after your appointment, make it a point to consider all the other factors that increase the chances of retention. 

Checking the fullness – 

While you are at it looking for clumps and bonding strength, a pro tip to make your client’s lash extensions look fuller is to check for any missed natural lashes and get them lashed up too. This will make the extension appear natural and dense at the same time. When you are working on applying for the lash extension on the natural lashes, give it a while to set. Meanwhile, you can look through the opposite side of the eyelid. This will save you an ample amount of time to re-check your work as this technique eliminates the possibility of having clumpy lashes. Don’t forget the inner and outer corners and see if your work looks complete. 

Look for and control detachments – 

How do you check from where your lash extensions tend to detach, sideways or at the bottom? All you do is slowly and gently lift every lash attached and look sideways to examine your work. This way you will notice gaps if any. If you find one, go ahead and replace them with new ones. 

Accurate distance from the lash line – 

It is timed to look for the distance between the lash extensions and the lash line. At this stage when the eyelash extensions are attached, the gap is easily visible. We would ask for special attention in two areas, one the bottom layer and the second the corner of the eyes. In both these places, the distance from the lash line is larger as compared to other areas. 

If the gap is too little, the extensions will keep stabbing in your client’s eye causing them irritation and premature falling off of the extensions. If they are too far apart, the overall look of the extension set will turn out messy. In the case where you notice a large or small gap, take the time out to remove the lashes and place them in the right place. 

Choose eyelash extensions based on the natural lash growth phase – 

Bear in mind the client’s natural lash cycle phase before popping extensions. This will allow you to choose the correct eyelash extension length for the particular growth phase. 

Use the most appropriate style of eyelash extensions best suited to the client’s eye shape – 

The best tip to style eyelash extensions or obtain perfectly executed eyelash extensions is to offer your client lash extension style options that suit their eye shape. 

Conclusion – 

Our lash experts are all set to give you the best set of classic lashes. Alongside knowing the perfect techniques to make you feel confident and look like a boss lady, Wisp lashes expert lash artists also take care of your eyes by preventing any hazards. So why wait any longer to treat yourself. Google “eyelash extension near me” if you live around Knoxville. Wisp Lashes experts are looking forward to pampering you.      

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