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Complete Guide on Hypno Gastric Band

Hypno gastric band is a new type of non-surgical procedure used to help patients lose weight without surgery. The procedure uses hypnosis to encourage a person to lose weight. During the first session, the patient is asked to go into a deep relaxation state and make the subconscious believe that they will be getting a Hypno gastric band. This technique helps the patient reduce cravings and improves self-esteem. It is also a great way to help you lose weight without having to go under the knife or undergo a costly operation.

The Hypno Gastric Band program involves 6 sessions. The sessions are usually scheduled eight weeks apart, with a follow-up consultation 16 weeks after the main therapy to monitor the progress of weight loss and adjust the Gastric Band. Before starting the program, the patient should visit a clinic for a free initial consultation, which will help them understand whether the program is right for them. The therapist will perform a hypnotherapy session on the patient to discover what food means to them and how this can be changed in order to help them lose weight.

What are the Results

In a hypno-gastric band session, the patient will experience similar results to a traditional gastric band procedure. However, they will be able to control their eating habits and create a new mindset. This method is effective for those with obesity who are afraid of surgery or have health risks associated with the procedure. Besides, it costs less than a tenth of the price of a surgical gastric band.

A Hypno Gastric Band session works by training the unconscious mind to accept less food. Using a deep relaxation technique, a hypno-gastric band patient can be convinced that they are full. Despite being a non-surgical procedure, Hypno Gastric Band is still a very effective way to lose weight. It is a safe, effective, and fast method of losing weight.

Total Sessions

The Hypno Gastric Band treatment has been used with great success in Australia, the UK, Canada and the US. It is a non-invasive solution for people having a BMI of 25 or more. During the hypno gastric band therapy sessions, patients are usually awake and alert. The hypnotherapist will use a tape recorder to make the patient feel more relaxed. This tape will be played after each session.

The Hypno Gastric Band therapy process involves four sessions. The first three sessions are scheduled once a week for the first month, after a month’s break. Between sessions, therapist gives a recording to patient to listen to. This is a crucial part of the therapy, as the therapist will put the patient into a deep state of relaxation. This will allow the therapist to work with the patient on their eating habits.


The first step of gastric band hypnosis is a deep relaxation protocol. The goal of this protocol is to get the patient to relax, so that they will not tempt to eat more than they need. The hypnotherapist will use a technique known as visualization to help the patient become more alert and less hungry. This process does not involve any medications or surgery. The therapist will not be aware of the client’s weight loss goals.

The Hypno Gastric Band Therapy process involves four sessions. The first three are schedule weekly, and the fourth is an off-site session. In between the sessions, patients must listen to the recording to maintain the benefits of the therapy. The hypnotherapist will put the patient into a deep state of relaxation, and will make suggestions about how to eat healthier. This will lead to significant weight loss and a smaller stomach size.

Advantages of Hypno gastric band

Hypno gastric band is a safe and effective alternative to a traditional gastric band. Unlike traditional gastric bands, the Hypno method is safe and effective for reducing weight. The therapist will help the patient gain the confidence and control over their eating habits. In addition to achieving the desired weight loss, it has other advantages. It is also a great option for people who worry about surgery.

The Hypno gastric band procedure is the most popular method of weight loss due to its numerous benefits. The main advantage of this treatment is that it is painless, and the patient will not need to go through the discomfort of surgery. The process is simple, and the patient will experience a new mindset that will help them control their eating habits. People who are afraid of surgery may benefit from this treatment because they will no longer be concerned about possible scarring or side effects of the procedure.

Weight loss

Hypno-Gastric Band treatment is a noninvasive, step-by-step process. The first session is a consultation with a hypnotherapist to assess the patient’s health. The next session is a general Trance state. The hypnotherapist teaches the patient about food and how they have change after the gastric band was place. The third session follows up on the results, which is usually between two and three pounds a week.

The Hypno-Gastric Band procedure typically requires four sessions. Some people have experienced weight loss with the first session, but the results can vary. The goal is to reduce the weight by 2 pounds to three pounds a week. Compared to the surgery, the Hypno-Gastric bands are also much safer and involve no risks. There is no need to undergo anesthesia or undergo other complications. The procedure is not a quick fix, however.

Safe Process

A hypno gastric band procedure is safe and effective, with many patients reporting weight loss from the first session. While the procedure can be very dangerous for some, it is far safer than a real gastric band procedure. There are no complications or anesthetic side effects. The process is also more cost-effective, too. Most people can afford a hypno gastric band. A doctor can perform the entire procedure in one session, or several.

Although its procedures are safe and effective, they are not always suitable for everyone. Some people may not be ready for the surgical procedure, while others are not ready to undergo the procedure because they fear the side effects of it. In general, it is the best way to discuss this with a hypnotherapist before going under the knife. In addition to avoiding complications, it also is safer than undergoing gastric band surgery.

As Compared to Surgery

While the Hypno gastric band procedure may not be suitable for everyone, it is safe and effective compared to a surgical band. The cost of this treatment is about one-tenth of that of a surgical band. As with all other treatments, it is important to understand the benefits and risks of a Gastric Band before undergoing it. If you are able to undergo a procedure, it is best to talk to a professional who specializes in this procedure.

The Hypno gastric band program is usually conduct over a series of six sessions. The first session will help you to experience the ethos of the gastric band. During the hypno gastric band procedure, you will experience the same benefits as with a surgically implanted band. Moreover, you won’t experience any anaesthetic side effects or complications. Instead, you will feel the effects of the band as soon as you start eating healthy food.


Hypno gastric band therapy involves four sessions. In each session, you will undergo a deep relaxation protocol, which makes you believe that you will get a gastric band. You will also experience fewer food cravings, and your self-esteem will improve. Unlike with surgical procedures, hypno band therapy is a long-term solution to weight loss. With this treatment, you can finally take control of your life.

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