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Consider this Office Moving Checklist before Moving To New Place

It can be transformative for businesses to move offices, whether it is on a larger or smaller scale. However, you have to first get past the prospect of moving itself. 

Office relocation is a major project which you need to plan carefully. You can break this down into several different series of tasks just like any other process. 

We are sharing with you an office move checklist that will allow you to make a smoother and happier transition from one location to another.

6 months before the move

Review the current lease

You need to go through the lease contract before you decide to relocate. Do you have to pay a deposit or a fee if you decide to break your lease early? Is there any property damage that you need to repair such as broken light, chipped wall paint, etc.?

Get quotes 

Do not settle on the first moving company you check out. We suggest you take a look at various office movers before you settle on one. Bette yet uses web applications like EVOM that will link you to high-quality movers, who will match your requirements. All the office movers on EVOM are certified by state so you don’t need to worry about their legitimacy. 

Do you need moving insurance?

You want to make sure that your business does not lose any piece of valuable machinery or equipment when moving. This could halt operations, and even if that does not happen it is always in good sense to make sure you have high coverage on your move. 

Set a budget and a planning team

Have a moving budget that will prevent you from overspending, and also assemble a team that will detail out the tasks of the move. 

3 to 4 months before the move

Notify all the parties

Make reservations with the company for the move, and notify your current landlord. You will have to notify your current property manager to let them know that you are planning on terminating the lease. 

Communicate internally

Notify your employees about the move, and set the expectations you have of them. Let them know how you expect them to help with the move, and/or carry on with their work during the process. Create and share a moving plan with them where you have listed out all the tasks and responsibilities for them. Make sure that you assign leaders to the group, so they can supervise the move. 

Communicate externally

Let your local partners and suppliers know of your move. Figure out how it will affect and share the information on your new location with them so they can contact you. Also, make sure to hire an interior designer for your new office, and order any new furniture that you will be placed in your new office.

2 weeks before the move

Finalize everything with the office movers

Share a detailed list of all your moving requirements, especially if packing and hauling are involved while the office is in running during the move. 

Access tools

Order the keys or access cards for your new office in advance. If you are installing access control security equipment then make sure to get the access cards made in advance. 

IT setup

Make sure that a team is already setting up the internet and phone connection in your new office, along with the PCs that will be in use. Communicate the tasks to the IT professionals within the office immediately. Also, have your employees back up their data as soon as possible. 

The week of moving day

Take a look at your new office, and also send a couple of employees to set up the equipment. Make sure to load up on packing materials, and remind your employees to keep track of their personal items. Also, do review the moving day schedule, about when the office movers will arrive to shift all of the things. 


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