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Corporate Diwali Gifts For Employees & Client

Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts.

Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts. The company must know how to value business relationships.

As the saying goes, “Your network is your wealth.”

And you can build your network just by displaying value, and giving is the most profitable way. There is no better time for this than Diwali.

MELANGE has designed a range of quality silver plated gifts in various categories to make premium gifts affordable. These gift items will prove that you made an effort to find something extraordinary and go beyond the ordinary, thus setting yourself apart from the competition.

Silver plated gift

its basket can not only increase brand loyalty but also add value, recognition and trust from your valued customers. What more does a business need when they can enjoy the presence of loyal customers and build long-term relationships?

There are many gifts that can make suitable Corporate Diwali gifts for both your customers and employees.

Some notable:

Office supplies –

No, not ordinary pens and magazines. MELANGE office sets are simple, elegant and unusual. A very popular set with a durable ballpoint pen, a chic key ring and a business card holder.

Stand for the pen.

The pen holder gives a professional and pleasant look to the office desk. But a modern office also needs modern offices. They have premium pen rests that are sure to grab attention, such as those with peacock accents.

Cell phone holders

An essential desk accessory because they allow a person to put down their phone and free up their hands for other tasks. You can choose from MELANGE that offer design, style and durability.

Photos in photo frames bring back memories.

Give wonderful memories to your employees or customers with these beautiful photo frames from MELANGE.

Bowl sets –

Definitely not plastic or ceramic! Rather silver plated with a royal touch and unique details. They are suitable for attractively displaying dining tables and serving dried foods or fruits.

Silver Banks.

If you want to give something perishable, give something durable, and what could be better than a MELANGE multi-functional gift box. The design will attract your customers and delight them with your choice.

Plates –

MELANGE offers plates that are suitable for both office and home. Tell your customers and family of employees how good your company is.

If you want luxury at a reasonable and affordable price, then MELANGE is the right choice for you.

Silver plated gifts are expensive. How does Melange make available these corporate Diwali gift options for you?

Looking for corporate Diwali gifts for your top customers and what are some constraints that aren’t there when considering the budget?

The following may sound familiar to you:

There are not enough good options in your budget. And even if you do find them, they may not be available in the quantity you need. You would like to use the drop shipping option, but it is not available, which creates additional hassle for you. The packaging cost is high and there are other problems.

Well, MELANGE recognizes all your concerns and understands what your needs are, which is why every product is made with exclusivity to protect your brand value and reputation.

Be the #1 Brand with Exclusive & Premium Diwali Corporate Gifts for Customers & Employees

Is it difficult for you as a company to find an inexpensive yet high quality corporate gift for Diwali? The main problem is to find something specific.

There is no dearth of corporate Diwali gifts online. So, how do you decide what would be the perfect gift and why would you give a gift at all?

Diwali corporate gifts will not only help you retain customers and employees and win their loyalty, but will also demonstrate how much you appreciate them and remember that this is exactly what your business needs.

But no ordinary gift will be as luxurious and memorable as the one you gave before. The main idea is to make a lasting impression and strengthen the relationship between them and you.

You need to make a difference in the world of corporate gifts, and Melange will help you with that.

Corporate gifts for employees

 The smartest way to recognize the professional relationship between the company and its employees. The provision provides an opportunity to establish and maintain business relationships to the fullest. Therefore, it is important to choose the best gift for your businessmen. Hence, at Consortium Gifts we help you make this choice a lot easier with the widest range of corporate Diwali gifts widely available.

Promote your business and brand with gifts

All of our free online offers have been carefully selected for your advertising and marketing needs. We offer you quality, stylish, functional and quality gifts at affordable prices. The holidays are holidays, and free online gifts will make them unforgettable for your customers and employees.

We understand your budget concerns, which is why we offer you a wide selection of corporate diwali gifts online at affordable prices. Here you will also find high quality gift items that will give a special feeling to your business partners. We will tailor all your gifts to your taste and take care of bulk orders. Engrave your logo or company name for your unique personal touch.

Know the best Diwali gifting strategy for coworkers.

As you navigate the ocean of competition, you must ensure that you, as an employer, make employees feel that their work is appreciated, as this will boost their morale and enable them to remain loyal. will be inspired.

Employees wait a whole year for some ruts to come out, and that’s where your warm gesture can make a difference. Unusual gifts, of course, the right choice.

Gift-giving strategy is just as important as the gift itself. The process of sludge not only saves time and effort, but also creates minimum chaos. So let’s take a closer look at the factors:

Your recipient audience, occasion, gift delivery and budget will guide your gift selection in the right direction. Smart work, with philanthropic enthusiasm!

Now that the elements are clear, can you see who your audience is? There are two types of audience – “internal” and “external”. In words it should be clear that the internal audience consists of people who work for you, ie. B worker. External audiences are made up of those you work with, ie. B customer.

Diwali corporate gift ideas for employees should be in line with the gift structure. The structure of “what gifts” to choose for employees. There are several stages, depending on the target group, value and purpose of the gift. Gifts for employees can also be classified as such.

premium gift
Gifts of the highest order are those excellent gifts that cannot be forgotten for a lifetime. Their charm, aesthetics and quality make them stand out from countless gift items. Gorgeous silverware is the most coveted item when it comes to premium gifts. These are really budget gifts for employees on Diwali.

low grade gifts
Low level gifts are the ones we usually see and are not impressed by. Their likeness places them in the realm of “low” level. Gifts like USB sticks, wall clocks, greeting cards, calendars, gift certificates, Tupperware, etc.

Choose a Provider Who Will Provide You with Maximum Service
There is nothing more frustrating than when things don’t go according to your plan. So if you are looking for great Diwali employee gifts, you should also make sure that you choose a one-stop shop.

Services can be – availability of wholesale options, timely and free delivery, attractive packaging and personalization of the gifts you ordered.

We understand the needs of this type of retailer, which is why we’ve become one of them for you. With us you will not only get all the services you need, but also an experience you will appreciate!

MELANGE not only offers many perks but also offers cheap Diwali gifts for employees without sacrificing the quality of the gift or gift box.

This Diwali will bring much needed change in your Diwali gift.

Spotted- A Striking Assortment Of Best Diwali Gifts For Corporates

Scooter Silver Mobile Stand

Scooter Silver Mobile Stand

  • A table essential that has a scooter miniature as its accent
  • A lightweight yet sturdy item
  • Lacquered Silver Plating with subtle elegance
  • Goes Well with the mordern office setting
  • Will make for a statement piece on the table

Modern Texture Silver Photo Frame

Modern Texture Silver Photo Frame

  • Classic design that exudes sophistication 
  • Adorns any table-top with grace
  • The magnificent shimmer that stands out 
  • Awe-striking durability
  • Conveniently lightweight
  • An enchanting display of your precious memories


Office Accessory Set 3-in-1

Office Accessory Set 3-in-1

  • This set consists of a sturdy pen, a pretty home shaped key-chain and a money/paper clip
  • A mind-blowing and elegant combination of silver and wooden texture
  • A high-end polished accessory
  • The accessories excellently complements the office outfits


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Silver Airplane Paperweight

Silver Airplane Paperweight

  • A cute paperweight in the shape of an airplane to keep the papers in place.
  • It amps up the overall look of the tabletop as a desktop accessory.
  • It would make for a noticeable piece on the table.
  • Gift this as one of the best gifts for Diwali to corporates and amaze them.

Oval Silver Photo Frame

Oval Silver Photo Frame

  • It has an artistic shape & aesthetic beauty
  • Its uncommon refined shape looks really enticing
  • Lightweight yet exuding extraordinary durability
  • One can easily change photos
  • An elegant gift of remebrance

Duck Shaped Silver Bowls

Duck Shaped Silver Bowls

  • Featuring lovely design, these bowls give dry fruits, candies, chocolates a fabulous display. 
  • The duck shape catches the whimsy of the onlooker.
  • They will look enticing kept in any dining table setting.
  • One of the most sought after gifts.

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MeLANgE is a sister concern of the renowned Beliram Silverware that has provided pure and authentic silver items to its customers since 1970, with the 4th generation successfully taking forward the business. We deal in all things opulent, intricate, and beautiful.

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