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Cost-effective Tips To Save Water Heating This Summer

Summertime typically entails extra washing from outside activities, more dishes from entertaining guests, and more lawn and garden watering. As a result, more water is utilized daily during the summer, although at a lower temperature.

Fortunately, there’s no need to maintain your water heaters at high temperatures throughout the summer. But, sadly, it’s not good to turn off your water heater altogether because you will still want hot water throughout the warmer months.

This is where you might need cost-effective tips to successfully maintain your hot water heat pump in Perth. Continue reading to know more about the different cost-effective tips in this blog below:

Examine For Leaks

Water heaters have a lengthy lifespan, generally between 10 and 20 years, a considerable period for a domestic item. However, they may begin to fail as they get older, resulting in leaks. 

You can do this by physically inspecting the outside of the tank or even seeing a pool of water beneath it. This way, you have better chances of quickly detecting whether there is a leak in your water heater. 

Replace Your Anode Rod

An anode rod is a gadget found within a water heater that removes corrosive materials from the water. Lead is one of these elements. Corrosion might occur within the water heater if the anode rod is older. 

As a result, the water takes longer to heat up, increasing your water heating expenditure. Experts at Enviro Energie suggest replacing your anode rod is a simple procedure that will increase how quickly the water heats up.

Upgrade To Energy-efficient Appliances

Low-flow fixtures and energy-efficient appliances can help you save money on hot water while making your life easier. While this is the most expensive choice, it will save you a lot of money on heating throughout the life of your home. 

This method can be used, especially if you already have appliances that need to be replaced. This is where you’ll save better on heating while making the most of your bills. 

Do Not Turn Down On Temperature!

While it is a method that needs to be worked under the guidance of professionals from Enviro Energie! These experts have an idea of adjusting the water heater down a few degrees for the summer months in the safest and most effective method. 

The degree to which we choose to reduce it will be gradual, but you will notice a difference in your water heating expense. In the summer, we don’t require blazing hot showers; most of us strive to beat the heat by taking cold showers throughout those few months!

Other Simple Ways To Reduce Water Heating This Summer

  1. Reduce your time in the shower
  2. Taking showers instead of baths
  3. Don’t let your water run from faucets while cleaning dishes etc.
  4. Use your dishwasher efficiently (only operate full loads)
  5. Use cold water for laundry loads

Now You Know

Now that you have read this blog, we believe that you’ll have a good knowledge of the precautions that must be followed when utilizing a water heater. With this, we hope you make the most of your electricity savings!

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