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Create the Perfect Mood for Your Home With These Tips  

The living room is the heart of our home – it is the central room where we usually spend our free time relaxing, where we hang out with our family and the place we meet our friends at. So, it should be a room that’s appropriate for these kinds of moments. In order to achieve a cozy atmosphere, we should make sure it is functional, practical, comfy, spacious, airy with plenty of natural light. If you’re not satisfied with how your living room looks and feels, then you should consider updating the décor. Even changing up some small things can make a huge difference in the appearance of your living room. Some useful easy tips for a living room refresh state that you should start with clearing out the clutter and moving furniture around. Then you should consider updating throw pillows as well as lighting and treating the windows. For a fresh look, you could add some luscious greenery and for a modern look, you could create a gallery wall.

Make Your Bed

The best way to start the day off is by tidying up. This might seem like a banal thing, but it’s quite effective. You accomplish the first task of the day and also make your room cleaner and less of a mess. It also encourages you to keep the rest of your room tidy!


The colour scheme of your room has a massive impact on your mood. While colours like blue can cause feelings of security, peacefulness, and serenity. Colours like white can be described as sterile, cold, and bland. So to create the perfect mood in your home, you need to figure out what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. Usually, you want more lively colours in the living room, while the more peaceful and dimmer colours are in the bedroom to ease you into sleep. Think through the goal of the room and from there you can decide on the colour.


A cluttered house filled to the brim with trash and unnecessary things is harmful to the people living in those conditions. Living in such conditions can cause severe stress, tension, and anxiety. Nobody can be at ease if it takes them ten minutes just to find their keys. You’ve already cleaned up the bed, now clean up the rest, and get rid of the things you do not need.



Greenery makes us happier. It creates an atmosphere of tranquillity in your home, so it’s imperative to utilize plant life when possible. You can be creative with it by hanging a potted plant from the ceiling or simply filling regular vases and placing them where ever possible. Doing so, every time you enter a room, you will get a rich breath of free air. Make sure not to go overboard, as it can turn into mosquito heaven pretty fast.


Scents are perfect for triggering different types of emotions. Adding a few scented candles throughout your home will perfectly display the atmosphere you wanted to create. Lemongrass lowers anxiety, citrus brings freshness to the home and makes you happy, while lavender promotes relaxation.

Programmable Lighting

Lighting, like colours and scents, makes a difference in the atmosphere you want to project onto a room. Dimmer lights will project a calmer and relaxing atmosphere, while stronger lighting will project a lively aura. You want to have stronger lights in the living room to prevent dark spots that the lighting doesn’t reach. Programmable lighting is a bit trickier to implement and repair in the case that it gets broken, so call your local electrician for the trickier parts of it. The ambience for every room is different, which brings us to the next topic.

Lighting is an essential feature of any room décor. It’s a good thing if your living room has plenty of natural light coming through windows. However, we should also consider artificial lighting. Good lighting is known to bring a room to life as it makes it seem more airy, bright and spacious. Usually, a poorly lit room looks dark, small and cramped, and we should definitely avoid that. It’s essential to use different types of lighting and to layer it in levels. There are so many models and types available, including all types of floor and wall lamps, pendant lighting, ceiling lights, dimmable wells as LED lights.

All Rooms are Important

It’s always easier to neglect a room because we consider it unimportant or you rarely walk in there, so what’s the point? These little things stick to your subconscious and wear you down, making you grimmer and lazier. A home isn’t just 70% or 90% of your house. It is the full 100%, so get to work and clean up the bathroom you’ve been meaning to clean for the past week.

Personalize your home

We all want our houses to look like a five-star hotel, but it’s not all that good to live in. A hotel room filled with luxurious items is devoid of any personality. Your mood will suffer if you don’t have any of your meaningful possessions in it. It doesn’t matter if it breaks the colour scheme, if the item you love makes you happier every time you see it, then it should be on display for the whole world to see. Make it the centrepiece of your home.

Create a Spa-like Bathroom

The peak of relaxation can be achieved in the bathroom. By creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, you will immediately feel ten times happier and relaxed upon entering the room. Make it your place for calming your nerves. Adding an actual sauna or spa in it would be the healthiest and best option for achieving the desired effects.

Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a perfect way to fill up an empty wall that you don’t know what to do with. You can create it in so many different ways. For example, you can use framed prints or posters, holiday snaps, or cherished family moments to decorate your gallery wall. It is a highly personal touch.

Organization your home

Decluttering is not the same as organizing. Decluttering just removes the unwanted items. Organizing is the next stage. Having your house in chaos will just make you more anxious while also causing visual tension and physical stress. Organize the layout of the house so that it best fits your perspective on what a proper home should be.

Add some greenery to the home

Adding some greenery is an ideal way to breathe freshness into your living room design. Think about different flowers, plants, shrubs and trees that could fit in your style. It is inexpensive, it looks great and it adds texture and natural element to a living room, which instantly makes it look more appealing.

Accessorize your home

Details are essential for a full living room look. They add accent and personal touch to certain things. Think decorative items on shelves and coffee tables. Throw blankets, patterned ottomans, unusual lamps and eye-catching rugs.

Redesigning a living room is a creative process that takes some time, effort, research skills and imagination, and you are sure to end up with a stunning living room by the end of the process if you give your best.


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