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Critical Care Equipment Market – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Forecast 2020-2026

Critical care equipment such as a ventilator, volumetric infusion pump and oxygen delivery system is either utilized during surgery or in Intensive Care Units, known as ICU to support the patient. This equipment help stabilize the airway, breathing, and circulation of patients and keep a close check on them. The rising prevalence of chronic medical conditions was one of the reasons for the boost of the critical care equipment market. However, in 2020 the scenario changed with the spread of a new disease known as COVID-19. As of May 20th 2020, more than 5.08 million people across the globe have been sickened and more than 329,239 have been decreased due to Coronavirus. The number of COVID-19 cases in the US as of May 20th 2020 has surged to 1.59 million, followed by Russia with 0.308 million and Brazil with 0.293 million. Rising COVID-19 cases will fuel the adoption of clinical care equipment as it has spread across the world, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) community must prepare for the challenges associated with this pandemic. COVID-19 is responsible for huge deaths around the world and still no cure has been found till today. The deteriorating health of the patients leads to the shift of the COVID-19 patients to the ICU. The affected patients are outnumbering the availability of the beds in both ICU and hospitals. In countries such as Italy doctors have to take a tough call to whom ventilator can be provided due to the utter shortage of it. The world is going through a crisis.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the global population in drastic ways. In several countries, older people are facing the most threats and challenges. Although all age groups are at risk of contracting COVID-19, elder people face a significant risk of developing severe illness if they contract the disease due to physiological changes that come with aging and potential underlying health conditions. Electronic patient monitor volumetric infusion pump, defibrillator, ventilator, oxygen delivery system and anesthetic machine among others are some of the major types of equipment that are required for treating the patient and to keep a close look at them. Ventilators are in huge demand are expected to show the highest growth in the market revenue in 2020. Several companies are taking measures to increase their production. Moreover, some of the companies such as Ford, have already opened a manufacturing site for production. Hospitals and clinics are the major end-users of this equipment. Other than the hospitals and clinics ambulatory care and home setting are the other end users. Demand for critical care equipment is highest in the hospitals due to the rising COVID-19 cases. Patients suffering from COVID-19 require ventilators and other critical care equipment for supporting them during the treatment. Hospitals are over-occupied by COVID-19 patients and is currently an institution where a person is most likely to catch an infection. To decrease the further infection and spread of the disease algorithms must be implemented to identify which patients with respiratory symptoms that may be due to COVID-19 can be managed by telephone and advised to stay home.

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Additionally, for better investigation and penetration of Critical Care Equipment, the report gives an in-detailed analysis of Critical Care Equipment adoption across the world. The market is classified into distinct Countries that are adversely affected by COVID-19 including the US, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Turkey, Iran, Russia, India and the rest of the world. In 2019, the United States dominated the Critical Care Equipment Market due to the highest number of COVID-19 affected people. The situation is going to further worsen in some countries like India as the number of affected is increasing day by day. The supply of the ventilator is outnumbering its demand and thus, encouraging manufacturing companies to increase their production.

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Some of the major companies profiled in Global Critical Care Equipment Market are B. Braun Melsungen AG, Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics, Medtronic PLC, Nihon Kohden, General Electric, Getinge AB, Beijing Aeonmed, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Drägerwerk AG, Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation are some of the prominent players operating in the Global Critical Care Equipment market. Several M&A’s along with partnerships have been undertaken by these players to facilitate costumers with hi-tech and innovative products.

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Global Critical Care Equipment Market Segmentation

Market Insight, by Product Type

  • Electronic patient monitor
  • Volumetric infusion pump
  • Defibrillator
  • Ventilator
  • Oxygen Delivery System
  • Anesthetic Machine
  • Others

 Market Insight, by End Users

  • Hospital & Clinics
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Home Setting

   Market Insight, by Country

  • United States
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Netherlands
  • India
  • Rest of World

 Top Company Profiled

  • B. Braun Melsungen AG
  • Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics
  • Medtronic PLC
  • Nihon Kohden
  • General Electric
  • Getinge AB
  • Beijing Aeonmed
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Drägerwerk AG
  • Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation

Critical Care Equipment Market can further be customized as per the requirement or any other market segment. Besides this, UMI understands that you may have your own business needs, hence feel free to connect with us to get a report that completely suits your requirements.      

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