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Critical Management Mistakes To Avoid In Your Warehouse

Managing a warehouse isn’t an easy job, which is the reason why it’s quite easy to overlook some of the most vital aspects of the same. Poor warehouse management leads to lower productivity among the workers as well as leads to increased costs for the owner. 

So, if you’re a warehouse owner and want your warehouse to be maintained in the best possible manner, then you’ve arrived at the correct place as we’ll be sharing some critical warehousing and distribution mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. 

Mistakes Related To Management That Should Be Avoid Inside A Warehouse

  • Warehouse Inventory Management Is Poor

If you’re housing too much inventory within a limited space, or even using the wrong storage kind for your goods, it will definitely lead to management issues in the warehouse. Sometimes excess inventory can lead to inaccuracies within the records, or even worse get misplaced. 

And there’s the added issue of maintaining obsolete inventory within the warehouse because it not only acquires useful space but also affects the team’s productivity. This is because extra time is spent in counting the obsolete inventory and moving it whenever new inventory comes in. 

That’s why order quantities must be optimised using just-in-time inventory management methodologies and old, obsolete stock must be discarded, so that the overall warehouse management accuracy could be higher. 

  • Skipping Physical Inventory And Cycle Counts

There will be times when the warehouse employees will avoid taking the count of physical inventories or perform any periodic counting cycles because they might think it’ll be a waste of time. About Tradesales We provide industrial workplace storage However, the actual truth is something else. 

Periodic cycle count is carried out not only to correct the inventory balances but also is a feature of having a quality warehouse management program. For example, if any error occurs during the counting cycle, the management should not only proceed to correct the inaccuracy but also decide to learn regarding the reason for such occurrence. Such a stance will help in improving the overall accuracy of the warehouse. 

  • Having An Inefficient Layout

While we are not suggesting that the entire layout of the warehouse must be dismantled to construct an efficient layout in its place, the current layout of your warehouse can still be upgraded or improved. More often than not, warehouse owners neglect to upgrade the layout of their warehouses, leading to loss of productivity within their employees. 

Therefore, it always makes sense to upgrade the warehouse layout, at least periodically, so that the standards are up to date with the rest of the industry leaders. Furthermore, you can also expect the productivity of your employees to go up. 

Having said that, if you’re in need of reliable & reputable warehousing and distribution services, we are ready to help you out. Just let us know. 


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