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culligan whole house water filter cost

The Culligan WH-HD200 Filter is really a good option for you if you want quality water in your home. It comes with almost all the features you need from a filter and is a value for money product.

Size Matters

Price of the product isn’t much and we can say same thing for the size of the product, dimensions of the Culligan WH-HD200 Filter are 7.5 x 8.3 x 16.3 inches. So you’ll have no difficulties while installing the system right from where the pipe enters your kitchen.

Installation Is Not The Strongest Quality Of The Unit

You might want to know that the installation of this product is not at all complicated. You’ll just need some hardware and plumbing tools to completely install the filtering system. But it still lacks some of the components.

The description of product will instruct you that there is a housing wrench, bracket and other various products, you might struggle finding nuts and bolts. The product comes with some important items like filter monitor, battery but some of the supplies are not available in the box. We will advise you to get a plumber to complete the installation if you are not aware of the process of how to install it.

As we are still talking about the installation process we should inform you that seals of the product are not up to the mark. No silicone lubricant is to be found on the edges so that’s a problem. The filter bypass-off lever is not properly sealed tightly so if you try to seal it tightly it might break it, so be careful.

That Effectiveness, Though

Filters of the Culligan WH-HD200 Filter could last up for about 6-8 weeks. You can use filters up to several times if you wash them properly, depends on the quality of water.

LED light will be prompted to indicate you that the filter needs to be changed. But the LED light falls off regularly.

culligan whole house water filter cost

What We Have On Paper Can’t Be Neglected

Culligan WH-HD200 Filter gets rid of all the unwanted dust, salt, silt, sediments from your water. Purifies your water and removes all the unwanted metals, odor, and chlorine from your water. Filters which consists CW25-BBS, CP5-BBS can be used with this filtration device. But this means that what you remove from the water depends on your filter. A carbon filter can also be used.

Certifications of this product prove that it does deliver quality water from it. WQA certified this product against NSF/ANSI 372 which translates to that the lead level in the water after filtration is negligible. So including all the additional certifications we can clearly say that the product has it all which makes it a fine filtration system which you can install in your homes.


  •  Product is certified – WQA doesn’t allow products to go into the market just like that, the product must be properly licensed to be WQA certified.
  • Set-up cost – including all the installation process the initial investment of the product is not much but it is up to you that how costly filters you apply in this device.
  • Size – the size of this product is small and doesn’t take up much space as of the other products available in the market. The weight of the product is also light weighted.


  • Lack of hardware – the product doesn’t come with all the hardware, so you might have to get them separately.
  • Choosing the right filter – the only way to make this product effective is to choose the right filter, so it might add an additional cost if you buy a costly one.
  • The LED light is not much useful as it falls off regularly.
  • Seals are loose and might break if you apply force to tighten them.

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