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Cussed Bed Bugs And Their Treatment

Do you wake up from your deep sleep with some itching bites? If yes, then there are chances of bed bug infestations at your house. Bed bugs can be very annoying especially with their characteristic of hiding in day time and appearance in late night or early morning hours. Most of the time they are harmless to humans but their bite may cause some inflammatory reactions followed by allergies. They are very stubborn, no matter how smartly you play with them, they may find a way to your home. Due to their resilient trait, you may need pest control services to get rid of them. Let us know more about bed bugs.


Bed bugs find their home near humans’ resting places. They feed on people’s blood in the early morning hours. It is very tough to spot them since they are good at hiding. However, you may try some initial treatment against bed bugs to get rid of them. How about a comparison between home remedies and professional treatment against bed bugs. Let us dig into it.

Home Remedy V/S Professional Treatment For The Elimination Of Bed Bugs

Today there are many treatments against bed bugs. However, it is very difficult to get rid of these strong-headed creatures. 

Heat Treatment 

Heat treatment is one of the most effective ways to exterminate bed bugs from your residence. Heat treatment does not only terminate adult bed bugs but also kills most of the eggs and larvae. No doubt it can be administered at home as well. 

For considering heat treatment at home you need to place some hot containers over the infested area. Apart from that steam cleaning can also be used, especially for places where a vacuum can not reach. But the problem with the aforementioned ways is, they are very time-consuming and tiring. Also, home treatment does not ensure the complete extradition of bed bugs.

On the other hand, pest control service in Adelaide uses ultra-power heaters with attached fans to spread heat throughout the room. This is more reliable than any other method for heat treatment. Those large heaters make sure heat reaches every corner of your house and snap-kill all the bed bugs.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment should be considered with extra caution when it comes to bed bugs. You must know bed bugs are very adaptive, they have already become resistant to chemicals like DDT.

Most people use silica gel, scented dryer sheets, and rubbing alcohol to get rid of bed bugs. They may kill one or two-bed bugs amongst zillions of bed bugs, but they are not at all a permanent solution against them. In addition to that, some chemicals can be really harmful to your health.

The professionals use organic insecticides according to your demand. That may have a long-lasting impact on bed bugs without harming your health and the environment.

Lessons Learned

Bed bugs can make your life miserable, they are very picky creatures. Most of the time it is you who bring them with their handbags, suitcase, etc. It is always good to be careful while coming back home after a stay in hotel rooms. They are most likely to be carried from such places, inspect your bags before keeping them back in your house. Once they enter your house they quickly find their place in and around your bed and keep on feeding on your blood without any warning.

It is fortunate that if we have enough treatment against them, otherwise these nuisances would have ruled the world with their tenacity. Moreover, you have to look for a professional pest control services provider company that can help you to get rid of it. Because Bed bugs can re-enter your home and it could be any reason. For instance, if your house is dirty then there are chances of increasing bed bugs in your house. Self-treatment does not give you 100% removal of this problem. A professional pest control services expert first examines the whole issue then start the whole process of pest that must be safe and in your favor. The instant decision can not be taken for hiring a professional. You must take the reviews to help with the selection of the best pest control company.


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