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Custodial vs Non Custodial Parent: What Are the Differences?

Custodial vs Non Custodial Parent: What Are the Differences?

You may have heard the term “custodial parent” tossed around, but might not know what it means. Are you a custodial parent?

Or are you an adult who has never had custody of a child? If so, you have questions about what being a custodial means. And you might have a few more questions about what being a non-custodial parent means.

Well, read on. Below, we’re going to be breaking down a custodial vs non-custodial parent for you. That way you can make a more informed decision.

What Is a Custodial Parent?

Custodial parents are the primary caretakers of their children and have custody most of the time. Custodial parents are the mother or father who the child lives with most of the time.

They are responsible for the day-to-day care of their child, including providing shelter, food, clothing, and transportation. Child support is paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to help with the costs of raising the child.

What Is a Non-custodial Parent?

Non-custodial parents are the secondary caretakers of their children and have visitation rights. Non-custodial parents have visitation rights, which allow them to spend time with their children on weekends or holidays. They may also be required to pay child support.

What Are the Differences: Custodial vs Non-Custodial Parent

Custodial parents have physical custody of the child and are responsible for the child’s daily care. Non-custodial parents have visitation rights and are responsible for child support.

The custodial parent is the primary caregiver and the non-custodial parent is the secondary caregiver. Custodial parents have more responsibility for the child, but both parents are equally responsible for the child’s financial support.

Custodial parents provide the child with more emotional support. Non-custodial parents may not be as available to provide emotional support.

It’s important to remember that every family is different. What works for one family may not work for another. The most important thing is to do what’s best for the child and to ensure that the child has a strong relationship with both parents.

What is Legal Custody by Law

Refers to the right of a parent or guardian to make decisions on behalf of a child. This right is granted by a court of law and gives the parent or guardian the authority to make decisions regarding the child’s welfare, including decisions about their education, medical care, and religious upbringing.

In some cases, legal custody by law may also extend to financial decisions on behalf of the child. Learn more on

Get Custody Advice Now

Though the duties of a custodial vs non-custodial parent differ, both play an important role in a child’s life. A custodial parent is typically the primary caretaker and provider, while a non-custodial parent typically provides financial support.

Both parents should work together to ensure the best for their children. If you are a parent, consider what role you play in your child’s life and how you can best support them.

Now that you’ve understood the difference between the two with this custodial and non-custodial parent guide, act now and get that legal advice.

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