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Custom Handles Boxes

Variety of Packaging Products

America is known for its wide variety of Packaging products, which includes custom boxes. The best of all packaging services are the custom boxes without handles. As it is the most convenient of packaging services, these boxes without handles have become widely popular among the users of both young and old. The custom Boxes with no handles is ideal for mailing gifts, food products, candles, baby essentials and many other things.


Custom Handle Boxes

These custom packaging materials are created in such a way that they can easily be handled. The high quality and durability of the custom handle boxes help in making them stand apart from the other similar products. The handling of the product becomes easy with the help of these hand cartilages. The best part about the custom box packaging is that it is made in the shape of a hand with the help of special printers.


Handles boxes

Unique Type of Custom Packaging

In addition to the custom boxes without handles, another unique type of custom packaging is the custom printed bags. One can customize their bags in different shapes. A popular form of custom packaging is the custom printed carry-on case. This case comes with an additional pocket made of microfiber material to keep the personal things safely. Many printing companies also provide custom printed luggage tags.


Custom Leather Briefcase

A good example of custom printed carry-on case is the custom leather briefcase. In this case, the printing company adds an additional pocket for the custom leather portfolio. They use the space properly by printing the company logo and name on the case. This personalized briefcase is a perfect choice for the businessmen as well as women.


Custom Printed Boxs

For the packaging of the handbags and other bags, there are two options available. There are ready to use custom boxes printing available at a printing company’s website or you can make one of your own. Making the custom boxes printing is not a difficult task. You need to browse the internet and get the required information. After getting all the required information, you can easily design a custom printed boxes according to your needs.


custom Handles boxes

Quality Packaging

The ready to use custom boxes are suitable for use in the manufacturing companies. These custom boxes can be made according to the specifications received from the customer. In this way, you can give a high quality packaging to your products. These boxes are used to pack computers, printers, CDs, DVDs, books etc. You can also print the brand logo on the packaging of the handbags and bags.


Customized Boxes

If you want to make a customized boxes of your own, you will need the required raw materials and tools. You can purchase the raw materials from the local store. Also you have to buy the required tools and equipment from the local store. The final product made of customized boxes becomes easy to carry and display. This makes the product simple for the customers to understand.


Process of Customization

To produce the custom printed boxes, you will need the required raw materials and tools. These include an industrial inkjet printer, a computer, a fax machine, a graphic design program and a laser printer. These equipments are easily available in any local store. After purchasing them, you have to install them in a work station and start the process of customization.


Customizing the Custom Printed Boxes

The basic steps of customizing the custom printed boxes include printing the name of the company on the box or the message to be printed. Next step is to choose the shape of the box and select the color of the handles and the fabric. You can choose from the available ready-made designs or personalize it by adding special text of your choice. Also you have to add the images and customized texts according to your specifications.


Handles boxes

Variety of Textures and Shapes

A variety of textures and shapes are available in the market to choose the perfect design for your custom handled boxes. You can find the custom handle boxes printed with any material, shape or size. The boxes with embossed and polished surfaces are more preferable than others. Also you can choose customized boxes with lamination and PVC lining.


Handles boxes

Another important thing to note while manufacturing custom printed boxes is to keep your customer’s satisfaction at top priority. Handles boxes should not only be designed keeping quality in mind but also the look and feel of the boxes. The interior and exterior packaging of custom boxes should complement each other in a stylish manner. You can even offer free shipping services for those customers who purchase bulk custom boxes.

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